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Follow That Truck Series -

Sam Castronova takes his 64 C10, (aka Dino’s 64) across the auction stage at Barrett Jackson.

Can C10 Truck guys be players at Barrett with their trucks?

What kind of Money does Sam get for his truck?

What part of the experience does Sam like the most? Besides cashing that check!

Was in nerve wracking for Sam or is he just that cool?

Whats up next for Sam?

Next we catch up with Mike Vale from Hudson Garage

The guys over at Hudson Garage put together a Superbowl Square game and are giving away some prizes!

What does the first quarter winner get?

What does the second quarter winner get?

What does the third quarter winner get?

And The Game winner gets a ????? You are going to have to tune in to C10 Talk to find out!!

Doing the Follow That Truck series is a lot of fun. I hope you like it - let me know what you think, Ronnie



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Keith Stephens




How did Keith get the name “n2billet”?

How did Keith get invited to the Gas Monkey Garage for the C10 episode?

What is Keith’s background in the Texas Hot Rod Shop scene?

How did Keith get involved with the Stoked Out Specialties Garage?

How does Keith see himself as a builder?

How does keith compare Tiffany to Hazel?

What does Keith are thoughts when I tell him he is mentioned by other recognized builders as a builder that they look to for trends, style and inspiration?

Does Keith look get a thought in his mind and then go look for that type of truck, or does he just take what he can find and then start the project?

Why doesn’t Keith do a rendering before he starts a build?

What does Keith say is the hardest choice when building a truck?

What are the two most important things in Keith’s mind to building a truck?

What product is Keith's must have when he is building his trucks?

How did Keith and Nate Porter develop their friendship?

What did Nate Porter say to Keith that made him tear Hazel apart when he had just got in “finished”?

What builders does Keith say he looks to for style and inspiration?

How did Keith get into C/10 trucks

What made “Lucy”, Keith’s 1968 C/10 so unique and different?

What were some of the bigger issues that Keith faced with “Hazel” during the build?

What did Keith change up while building “Tiffany”, from his experience with his previous builds?

What is Keith’s secret to making such bad ass interiors?

The Service Truck, Wally - how did this build come about?

What truck does Keith say motivated him to build Wally?

What does he plan to do with Wally?

Hear the name I throw out to him, regarding Wally?

What picture will take social media by storm that Keith is going to shoot in the future?

What car/truck would Keith want back if he could have one back?

What is on Keith's “bucket list?

What truck did Keith and his dad buy together at the dealership, and he plans on building next?

What does Keith plan on naming this truck?

Did he say FORD?

Did he say DODGE?

Speed Round - Lone Star Throwdown vs SEMA, Aggies vs. Longhorns?!?!?!

Why does Keith day Patina will be around for along time?

What is a “wrapper” car?

Wow!! Keith flips the mic around and ask me about a few trucks that I have had and what my current build is? 

Will Keith go into the business of making great parts, products and components in the future?

Besides his full time job, building SIC trucks, what else does Keith do with ALL his free time?

We wrap it up - great dude, fun interview to do. 

Up next - PORTERBUILT!!! This ought-a be fun!!!!

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