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Trial & Air - with Seth and Jason from Switch Suspension. 

I sit down with the guys and ask a ton of air suspension questions. Great info - jammed pack episode. 


Merry Christmas C10 Nation. 

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Episode #57 is a few stories that I pulled from the night. Nate @the_c10_profect is a 16 year old that has been building a C10 since he was 12 at his grandpa's shop in California. His parents and Grandpa - finished the truck and brought it out to the Git Down to surprise Nate. It worked. We were able to get Nate, Dad, and Grandpa all in the same room and capture their thoughts. 

Mrs Maggie Leigh Doiser from episode #50, and her husband Jason made their way out to the Git Down for a great time and reunite with old friends. They left with an LS3! Winning the Midway Chevrolet LS3 raffle! Damn Son!

We also recap the weekends festivities with Mr. Chevy Only Dino as well. This is the 6th Git Down and it keeps getting better like Johnny Walker Blue! 

Last but by far not least - John Oro and his C10 Club toy drive out in Pomona California. 

Great couple weeks for the C10 Nation. 

Thanks for taking the time to sit down and share your thoughts and stories guys ( and gal)! 

Next up - Trial and Air with Seth from Switch Suspension! 


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