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Episode #20, Chad Terhar, @struggle_55


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Chad was just a normal 21 year old kid back in March of 2001. Riding BMX, Motocross - you name it! Then everything changed. Chad had an accident that would change the rest of his life. 

We talk to Chad about how this accident did in fact change is life, but he wouldn't change it for anything. He's healthy, hes got his family and he's got a few C10's and a killer 55' Nomad in this life. 

We talk to Chad about the 55' Nomad and how he was chosen for a show a few years back - Search and Restore, where a group of guys from Nashville Tennesse, lead by Tim Strange restore vehicles for those lucky enough to be chosen for the show.

Chad was chosen and he remembers the day they showed up to haul the 55' away. What he got in return was more then just a killer 55' Nomad. He got a few life long friendships from they guys involved in the build. 

This shows you the type of guy Chad Terhar is. He's a blue collar guy who grew up working on cars and trucks with his dad and older brother. He works fulltime as an Automated Systems Mechanic, and when he's not at work, he's working on one of his C10's, or hanging with his family.

Oh ya, Chad is a parapalegic!! Yes, Chad live his life to the fullest and he doesn't let anything slow him down. 

Chad is truly an inspiration and keeps things in percpective no matter the STRUGGLE of life! 

We really enjoyed getting to know Chad a little better and we can't wait to see what he does with his C10's. 

If you should to reach Chad you can find him on Social media at -

@struggle_55 - Instagram

Chad Terhar - Facebook

C-Series Squarebodies - Facebook

Another reason why the C10 Nation is so amazing! The trucks are cool, but the people are cooler! Thanks Chad. 


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Episode #19 Jeff Volker

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Jeff Volker, the "P.A. Renegade" is the man behind one of the sickest Squarebody C10 Trucks around. This 5 year build has just wrapped up and has started to hit the show circuit. The response so far is off the hook! This the name #gamechanger!

We get to know Jeff and find out the story behind the build and a whole lot more!

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