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Episode #24

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Great show with KC from Gas Monkey Garage. We talk to him about life after GAs Monkey, what his plans on and so much more. KC was lucky enough to marry his best friend and they have built a few business's but a family too. KC talk's about how this was a big part of his decision to leave GMG. 

His paint business www.kcspaintshop.com is still alive and well, he has even added another business - KC's Speed Shop to make things even a little more exciting.

KC decided to build a 1986 Chevy C10 for SEMA 2015. So we talk to him about his truck, how his first FULL SEMA build is going and the infamous SEMA CRUNCH!!

KC was a pleasure to talk with, a really great guy and I look forward to seeing his truck next week at SEMA. 

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Have a great Halloween!!!! 

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Episode #23


Josh Brady

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In this episode we talk to Josh Brady who is the creator of the 67-72 Chevy Truck Forum. This forum is probably the biggest asset and resource to anyone looking to gain knowledge regarding C10 Trucks.

Josh started the forum when he was 14!! Is that crazy or what! 

When Josh's dad was 13 he bought a 1969 C10 truck and Josh wanted to find out more about the trucks. He couldn't so he created the forum. The response was incredible and Josh had to grow the forum infrastructure to keep up with the data and usage.

We talk to Josh about what other trucks he has?

Did he end up with the 1969 Truck?

How many users does the site have?

We discuss competing sites?

How has social media like Instagram and Facebook affected the activity of the forum.

Does he feel threatened by social media? 

What are some of the biggest challenge's that Josh has had to face?

Is the forum profitable?

How big is the forum staff?

Are the Admin. and Moderators compensated?

Is there confusion regarding the name? 

Has he ever thought about changing the name?

Why he created the other address's to link to the main site -




What has been the most rewarding thing about the forum?

What builders does he watch?

Where does he see the forum in 5 years, and dies he anticipate any major changes?

Getting to know Josh was a lot of fun as I have been a forum member for awhile now and love it! Very cool to find out about how it all started and much. much , more!


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