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Build Thread - 


Jim Higgins Instagram - @jimmyrigit

Jason Albano Instagram - @wildridesandfabrication

What a killer build!! Well I have been waiting on this interview for a few years  - Jim and Jason have built one of the baddest raddest C10 trucks out there. Damn Son!

Enjoy - Ronnie 

Leisure Suit  - THE BADDEST SQUAREBODY ever built!  DAMN SON!!


This has to be the nicest Squarebody ever built (EDIT: hell, it might be the nicest truck ever built...). It is on my bucket list to see it once it's done. 


Owner - Jim Higgins @jimmyrigit

Builder painter, fabrication and friend  Jason Albano @wildridesandfabrication


Who is Jimmy “Rig it” Higgins?

Who is Jason “wild ride” Albano?


You two are DANGEROUS together!!


Forum - “off it goes” 2/13/2010 its loaded up to go to Jason’s


Carter Hickman designed a killer rendering! BEST NAME - Leisure Suit!


Walk us through this 10 year journey!! In 1.5 hours!! Damn Son!


Looking back through the forum - you blasted the build - and you said it was dry - no rust?


Forum - 8/27/2012 - thanks guys....I'm a finatic for details, trust me thing is going to be unreal when it's done. wait till you see my inner fenders if my plan works...lol


Inner bed metal work!


Front fenders - are morphed into one with inners and the lower (firewall - drops down)


Fab work is off the charts. Some of the best I have ever seen.


Like they say, "It's ALL in the DETAILS!" This truck has so many, most will be missed by the general public once it is finished.


Bumper work “tucked in for the night” and forever! Lol


So - So many , bumper  got a lot of love! MAN those bumper fillers!!


White bumpers - SO MUCH YES!!




No mud, no rust, never been hit….


months ago.....lol. It's one of those things where I want it done, but we just keep coming up with things we want to change or make better. I am in no hurry, I just want it done right. I am in the process of building two new 2013 Peterbilts I just bought as well so time and money have to be spread around. (Jan 13th 2013)


70 % if not more are really about Jason’s fab work!


That piece would also look at home in a modern art museum! Rad support cover!!


This truck gives me some serious wood! Lol


Tailgate still works - did you think about just welding/securing it? Love the reverse headboard as well, Bitchin!


It's funny I am not a real patient guy but with building something to this caliber you have to be. It's a long slow process....trust me I have got frustrated with it, taken a break from it and thought about selling it. But once you go back to the shop open the door and see the truck.... All those thoughts disappear.


Flush mount rear glass


I'm going to show it and drive it....I'll probably drive it 1 and clean it 6 days a week, lol


This thing could be a riddler contender


Mast Motorsports L99

L99- 6.8L - 570 H


Hidden coil packs - left and right!


I have seen a few trucks being built using some similar ideas to mine. So just been laying low with the pics.


Was is frustrating - as you were setting the bar so HIGH, but you were proudly showing things off - Jasons craftsmanship and Im sure other were watching being inspired! Copying


Did the vision Change course? 10 years!!


Wheels - Rallys and the Vintecs Wheels


it'll be done this summer....so very much a possibility (feb 17)


broke the rollers out the other day, lol ...so paint has begun (6/27/18)

Did you guys use the same factory Buckskin? It looks richer! I wasn’t to lick it, taste it, eat it!!


Everything painted black!! Lol the table!!


wanted some contrast....if I had of went beige it would of looked like a 10 yr. old street rod. just think Beige interiors are way over done…


Was it hard to figure out interior - was this the hardest part/decision? ALL ONE COLOR!


Leather tooled scrolling - love that Chevy GM touch -


Defrost vents - hand built - so nice for a shitty spot!


White Motor - Bumpers?? What happened to the earlier cover with the scripted covers built in?


This is a one and done for me….


What would you guys pass (learned and Lessons) on over this 10 year journey?


What was your biggest frustration? struggle?


What was the best or most favorite part?


Anything you’d do different?


“Rome wasn’t built in a day!”


Jason - is this your most detailed build - as a builder?


I know a pod can’t capture 10 years - but thank you both for your time and sharing this journey with us, and the FORUM as well - to keep that thread going!


no more builds for me, said when I started this one it was my final....lol, as for the bank account, it won't take long to replenish it. I have 3 offers from guys interested in the truck already, you never know it might just go…


THIS POD his dedicated to your mom -


Your MOM - your Sis - your Sister in LAW!!

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