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SEMA 2016


Reno Heon.

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Hell Ya! We were able to sit down with Reno Heon from AccuAir at SEMA 2016. The guys from AccuAir set up a small recording studio just of of their show room display and it worked. It worked perfect. Reno and I were siting right next to each other - really, like 4-6 inches and we had a great time getting the C10 Nation caught up on everything going on with The Leader in Air Suspension.

AccuAir just released their brand new ENDO-T, ENDO- VT, and coming Spring/Summer 2017 their new ENDO-CVT will be available to all of us!

Reno and I talk about the history of the company.

From the first few employee’s they had and how most of them are still with the company 15 years later.

It hasn’t always been easy! Reno talks about some o f the struggles they had in the beginning and working with family.

Reno admits that a ton of hard work, great timing, and some luck has helped his company prosper into what is now 15 years later the industry leader in Air Suspension. But admits that their customers are also such a big part of their success. Using AccuAir on their builds, promoting the products and being such loyal customers.

By day 4 of SEMA, Reno knows that the reaction to their new ENDO system is beyond well received by the masses. Their booth was popping all week in anticipation for the products. Scott Lattinen from SicChops was in the booth this year with their killer 62 Suburban, converted to Blazer - “Overcast”. Damn Son!

Reno, dives into the specifics of the ENDO, talking about the tank and its capacity, the R&D that went into if and how it is DOT approved.

The ENDO-VT, which is the new tank with the valves integrated into the new aluminum tank. The values are split, 2 on each side how ever the end user chooses.

We talk a lot about the new ENDO - CVT, which will be a compressor inside the tank along with the internal valves. So Rad Ass!

Multiple questions about the new system arise from so many variables:


How much air will the tank be able to hold if there is a compressor inside?

-What about moisture inside of the unit?

-How fast will the compressors work?

-What’s new about the valves - “Flow Control”?

-How much is all of this going to be?

-Can I build it as I go?

-Can I use my old elevel?

-What is the draw from the compressor?

Reno answers them ALL!

Reno reflects on SEMA 2016.



Are the two words that come to his mind! I am sure exhausted is in there too.

We start to wrap up and Reno talks about what the future holds for AccuAir and air suspension. Reno, Dustin and the team have no plans of slowing things down. They have big ideas and just the team to make it happen.

Their marketing team, behind Ben Terry continues to push the envelope and bring us the much desired interactive videos, tech, and up to date information.

The future looks bright for this company and I was honored to sit down with Reno at SEMA to get the story. Thank you AccuAir for taking the time to give us the story.


Reno, Dustin, Ben, Derek, Lefty, Taylor - the entire staff, we appreciate your time. Ronnie

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My thoughts from SEMA 2016 

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C10 Nation, I hustled around SEMA for 4 days straight and had a blast. I am looking at products and potential builders to interview. It was a success. We met a ton of great people and reconnect with others we haven't seen since last year. 

Enjoy - we did. 

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The Road to SEMA - We Catch up with 10 builders and talk to them about their builds. 

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We catch up with 10 SEMA builders about their builds, the long nights and what it takes to get your ride into SEMA. Some first timers and some repeat builders. 

I really enjoyed this one - I hope you do too, Ronnie


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