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I had a blast with Greg from Dakota Digital. I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did. #goodtimes


 -History of Dakota aDigital. 

 -Souix Falls South Dakota?

 -30 years in the business?

 -How'd it all start?

  -Who was your original customer base?

Digital Instrument system?

Do you still move many of these? Can you still get them?

Was there a time when you guys could see the numbers weren't looking good?

What happened? What was done to kick things up?

OK lets talk about VHX?

Easy install.


So many options? Custom Options as well.

HDX - gauges? Whats new, whats better? Whey HDX over VHX?

Android interface? When? How have things been with the iphone interface?


Adding gauges? Boost, EGR, Tranny temp, Air pressure? LS LS LS LS LS LS!!!!!!

What are a few of the most common additions you see a lot?

Intstall - most common question?

Most common “custom” cluster?

What is the lead time on custom stuff?

Have you had any thing that kind of flopped?

Other stuff - LED - dimmers etc...

88-91 to 88-94 anything OBS??


Thanks again Greg, Scott and Ross. 

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