C/10 Talk is a Podcast about all things Chevy and GMC Trucks from 1960-1998. The builders, the aftermarket, and most importantly, the amazing truck community!

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Mike Finnegan.

Who is Mike Finnegan? Family etc..

“I own more tools than clothes”

How did you get into cars/trucks/boats/horsepower?

What mags have you been with Sports Truck, Street!

Cali to Georgia, who does that?


How’d it all start? How’d you get picked/chosen?

Whats the best part of doing the show Roadkill? Worst?

Did you guys think it would be this successful?

You seem to work well with Freiberger?

What has been your favorite Roadkill episode?

Doing your own stunts (DAMN SON)!! StubbyBob, Jumping the Bronco!

Has the show given you a lot to write about?

Muscle Truck? You guys took a beating for cutting the fenders?
Roadkill Suburban?


Have you owned a few?

1967 - C10!

1973 - Ramp Truck!

You don’t seem to really be a one brand kind of guy - El Camino, BlaspHEMI,


Youtube/Podcast -

Podcast - Kibbe and Finnegan?

Love it - its like re- living my youth. You guys just need to get some old GT performer or Haro BMX bikes in there and we’ll be covered.

How do you have time for everything?

Finnegan Speed and Marine? Finnegan’s Garage, HotRod Garage, Roadkill, Podcast, family etc!!

Wrap up!

But then I realized that most of the enjoyment I get from this hobby is fabricating, so I put my pride aside and locked myself in the shop for three days of cutting and welding.”

“built now bought? “Your a do it yourselfer - learner?

in one of your episodes (podcast) you guys were talking about what cartoon CARS you’d play - I think you said you’d be the General. So if you were a car or truck, what would you be!

IF you could own any car or truck?

Bucket list?

Coming form the magazine world, what are your thoughts about social media and it’s impact on our hobbies?

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ProDyno - LS install Q and A!

Sorry about the Auido - power throught the trash trucks, the planes, the bugs and the damn Mic bumps!!! UGHHH

Carb vs FI

Avg fuel milage 5.3 and 6.0

5.3 vs 383?

Whats better 4.8/5.3/6.0/6.2?

Offset the compression with the boost!

Where is the best place to find LS motor's

How many miles is too many miles on a used LS?

Best years?

Electronic vs Cable throttle?

Drive by wire.

Wiring harness?

Car vs Truck donor.

Van's 4.8 with 4L80.

Buying the motor is the cheapest part of the install?

Whats the hardest part? 

Should I buy a wiring harness somewhere else?

Should I Cam the motor?

Should I Turbo the motor?

GM PCM!!!!

Do I need to use O2 sensors?

What type of headers?

What type of horsepower are we talking?

What tunes are good?

Do I need to have my truck Dyno'd after I install an LS? Why?


Will it run Flex Fuel?

Stock fuel tank or aftermarket?

Fuel pump?

What about oil pan clearance?

How about locked PCM's - BAD!!!

Awesome - thanks guys 


Charles and Jason were awesome to sit down and hang, talk shop and answer all my questions. Great dudes if you live the PHX Metro area. 


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John Oro -







Who is John Oro?

What is your official title - C10 Club Prez!

Did you you know that your name is probably brought up in some capacity - in over 25 of the C10 Talk episodes - why?

The Trucks are Cool, but the people are cooler!

How’d you get into C10’s

Whats the story of the Prom Queen?

Now you bought your son Jake a C10 as well, correct?

How’d you get into the C10 Club.

C10 Mount Rushmore!!!

What about the forum - 67-72

What is your thought on Social Media and how it has effected C10’s

Are we in a C10 Movement?

C10 Club - states, C10 Club apparel, C10 Club magazine? 

C10 Man of the Year - Involved and support so many different groups - how do you do it? Why do you do it?

Toy Drive? Pamona Dec. 4th

Bucket List - what would you like to build?

What styles are you digging?

What trends are you seeing?

Anything you’d like to add or mention to all the Johnfather fans out there in the C10 Nation.

Thanks for always being there John - you are a great man and the C10 Nation would not be what it is today without great DuDes like you in it!  

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