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Episode #40 is Brought you you by these Kick Ass Companies!

www.brotherstrucks.com Your #1 source for 1947-1987 Chevy & GMC restoration parts.

www.azproperformance.com Your aftermarket C10 parts specialist.

www.dakotadigital.com The industry leader in digital gauges, lighting, and control systems.

www.precisionrestorationparts.com - Seal your build right, request Precision brand weatherstrip.


SMS Auto Fabric, Doug Pollock.



Tell us about SMS?

How long have you been in business?

How many employee’s

How did you get into Auto Fabric?

How did you acquire all of the original fabrics?

What is the process of acquiring it?

Do you re-man any of it?

Do you have a website catalog or mail order?

What is the process for buyers to choose their samples?

Do you have a data base for people to look through?

What is the average per yard cost?

What is the average turn around time to get the fabric?

Do you have complete sets - bench or bucket?

What is the most common brand you sell.

Do you have anything really rare?  The last 64 VW seat covers or something?

What all do you offer the C10 Nation?

What a great interview with Doug. A true CLASSIC!

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Episode #39 is brought to you by these AWESOME companies!





Jamey Jordan -

The man behind Hand Made Seat Co. and SOOO much more!!

We Sit down and get to know who Jamey Jordan, the man behind the Mittler Bros. Bead Roller is?

How did Jamey get into cars/trucks?

How did Jamey get into working with metal?

Where did he study his trait?

Is he more self taught?

How did his relationship with Mittler start?

What is Mike from Low Life Video working on with Jamey?

What does Jamey listen to while he's working in his shop?

How big is his Shop?

Why does Jamey need more sun sometimes?

Can I get a Rockstar? And, another please!!!

What is a typical day in the life of jamey Jordan?

Does he enjoy teaching his craft to others?

What is the most enjoyable part of teaching others?

Does he like to be challenged and learn?

Does he have some favorite art he's made?

What is the meaning of the Praying Hands, and why does it mean so much to Jamey.

What does the future look like for Jamey and the Hand Made Seat Co. 


And so much more?!?!?!?!


Thanks Jamey, what a fun interview and I appreciate your time. I've seen a few praying hands on some FGT since the interview - haha.

I look forward to meeting you soon, and checking out your new Instructional video's. 


Special Thanks to Mike from Low Life Video for his work in setting this interview up and making it happen. 


Thanks fellas, Ronnie

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