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Episode #53 Ricky Holly. 

Ricky Holly Boy? Name really? @rickyhollyboy!

Tell us your story? Married, kids??

You grow up in Texas?

Why is Texas mean trucks?

What do you do now? work? best part? hardest part? Funny story with client?

How’d you get into cars/trucks?

How many covers have you had?

Your 71’ C10 - cover build! Truckin!!

Your C/K OBS cover truck!!

Do you do most of the work, or farm it out? Alamo Customs?

Why is your recipe so successful?

Balance - family/work and trucks!!

You like PAINT over PATINA!! thats for sure!! Damn Son  - some amazing paint jobs!!

Tell us about Charlie Brown? Damn Son - such a bad ass build?

How long? Any big struggles?


SEMA 2016?

You like the 67/68 nose thats for sure!!

Magazine coverage? Yet?

Builders you dig?

Bucket list builds

Are you with a club?

Tell us something your friends and family might not know about you?

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Episode #52 with Jeremy Rice, otherwise known as Tre5 Customs is brought to you by these great companies - Support those that support you!






Good times sitting down with Big Jeremy! Even though I knew Jeremy prior to this interview I didn't really know him - and now I do! 

AZ Cards D-line man! Brett Keisel

Did you grow up here?

How did you get into building trucks?

From your own garage to your own shop

Shop atmosphere?

What truck are you most known for?

Blazer in last builders guide!

El Primos Square?

Shane's dad - pops Hi jacked!

Your 49?

Your current SEMA build?

You make a lot of shit look easy?

You are very frank - blunt!

Whats the biggest difference your home garage to big time shop guy?

Battle of builders 2016?

Last year as well

Go kart racing!

Out law Josey wales?

Project manager? Do you wrench as much as you used too?

Tre5 meaning

How many builds going right now - whats too many?

What's your fav youve built

What's your fav someone else has built?

Del moved - thats cool you guys are buds?

Frank - did he follow you?

Auto Rev?

How many hours a week

Do you get exhausted?

SEMA builds last year - most can only do one?

Sold your truck? update?

Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule Jeremy - the C10 Nation and I appreciate it. See you at SEMA. Bring some dress shoes!!




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The fellas from the Squarebody Syndicate get together and Syndicate @rob_c_b and his 1977 C10 Square. 


The trucks are cool, but the people are cooler! C10 Nation!!

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