C/10 Talk is a Podcast about all things Chevy and GMC Trucks from 1960-1998. The builders, the aftermarket, and most importantly, the amazing truck community!

Welcome to Episode #1 - in this Intro show we get to meet the host and creator Ronnie Wetch. Ronnie explains why he thought a Podcast was something the C10 Community was lacking and why you the C10 Nation would enjoy it.

Ronnie talks about his influences - growing up around Chevy trucks his entire life, his older brother, magazines, truck forums and most importantly the C10 Community.

Next we get to know a little more about Ronnie and his family - Married for 15 years to his "AMAZING" wife who also grew up in a Chevy truck family. She is supported (for the most part - haha) of his truck obsession. They have 3 wonderful kids: son(12), daughter(9), and daughter(7) that keep things pretty busy, but they make the truck passion a family affair.

Then Ronnie talks about the format of the show. There will be two episodes a month, first episode will be a builder from the C10 Community. We will get to know them, what current projects they are working on, past projects, and talk to them about the one that got away - we all have them.

The second show will be a vendor that that provides products to the C10 builders. What is their history, what C10 products do they offer, and do they have anything in the works?

The vendor episode will be followed by a "Tech Talk" segment. This segment will be a professional in their respective area of expertise. These professional will share their knowledge regarding installs, paint & body, suspension, and fabrication. They will talk about common pitfalls and offer advice that will help the at home do-it-yourselfers.

Ronnie then explains that at the end of each show he will annoumce the builder guest, and vendor guest for the following months shows. the listener will be able to submit questions, by emailing Ronnie directly at ronnie@c10talk.com or leaving a message on the home page at www.c10talk.com

Listeners should sign up for email updates as well. emails will be sent out with updates from builders. vendors, and everything else going on with the show. Listners can stay updated with social media as well - Instagram (c10talk), twitter (@c10talk), and Facebook (C10 Talk).


Final thoughts - "The C10 Trucks are cool, but the C10 Community is cooler!"

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