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3 Dudes and 1 Truck!!!!

Well I bought a 1976 GMC truck in Montana. Digital C10, C10 Acres, and myself make a Rad Ass Road Trip out of it. 

Follow along on the journey! 


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Trip Tech with Jason Polite from Dead End Garage. 

We talk all things pre - trip, during trips and much much more.

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"Clarence" Travis Pruis - CTP Concepts


Who the hell is Travis Pruis?

Growing up?

Family - Mom/Dad/Brothers/Sister/and now - wife and son (twin) Travis John Pruis

How’d it all start?

Tell us about IF Customs

1 low sled - aka, the yellow IF 70.

Tell us about CTP Concepts.

battery hold down tray

Accuair ashtray pull out tray.

Current builds - just wrapped up “Ol’Bluey” Service truck for Pacific Coast Locators.

Favorite personal build - the Goat? The 71 Ranch Truck K20

Favorite build built by another, Why?

Builder you look too, Why?

Company that blows you away, Why?

What advise would you tell /give 16 year old Travis?

What advice would you give a young builder trying to get into building/fabricating custom cars/trucks?


MISC - C50 Car hauler/ Ol Bluey rendering - etc... - HOLY SHIT!!

Plans for the 71/72 Ol Ed Orange GMC orange truck.

Bucket list?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Trends you see in our scene?

WOW - what a great time I had hanging and getting to know "Clarence" T Pruis. Great guy true to his roots and his family. I look forward to see what he does as his shop continues to grow. Rad Ass Dude that is exactly why the C10 Nation is what it is. We are all glad you made your way back to the scene brother. Thanks again for getting off track with me!!! 

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