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Slosh Tubz/OTG Design - Episode #7

We expand from our Episode #6 show and talk to Mike Losh about his inner fender company “Slosh Tubz”. 

How did Mike and Sarah come up with this unique business name & slogan?

Why did Mike develop the inner fenders?

What was the first set made of, and how the initial design process was a ‘“trial and error” evolution?

How is the business doing these days? 

What is the average wait time when someone orders a set of Slosh Tubz?

If you run a set of Slosh Tubz how big of a tire/rim combo can you run?

What is the retail pricing on a set of Slosh Tubz, shipped in the lower 48?

Are Slosh Tubz hard to install? About how long does it take to install a set?

The guys and Gas Monkey Garage used a set of Slosh Tubz on their killer Square C10, why was Mike and there when they revealed the truck? Did I see Cloud 9 there too?

Does Slosh Tubz have West Coast distribution? 

Mike announces the Slosh Tubz are now in the CPP Catalog! Congrats buddy!

Good News Canadians, you can now get a set of Slosh Tubz a lot easier!

With any great product, there will be others. How does Slosh Tubz believe they have prepared for this, and why they think they have the best product for the price?

How do the numbers compare? 67-72 sets vs. 73-87?

We know that Mike bought “Boosted Bertha” to get into the 60-66 C10’s what other years will Slosh Tubz be getting into in 2015? 

Will Slosh Tubz be offering anything for the Ford builders? Hint, hint?

Besides the inner fenders, Slosh Tubz has been working on some filler panels to clean up the engine compartment.

- Are these available? 

  • What does the kit include? 
  • How much is a set/kit?

How can you get a hold of Mike and the Slosh Tubz Team?


Facebook - Slosh Tubz

Instagram - @sloshtubz

1(479) 599-9664


The second part of our show we were able to hook up with On The Ground Design’s front man Jason Jones. Jason is a big time car/truck/hot rod enthusiast who has built an online media company to connect builders with vendors through multiple facets - 


“Our Goal is to bridge the gap between consumers and vendors through authentic story telling”


Jason, like a lot of enthusiast has a lot of passion for the industry and found a creative way to break into the scene, not only with a killer website telling story one by one, but he also did it by building a show stopper - his 1973 F100 that he recently had at SEMA 2014.  I have a feeling that we will be hearing a lot more from Jason and OTG Designs in the future. You can find Jason at-


Instagram - @onthegrounddesigns or



It looks like 2015 is going to be a fun and exciting year for both of these companies. We wish all the best. 

BIG thanks to all of your listeners, we couldn't do it without your support. Happy New Year, and here's to a FANTASTIC 2015!!

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Mike Losh - Episode #6

We catch up with this award winning SEMA C10 builder; from how it all started with his Grandpa's 1967 Short bed - “Cloud 9” and how this “garage build” turned into a SEMA, Street Trucks 2012 - TOTY winner.

We talk to Mike about his family and how it’s so much more than just him building these killer rides.

How the car/truck seen is in Arkansas?

How many Cow’s his parents had to exchange for Mike to be able to marry Sarah, Joke!

What Mike thinks about the 67-72 truck forum and how the forum probably had the biggest influence on how “Cloud 9” turned out the way it did - AWESOME!

How Mike gets the vendor support that he does and how he maintains those relationships.

How he went from one SEMA build right into another, and why anyone would want to do that!

We talk to him about “Square Peg” and why him and his team went with a Square Blazer? 

Does he have sellers remorse, as he sold “Square Peg” so soon!

Why did he sell it soon?

Why it’s more then just driving them - the hunt, the build, the story with Mike and his “AMAZING” team!

Whats up next for this team? “Boosted Bertha”! 

We talk to him about “Boosted Bertha”, her power plant, her suspension, her color, and even her interior. Should be another head turning build by this great team.

Mike did not let us down, great guy and a very fun, laughable podcast interview.

We’re glad he took the time to hang out with C10 Talk and we look forward to catching up, with him in the future as we do a follow up. Thanks Mike, good time.

Special Segment - we start a NEW segment, “Follow that truck”. Where we catch up with Sam Castronova, and talk to him about his 1964 C10 truck - “Dino’s 64”. How he acquired this truck and what BIG plans he has for it this coming January.

Follow along as Sam breaks some news to the C10 Talk audience about what’s up for this talented builder. We look forward to featuring Sam in a full feature “builder” episode in 2015!!

We wrap things up with announcing who the Jan. 2015 builder will be. 


I hope you like it and I hope you have a great Holiday Season, Merry Christmas - Ronnie

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What a great time catching up with the “C10 King”, Rene Martinez. This C10 builder has had well over 60 C10 trucks over the years and he doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. Sit back and enjoy the interview as we all get to know him a little better!

How did Rene get into the C10 Truck scene?

What Rene thinks about Nissan “Hard Body” trucks!!

What happened to his first C10 Truck and how did he acquire it?

What ever happened to his Dad’s C10 and why didn’t Rene want it?

What car has he had the longest?

What did his Godfather “Nino” tell him when he sold his Silverado?

How him and his wife work in tandem when they are buying a car or truck!!

How did the name “C10 King” even come about?

How did he acquire “Gumby”?

What does he think about that mustard Ochre color?

How did he end up on the cover of Classic Trucks magazine?

How did the C10 Club come about, and who was influential in it’s beginning?

How do you become a C10 Club member?

How many trucks has he owned?

If he could have one (or two, or three), which truck would he want back?

What trends does he see in the C10 truck scene and does he like them?

We wrap up talking to him about his two themed trucks - “Felix Chevrolet” & the “Merced Concrete” truck. We find out why he has to tell people he is retired from concrete business!

We find out who will be the December builder & vendor too..

Remember to sign up for our email subscription and leave me some feed back about the show - either iTunes, or voice recording on the www.c10talk.com home page, click the “Tell Us” button on the top right corner and you will be able to leave a quick voice recording. It’s that easy!


I hope you enjoy - Ronnie

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Join me as I do some live interviews from Dino's Pre-show Git Down. So much fun interviewing people had come from all over the country to attend the Git Down.

Why Did they travel so far?

Did it live up the their expectations and the hype?

What is the atmosphere like at and around the show?

What C10 trucks were there that everyone had to see?

If you get a chance this is a must attend show. All of your favorite trucks in one location. the cruise on the 51 Freeway the next morning to the show. 

The C10 Community i salive and strong!


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C10 Talk Episode #3, Early Classic Ent. 

Follow along as we catch up with this OG C10 suspension company!

We are joined by Stan Hammond of Early Classic, he talks about the history of the company and how they got their start. How Stan and his partner Mark acquired it from the original owner and what it has taken to keep it firing on all cylinders during the downturn in the economy.

We find out a little history of that AWESOME 1972 short bed that they build back in the late 90's. "This Old (New) Truck" graced the pages of Chevy Truck Magazine, and I couldn't get enough of that thing. Find out what happened to that truck and the other builds that they had.

How did ECE get involved with Stacey David, and Copperhead. Did that truck help establish ECE as one of the premier C10 aftermarket companies?

We talk S.E.M.A. with Stan, and how attending the show has its pluses, but sometimes it can be tough as competitors are also lurking.

We get a behind the scenes look at what happens during an Overhaulin shot, how tiring it can be, and what it's like working with Chip Foose.

What part is their most popular? What part does better then they probably ever thought it would.

Do they think LS swaps are a thing of the past or in their prime.

Why ECE is excited about AutoCross.

Does ECE have a East Coast distributer, or do they just ship direct to consumer.

What does Stan see as the biggest changes in the C10 truck scene in the past 20 years and what does the future hold for these trucks.

Do they still sell a lot of their C20/C30 conversion spindles? Why they cost more>

What ratio do they sell 2/4 drop kits compared to 4/6 kits.

Does ECE offer a C-notch? What are Stan's thoughts on them (C-notch).

Are their rear trailing arms over engineered, can they handle the HP of the modern LS motor?

Does ECE actually have an AutoCross Track onsite or does it just should like in the interview!!

What NOS parts do they have a tough time keeping in stock and what would Stan say is the hardest NOS part to find - in the box, if at all.

Do they do Restorations too?

Is Stan working on a personnel project, if so what is it.

We had a great time talking with Stan. Check them our on Facebook, under Early Classic Ent. and their website at www.earlyclassic.com

Our next episode will feature the C10 King, Rene Martinez - the founding Father of the "C10 Club, no rules - no dues".

Have a great Veterans Day, if you are a Veteran - thank you for your service to this great Country. Ronnie



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Our first builder episode, with "Chevy Only" Dino (Battilana). This truck builder talks to us about what draws him to the 60-66 Style trucks. The 1963 "Shop" truck that got it all started. 

How he keeps a balance between family, work, and building sic rides. 

How he got invited to the Chevy 100 Show and why he thought he was getting "punked" by his buddies Sam, Joe, and Broey.

We find out why he likes to roll in "Quintessential" Chevy Trucks

How long has he had his 63 Dino's Appliance Panel, and why he probably wont sell it!!

What other truck does he plan on hanging onto for a long, long time? His Pro Street!s

Who is his life mentor? Who influences him when he starts a build?

If he could have one back, which one would it be?

Dino tells us how he finds these rides, and who helps him build them. 

He talks about being a "Ham & Egg" back yard mechanic, but we know he is more then that.

How did the "Get Down" get started and who named it that?

Where did "ChevyOnly" come from, and that news that he plans to kick off a new website selling "ChevyOnly" merchandise soon.

We talk about his current project - 1963 Crew Cab Dually, I think he should name it "Crewly", "Crully", "Crewlly" I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

He also talks about how he is impressed with what Accuair has going on in the C/10 automotive market place. He is really looking forward to driving his new project and hopes to show it at SEMA, sponsered by Accuair of course.

This and a whole lot more, so tune in and find else what Dino's up too. 

We announce our next builder is Rene "C10King" Martinez, and remind everyone that Early Classic Will be our next episode. 

Leave us a review on iTunes, or just shot me a quick email and let us what you think so far? Do you like that format? Do you have any suggestions? This is YOUR show so let me know. Take care Ronnie

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Welcome to Episode #1 - in this Intro show we get to meet the host and creator Ronnie Wetch. Ronnie explains why he thought a Podcast was something the C10 Community was lacking and why you the C10 Nation would enjoy it.

Ronnie talks about his influences - growing up around Chevy trucks his entire life, his older brother, magazines, truck forums and most importantly the C10 Community.

Next we get to know a little more about Ronnie and his family - Married for 15 years to his "AMAZING" wife who also grew up in a Chevy truck family. She is supported (for the most part - haha) of his truck obsession. They have 3 wonderful kids: son(12), daughter(9), and daughter(7) that keep things pretty busy, but they make the truck passion a family affair.

Then Ronnie talks about the format of the show. There will be two episodes a month, first episode will be a builder from the C10 Community. We will get to know them, what current projects they are working on, past projects, and talk to them about the one that got away - we all have them.

The second show will be a vendor that that provides products to the C10 builders. What is their history, what C10 products do they offer, and do they have anything in the works?

The vendor episode will be followed by a "Tech Talk" segment. This segment will be a professional in their respective area of expertise. These professional will share their knowledge regarding installs, paint & body, suspension, and fabrication. They will talk about common pitfalls and offer advice that will help the at home do-it-yourselfers.

Ronnie then explains that at the end of each show he will annoumce the builder guest, and vendor guest for the following months shows. the listener will be able to submit questions, by emailing Ronnie directly at ronnie@c10talk.com or leaving a message on the home page at www.c10talk.com

Listeners should sign up for email updates as well. emails will be sent out with updates from builders. vendors, and everything else going on with the show. Listners can stay updated with social media as well - Instagram (c10talk), twitter (@c10talk), and Facebook (C10 Talk).


Final thoughts - "The C10 Trucks are cool, but the C10 Community is cooler!"

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