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Episode #70 - Mr. Tino Garza, Maxbuilt Customs! 

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Tino Garza - Maxbuilt Customs out of Indio CA. 

Tell us about Tino


Growing Up?



How'd you get into trucks? What started it all for you?

One of the baddest/raddest stables around of custom killer trucks!!

Severed Ties?

Homecoming Queen

Lafawda - Double cover!!! SEMA 2015

Started  - Max Built - why?


You built Dimples SEMA 2016, under MAxbuilt - how was it going from customer to builder? It was really well recieved too - your first SEMA build - your recipe was a success - clean as fuck!

lost keys!

Dimple name is a cool story! right there on the hood!!

Whats the hardest part of running you’re own shop?

I know you were even thinking about trying to take Yoshi last year as well, Damn Son!! Big goals son.

So hows it going with Yoshi! You going to keep the keys to Yoshi


the list doesn't end there - how about the Blazer! And we must talk about Poncho!!!!

Do you work on others at Maxbuilt or do you find that its mostly just your personnel builds?

Do you have a builder that you tend to really look to for advise or inspiration?

SEMA three in a row, you going for 4 - 5??

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Bucket list builds



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Live interviews from Holley's first LS Fest West at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Dirst Track. Drifting, Dyno, Drags, Auto Cross, Show - n- Shine , Vendors and more. Good times!

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Shane England - Big Kahuna Monster Truck - 1965 C10, or K10, or K20 - either way it's a KILLER truck, driven by a Rad Dude!!!


Big Kahuna Monster Truck - why that name?

Dude - tell us about Shane?

How did you get into Monster Trucking

Is it a family affair - I see father daughter teams. Father Son as well

Is it hard to get into Monster Trucking?

What is the best part?

What is the hardest part?

Do you have a mechanic? Chief Mechanic - or do you do it all?

How much HorsePower is in one of those things - straight pipes - so load!!

Is Grave Digger still the best?

Holy crap - first front flip?

Have you done a back flip?

Expensive? Profitable? Endorsements and swag to make money?


Why C10 or in this case a K20 as a shell? Why 64-66? Any other C10’s


Are you into C10’s

What is your daily

worst wreck /been hurt?

Those tires  BKT - holy shit how much for a set? 

How is 2017 looking? Do you travel a lot?

Goals - 5 years from now.

What do Monster Trucks drivers do when they retire from it?

Whats on your bucket list? Trucks? Monster Truck career - whatever?

What a great guy - thanks Shane, I had a blast chatting brother. Look forward to having a beer in the future with you. Ronnie

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