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Part 2 with Del!!

Well if one episode wasn't enough, now you have another episode to hang with the man himself, Delmo!!

It's really crazy when you think about how many builds Del has under his belt. He has been cranking out bad ass builds for years. We don;t talk about them all, but man he has been a force in not only the C10 Movement, really the more of a Resto-movement!

We ask Del if he considers himself a Trendsetter?

With so many builder and truck enthusiast following his style, does he feel a pressure to continue to put out the best, most cutting edge stuff?

Who does Del pull inspiration from and look to for input?

With so many builds does Del have a favorite?

How about a least favorite?

How long does a Del build take?

Has he ever turned down a customer? Why?

Where does he see the C10 Truck Trends going?

How did his relationship with AccuAir come about and what does he think of them?

Why does Del NOT have his own truck? Does he want one?

Does he think he will just build trucks his way and then sell his trucks to customers, more of a Del brand build vs. Customer build.

Why does he feel that his best is his last!!

What do Del and Ola like to do in there down time that they do have?

What does the future look like for Del?

Is he moving?

Is there a TV show in his future?

And so much more.

Del is truly leading the way with his style - Del being Del and we are all benefiting from it. A visionary amongst us who is very humble with his abilities and persona. I am glad that we were able to sit down and catch up. I am glad I can call him a friend. A true class act.

Happy New Year C10 Nation, thanks for all of your support over the year - 2015 has been great. Heres to 2016!!

Cheers Del, to you and Ola - Have a Happy and Safe New Year, I look forward to the moving party!





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Episode #27 

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We sit down and talk to the Canadian Kid, Del Uschenko - otherwise known as Delmo.

Del tells us who his early influence were and how he got into wrenching and customizing cars and trucks. 

Del started early, his first two trucks were C10's - one a 70's Squarebody and the second a 1963 C10. No wonder him and Dino get along so well.

Before Del moved to the States he was wrenching and running his own Hot Rod shop in Canada. He sold that after building some big time cars and headed South. 

Del tells us that Ola and him sold their houses, along with the shop and loaded up a U-haul and a 1961 Ford Uni-Body and headed South. He knew California had a bitchin car scene so that was the destination.

Eventually they ended up in Burbank. From there, Ola, a Nurse found work at the local hospital and Del was going to work on cars. 

Before opening up his own shop Del worked at the famous Hollywood Hot Rods, although not landing the job on the first try!! You'll have to listen, to hear the rest of that story. 

While at Hollywood Hot Rods, Del built a KILLER 1965 C10, that was laid out with all the right touches. He created a build thread on the 1967-72 truck forum and the thing took off from there. 

This build put Del on the map in the C10 world and from there a Star was born. 

Del and I talk about how far the C10 Nation has come since then. It has become a movement of sorts, from SEMA this year to Dino's Git Down, the C10 Community is thriving and the builds are just getting better.

Delmo has built plenty more since the "65 C10" and he has 9 in the shop as of this interview.

Del being Del!! Great guy, just doing his thing. We we're glad he is doing his thing, and bringing his style to the C10 Nation, because we love it.

Thanks Del.



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Episode #26 Marc Mullin

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In this episode we head out to Pittsburgh PA. this is the 3rd East Coast builder we've had on the show from the Steel City so far, so it looks like they've got a nice little scene going on over there. 

Marc Mullin grew up in his Dad's shop, working from a very young age. Learning hard work, pride, and so much more. One thing that Marc probably didn't realize was he was learning more about life then in probably anticipated. He was also forming a very tight relationship and bond with his boss, his dad!

Over the years Marc and his Dad became best of friends, life was good. Then, like a lot of families some form of health issue takes the ones we love. Marc and his family were not immune to this has his father became ill and eventually passed away. 

Like a lot of guys this was very hard on Marc and he needed to fill that void. It wasn't easy and is definitely a work in progress, but Marc started a new project - his 1963 C10 Truck.

The Shadow is a work in progress that Marc is building from the ground up really and the C10 Nation has jumped on board for the build. Marc swears his dad is with him along the journey and that is what matters.

Follow along this episode as Marc takes us on a journey of life and a journey of his truck. He plans on having it done for next years Columbus Goodguys. We wish him the the best of luck and look forward to seeing this thing all done.

Thanks for sitting down with us Marc, it was fun and the next Fresca is on us!! 

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