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Live from Brothers Trucks, 17th Annual Truck Show & Shine.

Over 440, 1947-1987 Chevy & GMC Trucks in one show.

We talk to people from allover the country - that have driven out to California to attend the Show. One family drove 2200 miles from Ohio to attend the show. They plan their family vacation around the show date. Now that’s AWESOME!

Another family, our buddy Ruben Salazar, drove all they way from Houston, Texas with 4 kids in tow!

We were able to catch up with Jake Oro, a college student who owns a sweet 1971 C10 that his Dad John Oro (aka the #Johnfather) DID NOT help him buy! He did it ALL on his own!! 

My favorite interview of the day was Uncle Richard, this young 81 year old shares his story of how he started his restoration on his 1955 Chevy Truck when he was 74 years young. Thats right - 74! “You’re never to old to start!” 

We talked to a lot of great folks that brought their trucks out, and some were just checking our others rides, either way the atmosphere was a fun family environment that was packed with bitchen trucks.

We were able to grab a few of the award winners just after they got their awards, so that was cool since some didn’t really expect to win, while others did!

We caught up with John and Marisol the winners of the “Best of Show” award - lets just say that John got a great 35th Birthday present. He was grinning from ear to ear, and rightfully so - well deserved award for this couple and their amazing 1968 C10.

Last we catch up with Jim Flanders of Brothers Trucks. We talk about how far the show has come in it’s 17th year and how crazy it seems that 17 years ago Jim and his brother Steve were planning their first show at there shop. 

One story that Jim shares is about a family that had their daughter right after the Brothers first show and now he knows exactly how many years the show has been running based on his daughters age - crazy cool.

This show is like a family reunion for the Brothers Trucks family, friends, and staff. All hands on deck, everyone pitches in and helps, from kids to parents. It’s that kind of show, it’s that kind of company. They like to hold the show for their customers to be able to show off their pride and joy. Its really a way for the Brothers family and staff to not only give back, but see the fruits of their labor and know that on the other end of each order or the phone could be one of these 440 truck builders. 


Fun show, good time, great people! Enjoy, Ronnie

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Squarebody Syndicate Run to Brothers 2015

“How could you guys be HOT, when you’re driving in trucks so cool!” Ryan B - Canada.

What started as just an idea turned into an unforgettable trip with 5 killer Squares and a bunch of friends.

We met up in West Phoenix Saturday morning the day before the Brothers Truck Show. 

We all got on the road around 8am and we were headed West on the I-10, cruising at 75 mph in these 40+ year old trucks.

I started off with Sam Castronova first and talked to him about his first Squarebody - his 1973 C10 that he purchased from Joe Yezzi earlier this year. Sam tells us Joe told him it was a cream puff, but then says - not really, it was a piece of crap!! Either way we are rolling smooth at 75 mph without any issues, so either it was a cream puff or Sam got this C10 dialed in just right - it has the right stance with a 4/6 static drop and the sweetest leather seat i could could ask to sit in. 

Sam and I were having so much fun we literally passed one of the scheduled stops and and really couldn’t turn back around. I was bummed as I was looking to an iced drink, namely a cold Iced Coffee - oh well the guys would never rub it in by sending multiple pictures to us to make sure we knew what we were missing out on!!!! 

So Sam and I ended up getting to the next stop before everyone else. This stop was one that I don’t think most knew about, but it was at an abandoned Gas/Service station, “Desert Center” - where we would set up to grill some sausage and peppers, drink some refreshments and smoke a few cigars! Yes it was as fun as it sounds. We also left our respectful mark, from a little tagging and decals stuck all over. 

Another cool story to come out of the stop was Dan Morrow sent a picture of the stop over to his Mom and she recognized the stop and said “that’s Desert Center, we used to stop there when you were a kid!” The truck Dan and his family used to drive out West to Cali, is still in Dan’s possession, a 1978 C20. Very cool story!

Next up I jump in with Rob Yezzi and talk to him about the journey, and his sweet Squarebody C10. How he acquired it and what his plans are for this sweet 1973 C10 trucks.


From Rob, I jumped over to Broey’s cool C10 with an even cooler story behind it. This 1975 Squarebody was previously owned by Scott Ivey. Scott Ivey was known for building killer rides, but unfortunately his life was taken way to soon by a drunk driver while he was driving his K5 Blazer.

Broey tells us how he too acquired this sweet C10 and what his plans are for the truck are. Trying to keep the right balance of what Scott wanted for the truck and what Broey would probably want to do to it - put it on the ground, as in Porterbuilt - touching those pinch’s! It’s a good problem to have because this original Square will be cool no mater what Broey decides to do to it. 

Broey and I both probably lost a few pounds doing his recording because it was high noon, and hot. We had to roll up the windows, so we were sweating our ass’s off - the guys behind us were saying they could see us wiping the sweat off with our T-Shirt as we were driving. I ultimately said roll down the windows to get a little flow going through the cab. So, sorry fellas the audio is rough on this segment, but damn son - it was hot as hell!!!

Next, I get to hang with Jason Miller. Jason’s 77’ K5 has A/C and damn it feels so good. We are almost into Riverside when I get in with him and we are cruising into Corona at this point. Jason tells us about what is really his daily driver, how he got the Blazer to this point and what all he has done - from all new gaskets from Brothers Trucks, brand new Billet Specialties rims and a rebuilt 350/350 combo. Well all I’ve got to say is Damn Son, this thing looks great and it rides just as good.

We arrive into Cali and hang out Saturday night with the C10 Club at the hotel, which really turns into a fun little-  hangin with the fellas type night.

Up early and head over to the 17th Brothers Trucks Show and Shine show! Check out our next episode as we cover the show with live interviews, and show coverage. 

We decide to return Sunday night as we fell we all have enough fuel in our tanks, and the trucks are performing just as good, if not better. 

We grab some grub, and head East in the 10 - the temps are cooler, the traffic is minimal, I think we made the right decision.

I jump in with Rob Beasly - aka, Black Rob, aka BLK!! Rob is now driving Sam’s Square, Artie. This was a fun interview because Rob drove a 2015 GMC over to the show and now he’s behind the wheel of one sweet C10 - we are cruising and he gives us a different perspective of the trip over and the trip back. He always brings a unique passion and energy that makes for a great interview.

Lastly for the live audio I just finish with the Square “Ambassador” Joe Yezzi. We just had Joe on the show for Episode #16 - but now we are on the tail end of the journey. We get his thoughts on what ends up being a GREAT weekend, 44hrs! We start 0700 Sat morn and we get home around 0200 Sunday Morning.

Joe gives us his thought on the Squarebody Syndicate “Run to Brothers,” the Brothers Show, and what he says was the highlight of the weekend.

I decided to get a few minutes with Kevin Whipps who was commissioned by Streettrucks to cover the Run to Brothers. Kevin gives us his thoughts and what the journey looks like through a journalist eyes. He sees this continuing to get bigger and bigger as the year go on. 

He also tells us what was his favorite part of the journey and I was surprised but agree with him - its the little things, but they are sometimes very memorable things.

I hope you like it - it was my pleasure and honor to be invited and bring you this time capsule of the first one - I look froward to many more. 


Thanks C10 Nation.. 



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