C/10 Talk is a Podcast about all things Chevy and GMC Trucks from 1960-1998. The builders, the aftermarket, and most importantly, the amazing truck community!

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Classic Car Studio - Rocked the C10 Nation in 2016 when they dropped a Bomb on us - or was it a Bombshell! Tiffany is one of the hottest 1966 C10's ever built. Her Seafoam color only adds to her sexiness. Those Nelson Racing turbos. the metal work, the interior - oh damn that interior. The guys at Classic Car Studio - built one of the baddest trucks of 2016 and brought it to Vegas to show her off. At SEMA, she had a crowd around her at all times. To watch peoples faces as they approached her was hilarious - "oh shit" look at that truck!!!

Noah and Scott have a great thing going in St. Louis and watching them on Velocity each week with their new TV show - Speed is the new black should be fun. 

Thanks again for your time fellas - Cheers to much continued success, Ronnie. 

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Episode #59 is brought you you by these Rad Ass Sponsors. 

www.brotherstrucks.com Your #1 source for 1947-87 Chevy and GMC restoration parts.

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We catch up with Kevin Aguilar from Street Trucks and talk to him about the NEW precess for the Street Truck of the Year. This is a big award and I am sure the final 10 are honored to be in the running. This year Street decided to put it up to a vote. You can hear all about it and vote at www.streettrucksmag.com


Rob Kibbe is the host of two Rad Ass podcasts and much much more. 





Both of these Podcasts are on my play list and Rob does a great job hosting. Hi passion for Muscle cars and the Dukes of Hazard is unmatched. 

We the back story of how it all happened. Rob and Mike have great chemistry and make the show less about  the actual Dukes, and more about the good times. 

Rob seems to be building steam and I look forward to what he comes up with next. 

A great family man and ambassador to these timeless classics. Thanks for siting down with us Rob. Have a great 2017 brother, Ronnie






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