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Episode #35 with Josh Freeman @lolometalsmith

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Who is Josh Freeman? 

The family man?

The fabricator?

Are you self taught?

How did you get into the Hobby - Trucks?

Why C10’s?

Where did you work before you started your own shop?

OK, so tell us about going out on your own and starting “Freeman Fab”?

Was this a difficult decision? Are you glad you made this decision?

Lets talk about your SEMA C10, the HammerHead!! Great Name btw!?!

Tell us about the rollercoaster ride - You’re going, no you're not, yep back to going?

SEMA Crunch - getting the truck ready in time after the change!

At one point were you going to leave it bare metal?

“Less is more!” You said it!! 

Whats the future look like for Josh/ Freeman Fab, and Hammerhead?

Whats on that bucket list? Car? Truck?

Now with the shop - will your time be consumed by taking care of customer builds?

Whats your favorite C10?

What Builders do you watch?

Thanks Josh, for sitting down with the C10 Nation and letting us dig into your world and get to know you even better. Your a class act and it's guys like you that make the C10 Nation great. 

"The trucks are cool, but the people are cooler!"








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What a story! Bryan (Landaburu) is excited to get back into the C10 Game. He grew up around C10 Trucks and his first car/truck was a C10. So he finally finds the C10 for him. After some long negotiations with the owner, they finally come to terms. Bryan is ecstatic, he's just purchased a beautiful 1965 C10. 

Now the fun part of deciding on how he should get the truck home to Reno, NV. Bryan does a TON of research and finally decides to go with Passport Transport, an enclosed, very reputable carrier. 

Well, this is where the story takes a twist. During transport, it appears that something happened to the brakes that caused the trailer to catch fire and Bryan's C10 was sitting in the Hot Zone!

Tune in to hear what happens next and why after months of frustration and anger, Bryan's story has a very happy ending. 

Welcome (back) to the C10 Nation, Bryan!

In this episode I also talk with Kathy a "Open Transport" Broker, her and her husband also are owner/operators of an open trailer along with Kathy's Broker business, so she provides us with a unique perspective to some common mistakes and Pitfalls to look out for. I also talk with Tanner from Reliable Carriers, he is an Operations Manager with the company. We talk about the benefits to using a closed carrier with a long history of satisfied customers.

A lot of great info in this one, I hope you dig it - Ronnie

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Live interviews form the Lone Star Throwdown 2016. Man we had such a great time in Texas. Texas took care of us (beside the streets in Dallas) and we look forward to next year already!!

The Trip started off with a trip over to Gas Monkey Garage and seeing how those boys do it, Jonathon Mansour and Aaron Kaufman gave us the Royal treatment while we were there. We ended up staying through Saturday and mad the trip down to Conroe with the GMG crew as they were getting ready to unveil their KILLER 49' Chevrolet truck.

When we got to LST I was blown away, so much going on and tons of bad ass rides. We ended up setting up shop around the C10 Club Texas (we are a C10 Podcast) and man we couldn't have started in a better place. 

Ive compiled the live interviews from the show. Here ya go, and remember - the trucks are cool, but MAN the people are COOLER!! 

Thanks Texas, can't wait until LST 2017!! 

Jarrod, Lonnie, and Radar - thank you for the support. 

Tino - thanks for the help getting the gear over there.

GMG Crew - thanks for making us all feel like one of the crew!! 


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