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Scott Lattinen - Sic Chops, Lake Havasu Arizona

Tell us about Scott - wife, wife kids? You know - life away from cars and trucks!! lol

How and why did you end up in Havasu?

How is the scene in Lake Havasu?

How’d you get into building Rad Ass Rides?

What is your speciality? Is there a phase you love? hate?

Tell us about the shop?

You see, to have a great recipe - Ron Mangus interiors, roadster shop, Colorado Customs, Accuair

likes to be challenged!

Does the owner of the Lincoln Marc ll (long, black and low) does he sell them or keep them.

Since youve been such a force at sema, do you get a ton of guys wanting your work?

How do you keep up? You have to limit it right? Don’t you get exhausted? the 56?

Family affair - is it hard, stressful working with family? How do you leave it all at the shop and not bring it home? I would think you would need a break sometimes.

Pic one build??


1961 Blazer!

OK - tell us about the Suburban turned Blazer?

How do you keep that a secret in todays world?

SEMA crunch? I know you said the Lincoln was a grind.

Did you want a wrap around window? Did the owner come to you? Did you already have the idea?

Did you know how you were going to go about it? Why 22”

Tons of Subtle differences - the rear wheel fender lip!


What was the hardest part?

Now that you've got to shake it down - what do you and the owner think?

Has Overcast been shot yet?


Awards -

SEMA, Goodguys Gold Bar award.

Grand National Road Show. - Outstanding Engineered Award, and 1st Place Class Awrd

Albuquerque - Super Nationals - Best of Show!!!

Is it hard to let them go?

If all the cars/motorcycles/trucks/customs you've built - The owner would give you one back - what one would you want back to keep and why?

I think you are know for building Sic Caddy’s and that 56 Lincoln Marc 2 - but I think you know are more then that - you have definitely showed your versatility as a builder.

What has been the high light so far for Overcast as the creator for you?

Bucket List?






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Episode #61 we head out to Barrett Jackson auto auction in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona and join the RideTech team as the along with a dozen or so other companies re-build and update a 1968 GMC 1500 Short bed truck. The team works on the truck for 6 days straight. Completing it in 48 hours. The truck goes up on the auction block at the end of the week. 

Listen along to hear from the companies involved. Find out how much the truck will sell for and who the lucky bidder is. 

Good times, great people - thanks Bret, Ronnie


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