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Who is Brad Mckinnon?

How'd you get into the truck scene?

Mini Trucker?


How is the truck scene in Canada?

Is it a pain in the ass getting parts to Canada?

What Challenges to Canadian builders face that we in the states take for granted?

What's the biggest difference from Canada to the States pertaining to the Car/Truck scene?

How's you get into Relaxed Atmosphere? How long? 

Tell us about 4x4 no more?

How did it start?

The story of your journey to the states and somewhat building it as you trekked South.

What companies were behind you?

Have you built other SEMA trucks? (toyota?)

What builders inspire you?

Favorite Show?

Wasn't your truck recently at the GNRS.. thats awesome.

Plans for the truck?

Future plans - builds?

If you could build one car or truck what would it be?

Great dude, stoked to interview him and bring his RAD ass story to you the C10 Nation! Stay C10 Strong people! Thanks Ronnie


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Kevin Aguilar is the Editor in Chief of Street Trucks magazine.


Tell us about Kevin Aguilar

-How did you get into trucks?

-weren’t you driving a bus for awhile?

-how did you get into photography

Hobbies - skateboarding - photography

are you a photographer first or a writer?

-How did you land such a sweet gig?

-What is the best part of your job? - meet cool people?

-what is the worst? Is it stressful? Deadlines? New Material?

-what are you currently working on

-whats your favorite style of truck

-How do you chose your cover trucks - is there like a board meeting?

-How do you chose your STOTY top 10 and winner?

C10 Builders guide

Trends - patina vs paint- bagged vs static

Do you still stay in contact with previous editors? ask them questions etc.

Whats the future look like for our trucks and Street Trucks magazine. Tell me what the cover of April 2020 looks like?

If you didn’t have this job what would you like to be doing for a career?

Funnest article you've ever done?

Favorite truck you've ever shot or featured?

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