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Kevin Stickel is the man behind Digital C10. In Episode #51 we get to know about Kevin, the Father, the Husband, the Friend, the Builder, and the Creator. Man he wears a lot of hats - Damn Son!

Kevin Stickel

Tell us about the man behind the Digital art? Married kids etc

Growing up Canada? 80’s culture? How does growing up Canada in perspective to US.

What do you do now?

College years? hanging with DEL??

Canadian IRS - CMB Cash Money Bro’s - Stereo shop!! Cash and Carry??? income tax?

You do all of your own stunts - I heard you rode from one bar to another on top of a Ryder truck?

Digital C10  - how'd that all start?

I like to gauge your artwork popularity to see what is 

trending” in the C10 community!

I love that you can build so many killer trucks - and fuel that creative fire? Do you write all our ideas down and build them or just feel the flow?

Do you get a lot of requests for renderings?

do you have a fav?

How long to create one?

Hardest part?

Limbo - SEMA 2016

1969 with a 72 nose job!

labor of love!

Whats the plan? Langes painting  - Why the re-paint? You weren’t happy?

Del’s then to SEMA?

SEMA house??!!! beers/beers/beers/

Canadian - truck builder = parts etc..

Any bucket list cars or trucks beside this one?

I heard you might want to build an 87 JohnPlayer IROC someday! PIMP status!!

now I know what you did with all that cash and carry money!!

haha - good times!

Thanks Kevin, it is always a pleasure to hang out and drink a beer or two, or three, or maybe even four!! 








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Mrs Maggie Leigh Doisher -

Tell us about Mrs. Maggie Leigh Doisher - HAPPY BDAY from the C10 Nation!!!!

Growing up - Texas?

What were you into. Where you into typical “girl” stuff?


What DID you want to be (when you grew up)?

Crazy hair?


How did you get into cars/trucks? C10’s

Texas and trucks?

Whats the story behind your 66‘      -   Name?   - Updates?

Have you been approached to have it (truck) in a magazine?

Family wagon -

running the new business - do you help Jason

Do you like wrenching? Did you wrench before you met Jason?

Whats your favorite part of working on cars/trucks?

What do your girlfriends say about this crazy hobby?

Do you have a car/truck on your bucket list that you love - style etc..

One (car/truck) that you’d love to build?

What do you guys do for fun out there? Fav. car truck show you’ve been? Want to go?

Git Down?

Anything you’d like to add or say? How about to the dads with daughters?

Thanks Maggie and Jason - another example of the GREAT people behind the C10 Nation!

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Episode #49 featuring BIG James Otto, Country Music recording artist and C10 owner is brought to you by these kick ass sponsors. Support those that support you!

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James Otto

Who is James Otto

Did you grow up wanting to be a musician? Country/ Rock?

“Just got started loving you” number one country single 2008



Do you like making the videos

Purple Rain - on Big D and Bubba!



IN Color - one of my favorite songs!


Hows the new album - Somewhere Tonight?

Touring - do you like it - is it hard? where you at next?

C10’s -

So is there a story behind your truck, Pete?

Do you get much time to drive it?

Whats your favorite part of it?

Are you a truck guy?

Do you have a favorite car or truck you’d like to build/own some day?

Where you able to go to SEMA and see your sweet truck while it was on display

What type of music did you listen to as a kid?

Whats your favorite all time artist of song

When did you finish your truck.

Anything you’d change now that you’ve had it for awhile?

Do you have a sweet system in it so you can listen to James Otto, or do you just like to unwind and listen to the thing run?

Will you make to SEMA this year?

Thanks James for being a true down to earth guy. I look forward to that beer! Ronnie


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