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Phil and Jeremy Gerber - Roadster Shop.

ROADSTER SHOP   Mundelein, Illinois

Whats new over at the Roadster Shop?

Tell us about Phil and Jeremy Gerber?

Roadster Shop? Early Days?

Did you always think you would stay in the restoration/performance biz?

Tell us about working with your dad/brother? 

I feel like between you and the Ring Bros. you guys just keep taking the bar to new levels?


Patina is very popular among the trucks, but has it really caught on with the cars.

How many full builds do you do a year?

How many employees do you have at the shop.

What is the hardest part of running such a successful business?

What are you taking to SEMA 2016

What is your favorite all time car? truck? 

If you could build one last build what would it be? 

OK, fellas - lets get into the Truck stuff -

You guys don’t just build these trucks, you own them too! (your 65' & 76')

Roadster Shop - from Hot Rods to C10's now, why the trucks?

Craftsman C10

Roaster Shop 70’ (Orange & White) Autocross C10 -

Did those truck/builds evolve into your C10 Suspension line?

REVO  - 60-72 (73+ coming?)

Recently you guys had some really good coverage in Classic Truck magazine with the REVO install on your 69’ C10 Farm Truck.

Do you have to notch the frame for the rack/steering? looks like it sits lower.

Rear of the REVO - rear kit,  Ford 9” rearend.(Strange Engineering)

drop 4/6? 10” wide wheels.


What time frame are you looking for the 73-87 set up!

SP3C series - name? Bagged truck frame. Lays rockers when aired out (29”) What is the advantage?


Fast Track - was the 1970 orange/white the R&D test truck for the Fast Track? How did it do? Whats the advantage to buying a Fast Track set up form you?

Coil over performance? 10” front/12” rear - IRS rear end?

Builder gets to choose the brakes that fit their needs? Do you recommend?

You guys beat up on some pretty bad ass cars right?

Price? Shipping?

If you could build any project what would it be and why?

What do you want not only Phil and Jeremy to be know for, but the Roadster Shop's legacy to be? 

Thanks guys, I couldn't have asked for better guests. It was fun getting to know you both a little better and finding out more about your company - the Roadster Shop. I hope your fans and followers see it the same way, Ronnie.


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Matt Overton - Over/10 - 1972 Chevy C10 Truck

Who is Matt Overton?
How long you been playing for the Colts?
Where did you go to college?
Family etc..
Whats you craziest Football story?
When you were thinking about building a car/truck/hot rod, why did you build a C10?
Tell us about your truck? 
Who came up with the name? Over/10?
Tell us about the year long custom build journey?
What's the hardest part?
Have you really had a chance to do any burnouts/shake it down?
Are you buddies jealous of your truck?
Why do you think that trucks are becoming so popular?
Have you been contacted about any magazine coverage?
Spike TV? Power Nation? 
Didn't you take it to World of wheels or something and win?
Do you have any other plans for the truck?
Any shows you want to take it to?
Tell us about the forth down Army?
You seem to do alot with Public Safety - PD? Do they have a special place in your heart/life? 
What are you plans after you retire from Football?
Thanks Matt, and good luck this year! Take it easy on my Steelers Nov 24, Thanksgiving Day!


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Boris - Street Machinery


Tell “C10 Talk” about Boris Maryanosky?


How long have you been in the states?

How old were you when you moved here?

How did you get hooked?

Are you self taught?

What makes hot rodding different in Ohio?

Tell us about Street Machinery and the Patina Plantation!

Do you consider yourself a “Flipper” or a Hot Rod Builder?

Have you been approached by TV?

Do you have a specialty? Whats your favorite part of the process?

You seem to be one of only a few people to actually make true money in old rusty cars?

Lately it seems like this old metal is a starting to really creep up in value?

How do you find all the cars? Whats you secret?

Whats your current inventory look like? Numbers?

Social Media - Facebook 

We recently did an episode on Transporting cars/trucks - have you ever had an problems?

I Love some of your rants on Facebook - tell us one of your craziest buy/sell stories?

Best “Feel Good” story!

Sunday Service -Swap-A-Rama?!?! Tell us about that?

Other builders you dig?

Do you consider yourself a trend setter or visionary?

What is your favorite car and truck?

What aftermarket company have you been impressed with their product, their service etc!

Are you doing all the fab in house for lowering the cars and trucks, or do you use aftermarket companies?

Bucket list - because you have built so many cars/trucks on others Bucket Lists, do you have something?

What cars/trucks are in your private stash?

Whats your favorite C10 Style (era) and why?

Do you have a favorite C10 that’s been built?

What trends do you see? C10’s

What build are you most proud of?

Do you turn down builds? (because they are to crazy or not your style)

Whats the future look like for the Patina Plantation?

What do you want Street Machinery and Boris Maryanosky to be known for?


Great interview - I had a BLAST!! Thanks Boris. The Zip Ties are on their way!!!

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