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Check out our sponsors, they are true to our community and provide the BEST in C10 Aftermarket products. 

Episode #121 I sit down with Andrew Erichsen from Painless Wiring  www.painlessperformance.com

They provide complete wiring harnesses for our trucks and the quality to re-wiring your truck is second to none. 

Thanks Andrew, it was great getting to chat about all things Painless. 

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Episode #120 is brought to you by these Rad Ass C10 Sponsors - remember to support those that support you. 






Big thanks to Magna-Flow for the booth and studio set up at SEMA, and Chris from Shout Engine, who make it all happen. 

I was able to sit down with David and JD from Mar-K Quality Parts. www.mar-k.com

We talk all things bed wood, and trim. Truck molding, and their new HIGHLY ANTICIPATED 73-80 "Squarebody" side molding that will debut Jan. 2019 and is available now at www.squarebodymolding.com

We also are excited to announce a voting pole on our home page www.c10nation.com where you can vote for your favorite episode of 2018. 

Thanks for listening and please remember to share, rate and review the podcast. 


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Live coverage interviews from the 8th annual Dino's Git Down. New location and over 700 trucks - DAMN SON!!!

This 3 day event has easily turned into the C10 Party of the Year. 

Trinity "Its like a family reunion and Class reunion combined!" 


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Episode #118 is brought to you by these Rad Ass sponsors. 





Jim and Mike Ring, co-founders of Ringbrothers, were born with fuel running through their veins and a passion for building innovative cars. As young as 10 and 11 years old Jim and Mike were doing body work and painting cars anywhere they could, including in their parent's basement and a friend's chicken coop.

The Ringbrothers shop, headquartered in the small town of Spring Green, Wisconsin, pulls double duty, serving as a collision and repair shop to the community in addition to delivering one to two custom built cars a year.

In addition to collision repair and custom builds, Ringbrothers also produces an entire line of high-quality billet accessories as well as custom fiberglass and carbon fiber pieces. The billet accessories combine form and function to create a truly unique look that stands apart with craftsmanship and build quality that is second to none. The Ringbrothers line of fiberglass and carbon fiber body pieces gives fans the opportunity to incorporate the Ringbrothers signature style into their own builds.

Ringbrothers has rocketed into the top ranks of American car builders over the past decade, winning numerous design awards including the General Motors award for “Best Chevrolet of Show” at the 2014 SEMA Show, back-to-back Goodguys Street Machine of the Year awards, multiple Mothers Shine Awards, countless magazine covers, and several builds commissioned by OEMs.

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Ronnie shares his thoughts on SEMA 2018, from a C10 perspective. 


DAMN SON there was a lot of RAD ASS trucks. 


Kudo's to all the amazing builds and builders! 

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SEMA 10, #10 - I sit down with the C10 Doctor, Rob Yezzi and Broey as we talk about SS02. 

This Indy Hauler inspired build I'm sure from the sounds of it WILL NOT DISAPPOINT. 

Much like its predecessor - SS01, I have a feeling this thing will add to the Joe Yezzi legacy of builds. 

This classic will be unveiled at SEMA 2018, this Tuesday in the Royal Purple booth - #23061 at 10 am - Central Hall. 

Thanks for sitting down with me fellas, always a pleasure and I know ALL of the builders were crunched for time. 

These episode's wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for these guys taking the time to sit down with C10 Talk and spread the word to you  - the C10 Nation! 

Episode #116 is brought to you by 

www.prp.com - Seal your build right, ask for Precision Replacement Parts. 

www.us-mags.com - Have you seen their lastest wheels, head over to their website and check them out. 


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Robby and Rad Fab Tanner - 1964 C10 

TMI Waylon - 1967 C10

Lyon from Finish Line Speed Shop - 1978 GMC truck, and a 1966 GMC Suburban. 

3 more kick ass builders, building rad SEMA rides. 


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Episode #114

Josh Shilling - Pro10, this thing is straight Race Truck! 

Travis Pruis  - The Man over at CTP Concepts is building a 1967-72 C50 Crewcab, Duramax car hauler! Damn Son!!

I'm thinking we might need to get these two together for a picture! 


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#113  - is brought to you by 

www.prp.com - Seal your build right!

www.us-mags.com - check out their killer wheel selection!

Brad Mckinnon is back, with his rescued 1948 Chevy Suburban Carry All. 


Brad will be in the Doug Thorley booth at SEMA with this killer build and we were able to get a with him and talk all things "CarrYall"!! 


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First 3 Builders of 2018's SEMA 10 Show. 

Jack Frith of Redemption Trucks

Brian Vowell of Frontier Shop Supplies


Travis Dulgerian of Pro Performance. 


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Episode #111 is brought to you by 

www.brotherstrucks.com - Your #1 Source for all of your 1947-87 Chevy and GMC restoration needs. 

www.azproperformance.com - When you want to upgrade from stock - call Travis and Nick, They know C10 Trucks!

www.accuair.com - Have you seen the ENDO AccuAir system, you need to!! Revolutionizing the Automotive Air Management industry. 

www.classicperform.com - Remember to use "C10 Talk" to save 10% off your entire order. 


Chris Hamilton is an East Coast guy with a diverse media background, from print, digital and marketing. His biggest asset is his passion for the truck industry and scene. 

He is the new Editor and Chief of Street Trucks and the C10 Builders Guide. He has 4 issues out and plenty more on the way. 

Good luck in your new job and we look forward to plenty of Rad Ass issues. Don't forget about us C10 guys and Blood, Sweat and Gears! 

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First Ride Friday #6 with Street Trucks Editor and Chief, Chris Hamilton. 


This Episode is brought to you by - 

www.us-mags.com - check out their website, I promise you'll see something you'd like to have. 

www.prp.com - Precision Replacement Parts has a "Vent Window Refurbishing Program" that you need to check out. Save yourself the headache and time - send them into PRP. 

What was Chris's first ride? Well, it was a Chevy, and it was a truck. I guess you'll have to check out his "First Ride" episode to find out more. Thanks Ronnie

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Over 900 C10's in the Park, in one day! Damn Son!! 


#110 - is brought to you by this Rad Ass Sponsors. 

www.classicperform.com  -Use code "C10 Talk" and save 10% at check out.

www.dakotadigital.com - Have you seen the latest in digital gauges with that classic look we all love - RTX!!

www.mar-k.com - remember to use "C10 Talk" and save 10% off your bed wood, bed wood hardware and bed wood strips. 

www.brotherstrucks.com - Your #1 source for 1947-87 Chevy & GMC restoration parts. 


C10's in the Park - I was able to grab 10 great interviews from the show. Waxahachie didn't disappoint. 

Great people, killer trucks, and the C10ville!

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This is C10 King approved. 

How about a little pre-show interview about the 1st Annual C10 Intervention, in Auburn California Sept. 16th 2018

If you have a Chevy or GMC 1908-1998 This is the show for you. www.c10intervention.com

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Adam Pilate has been cleaning and detailing things for over 35 years! 

He started by cleaning bicycle's, with his passion for cleanliness and helping others Adam built Adam's Polishes - One of the industry leaders in car care products. 


Adam is a great dude who is so damn passionate about car care and his story is on point. Im stoked to bring it to you C10 Nation. 

Adam is hooking us all up too! 

15% off your entire order and FREE SHIPPING through Sept, ending Oct 1. Use Code "C10 Talk" at check out!!!

I'll be loading up. Check them out. 

Episode #109 is brought to you by these Rad Ass companies. 

www.azproperformance.com - When you are ready to upgrade from stock give Travis and Nick a call. 

www.brotherstrucks.com - Your #1 source for 1947-87 Chevy and GMC restoration parts. 

www.mar-k,com - SAVE 10% off on all bed wood, bed strips, and bed hardware by using code "C10 Talk" at check out. 

www.classicperformance.com - Use Code "C10 TALK' at check and save 10% off your entire order - breaks, steering, suspension and so much more. 

Thanks for listening C10 Nation. Remember to share the podcast, rate and review for us. 

If you have any questions or concerns - email me www. ronnie@c10talk.com

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First Ride Friday with Adam Pitale. Adam is the hard working, inspiring leader of Adam's Polishes. 

Adam's first ride was a '65 Mustang convertible with a 289. Talk about a sweet first ride, red too!

This episode of FRF is brought to you by - 

www.prp.com Seal your build right! 

www.us-mags.com Log on and check out all the rad wheels they have. I promise you you're going to find something that fits your style. 

Tune is next Tuesday for the full episode with Adam. Have a great weekend C10 Nation. 

Please remember to "like" the podcast and give us a review where ever you tune in! Thanks Ronnie 

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Sponsor Spotlight #4



RAD!! Reno Heon from AccuAir stops by the C10 Talk Studio for the AccuAir segment!!

Aaron from CPP was cool too - lol, thanks Aaron for chatting! 

Tons of great content - AccuAir and the ENDO CVT info - obviously some "Trial and Air" but they have worked through it all and are killing it with the new set up. Orders are shipping and the retailers are slingin' these things. 

CPP - has the same thing going on with they're new Coil over bolt on kits as well. 

Tons of info on both of these interviews. Thanks for listening and please remember to share the pod, and leave us a review. Ronnie.

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Ya Buddy - 

www.mar-k.com For that free Catalog!

www.brotherstrucks.com - For all you truck needs and to sign up for that mailing list too. 

www.c10triplecrown.com - check out the Triple Crown. 


Todays Sponsor Spotlight I sit down with JD from Mar-K and we talk about a ton of stuff they have going on, especially their NEW 73-80 Body molding coming out very soon. 

I also talk to Steve and John from Brothers Trucks. Steve breaks some news about the 21st annual Show and Shine and we talk C10 Triple Crown and so much more. 

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Sponsor Spotlight with 




#2 of Sponsor Spotlight, I sit down with Derek Churchyard from Precision Replacement Parts and Travis Dulgerian of Pro Performance.

Let me know what you think of the Sponsor Spotlight. 

Please remember to Share the Pod, rate the Pod, and just plain ol' enjoy the shit out of the POD! 

Thanks C10 Nation, Ronnie

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We check in with Mario from US Mags and Greg from Dakota Digital and see what's new with them. What they have for you - the C10 Nation. 




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Episode #108 with Brandon Sisco is brought to you by these Rad Ass Sponsors - support those that support you! 

www.accuair.com The leader in Automotive Air Management Systems and the creator of ENDO & the ENDO system. 

www.dakotadigital.com - Have you seen their new Retro style HDX gauges - DAMN SON! Their Retro Rad. 

www.classicperform.com - When you need to upgrade your suspension, your steering and so much more. Remember to save 10% of your entire order, use code "C10 Talk" at check out to save!

www.brotherstrucks.com - Your #1 source for 1947-87 Chevy and GMC restoration parts. Check out their DIY videos on their website as well. 

Brandon Sisco has seen more, built more, lived through more then most do in a life time and he's only 42! Damn Son. 

Brandon is the lead fabricator for The Barrett Jackson Speed Shop, and formally of Sisco Fab. While working for Barrett Jackson, Brandon built the GHOESST - a one of a kind 1968 "Tahoe" style hard top SUV. 

If GM would have made one of these in 67/68 as possibly a concept and it sat for 50 years then was pulled from a shed somewhere. This is exactly what Brandon was able to envision and build.

Such an amazing, award winning creation! 

Brandon has been building and Fabricating since he was 15. He's had some crushing blows in his life but he keeps getting up. His mom's passing when he was 11 years old. His shops fire when he was in his early 20's, stress induced cardiac issues and so much more! 

Even though it seems like he's already built so many Rad Ass rides - I've got a feeling he's just getting started. 

Teaming up with the world famous Barrett Jackson Team is going put Brandon deep into the mix of classic builders and one off customs  - I can't wait to see what comes next for Brandon and his team. 

Speaking of team - Brandon and his amazing wife (Missee Sisco) will be teaming up on a SEMA 2019 C10 as well. 

Keep up the amazing GRIND Brandon and thanks for sitting down with C10 Talk - we wish you nothing but the absolute BEST brother. Ronnie

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FR#4 is brought to you by  -

www.us-mags.com - Check out their new 2018 series and much, much more.

www.prp.com - Everything you need to "Seal your build right" and killer video tutorials to show you how to do the job right too.


Brandon sits down and tells us about his FIRST! This bad boy was a Squarebody StepSide K10 that started off as an Uncle's $700 purchase to Brandon after he sold his 4H sheep to pay for it. 

Brandon and his dad went and picked up and Brandon really has been addicted to cars/trucks ever since!! 

Sit back as Brandon takes us on his journey and love affair with this Rad Ass Big Yellow Stepper. 

Its really cool to hear how vested Brandon was at such an early age and this truck has a lot to do with it. He cut his teeth on this bad boy and the automotive world, and the C10 Nation is better for it. 

Great story Brandon - Ronnie

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Coverage and interviews from the first Git On Up. 

This Podcast is brought to you by these Rad Ass Companies. 

www.clasicperform.com - Use Code "C10 Talk" at check out and save 10% off your entire order. Damn Son!!

www.brotherstrucks.com - Your #1 source for 1947-87 Chevy & GMC restoration parts - check out there DIY tech and video's while you're there. 

www.azproperformance.com - looking to upgrade from stock! Call Travis and Nick, and tell them I sent you. They have the products and the knowledge to get your C10 the way you WANT it! 

www.mar-k.com - the BEST in the business - side molding and SO MUCH more. The sooner you get that catalog, the sooner you'll know. 

The Canadians took GREAT care of us! We had a blast and got to see how they do it North of the Border. 

Friday we hung out at the host shop - a few Barley Pops where consumed! Saturday was a back country cruise - through some beautiful Canada Farm Country. Sunday was the show. 100 + trucks - not bad for their first show. Not bad at all! 


Thanks Darren, Justin, and especially Kevin Stickel and Fam. You guys rock. Ronnie

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Kevin Stickel takes the mic and interviews 

John Oro - C10 Club

Carlos Vidales - Dropped Lower

Payson Wetch - C10 Talk Jr.

Del Ushenko - Delmo Speed

Yours Truly, Ronnie Wetch - C10 Talk

Fun times ahead. 

This episode is brought to you by www.us-mags.com - check out their new 2018 Styles - and so much more. 

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Episode #106 is brought you by these kick ass Sponsors - 

www.accuair.com - The leader in automotive air management and creators of ENDO. 

www.dakotadigital.com  - VHX, HDX, and NOW - RTX, check out their retro styling HDX gauges now. 

www.classicperform.com - Remember to use code "C10 Talk" at check out to save 10% off your entire CPP order. 

www.brotherstrucks.com - Your #1 source for 1947-87 Chevy and GMC restoration and aftermarket parts. 

Interviews from the 20th Annual Brothers Show & Shine. 

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Episode #105 is brought to you by these Rad Add Companies! 

www.mar-k.com - So much more then just moldings. Check them out. 

www.brotherstrucks.com - Your #1 Source for 1947-87 Chevy & GMC restoration truck parts. 

www.azproperfromance.com - When you're ready to upgrade from stock - they have what you need. 

www.classicperform.com - Use code "C10 Talk" at check out and save 10% off your total order. 

About time I sit down with Marcel and Jason from www.autorevolutiononline.com so much great content.

These dudes work very hard at bringing the automotive enthusiast so much rad ass online content right at your finger tips. 

If you haven't, check them out. 

Thanks to both Marcel and Jason for sitting down with me, Thanks fellas - goodtimes! 

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First Ride Friday is brought to you by 


Check out their killer selection online, from Rad to Retro Rad, they got you covered. 

Sat down with Jason Mulligan and Marcel Venable from 


And talked to them about their first rides! 

Had a blast fellas, #goodtimes!! Thanks Ronnie

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Episode #104 is brought to you by these Rad Ass Companies - Support those that support you. 

www.accuair.com - Have you seen or HEARD AccuAir's Endo CVT yet?

www.dakotadigital.com - When you are ready to upgrade those stock faded gauges, Dakota has what you need. 

www.ClassicPerform.com - Use "C10 TALK" at checkout and save 10% off your order. 

www.brotherstrucks.com - Your #1 source for 1947- 87 Chevy and GMC restoration parts. 

Grant Cox, the Kansas Man behind the camera. 

I had a great time getting to know Grant Cox. He is truly passionate about all things automotive and takes great PRIDE in making sure he delivers the absolute best product for his customers and their rides. 

Thanks Grant, Ronnie

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First Ride Friday with Grant Cox is brought to you by


Grant Cox is a remarkable photographer who has shot multiple cover trucks, SEMA trucks and much more. 

Hear about his "First Ride" a 1980 Datsun truck his dad handed down to him when he was 14, in 1989. 

I'd digging this First Ride thing - let me know what you think, Ronnie

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This Episode of First Ride Friday is brought to you by 


New series where Ronnie discuss with his quest their "First Ride". What it was, and what it meant to them or maybe means to them now. 

Also  - their "First C10/K10/K5" was as well. 

So I Starts things off with his "First Ride" which was an '81 Plymouth Horizon Mizer. 

At the time, it wasn't his favorite, but it grew on me and as an adult with a son about ready to drive it was wheels, non the less. 

Thanks for tuning in, have a great week C10 Nation. 

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This Friday 15 is brought to you by www.us-mags.com 

Update on the Run to Brothers and a listener reaches out about finding a long lost truck that he grew up riding in and would like to get back into the family! 

Thanks for listening and have a great Weekend - IT'S FRIDAY C10 NATION - act like it!!! Cheers, Ronnie

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Episode #103 is brought to you by these Rad Ass Sponsors. 


Use Code "C10 Talk" at check out to save 10% off your entire order. 


More then just trim! Some of the sickest bed wood out there. 

www.brotherstrucks.com - Your #1 source for 1947-87 Chevy and GMC restoration parts.

www.azproperformance.com - When you want more then stock! 

Good time sitting down with Chris Dunlop aka Pinstripe Chris @pinstripe_chris - This Dude is so damn talented - he has it. Vision, passion, and most importantly WORK ETHIC. 

Check out his social media and follow along as he creates some of the coolest shit out there. 

Thanks Chris, Great getting to know you brother, Ronnie


Kevin Aguilar's new media format is Instagram @fuelishmedia

Brothers Truck show - June 24th, details at www.brotherstrucks.com

This will also be the first leg in the C10 Triple Crown - details on website below. 


July 14th in Tennessee - 8th annual Southeastern Chevy/GMC Truck Nationals. 

www.gmtruckshow.com -

July 26th - 28th Oregon State Fairgrounds - The Awakening

Aug 11th - All Squared Up  - Dawsonville, Georgia www.jwl1976@yahoo.com

C10's in the Park - Waxahachie, Texas - Sept 15th 




Direct download: 103ChrisDunlopFinal.mp3
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Quick bonus episode  - 


I have been looking to get a 73-75 K5 Blazer, well I ended up getting 2 in a weeks time. 

How in the hell!! 

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend C10 Nation. 

Thanks for the continued support  - Please remember to share the podcast, and rate and review the show. 


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Episode #102 is brought to you by these Rad Ass Companies - remember to support those that support you. 

www.accuair.com - Makers of the ENDO air management system. 

www.brotherstrucks.com - Your #1 source for 1947-87 Chevy & GMC restoration parts. 

www.classicperform.com - Use code "C10 Talk" at check out and save 10 % instantly. 

www.Dakotadigital.com - Is it time to upgrade those old faded stock gauges. Dakota Digital has a perfect cluster for you. 

Episode #102 is interviews from the first C10 Nationals Truck show at Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth Texas. 

I was able to interview some heavy hitter in our scene, Becky from LMC, Pat Maxwell - the "Hired Gun", and Mr. Rob McGregor from No Limit Engineering. 

This is just a few - so get your ass out in the garage, the shop, or under the shady tree - turn up the C10 Talk and start wrenching. 

Thanks for listening and all the continued support C10 Nation, Ronnie

Direct download: 102C10NatFinal.mp3
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Tune in Tuesday May 15th on Velocity at 9pm Central  - for the premier of Wrench'd with Justin Nichols and the rest of the rest of the crew from Watseka, Illinios. 

Direct download: Wrenchd_Final.mp3
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Episode #101 is brought to you by these Rad Ass C10 Companies. 

www.mar-k.com - More then just body molding, bed wood and so much more, check them out. 

www.azproperformance.com - When your ready to upgrade ANYTHING on your truck - Call Travis!

www.classicperform.com - Use "C10 Talk" at checkout and save 10% off your order. 

www.brotherstrucks.com - Your #1 Source for 1947 - 87 Chevy & GMC restoration parts. 


Congrats Kevin and thanks for sitting down with us. 

If you are looking to restore a 1973 to 1987 Chevy or GMC truck, you need this book. It's a must have for anyone looking to build or even own a 1973 to 1987 Chevy Truck. 

Direct download: 101KWhippsFinal.mp3
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Episode One Hundred!!! 

Dino Battilana - Mr. Chevy Only

Its been over 3 years since we sat down with Dino and caught up! 

A lot has happened - Trucks, The Git Down, Marriage, Trucks, Other Hobbies, Trucks - Life is good, and Dino is proof that our C10 Scene is kicking butt. 

The Trucks are Cool, but guys like Dino are Cooler! Thanks Big Kat for everything, Ronnie

Episode #100 is brought to you by these Rad Ass Companies. 

www.accuair.com - The leader in automotive air mangagment - AccuAir!

www.dakotadigital.com  - Is it time? Time to replace those old faded, worn out gauges! Dakota Digital has what you need. 

www.classicperform.com - Use "C10 Talk" at checkout and save 10% off your total order. 

www.brotherstruck.com - Your #1 Source for 1947-87 Chevy and GMC restoration truck parts. Brothers! 

Remember to share the podcast and please leave us a review. 

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Episode #99 is brought to you by these kick ass Companies! 

Support those that support you!





Audio Tech with John Myers from Kicker Audio. 



John and I talk all things automotive audio.

What's the best format to listen to your music?

Where should you put those speakers?

What is the best way to power your system? 

Should you have your system tuned? By a Pro?

How much do you need to spend on a "good" system?

So much more - great guest and I had a blast, thanks John - Ronnie

Direct download: Audio_Tech_Final.mp3
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C10 Nation - Here is a quick update to the Upcoming C10 Nationals truck show coming up next month May 4 & 5th. 

The show will be held at Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth Texas. 

There will be  - 

Burn Out contest


Swap meet

Vendor Midway


And you can WIN a 1985 C10!!! 


For any further information. 

Direct download: C10nationalsFinal.mp3
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Episode #98 is brought you by this Rad Ass Companies! 

Just saying - support those that support the pod! 

www.mar-k.com - More then just body molding, a lot more! 

www.dakotadigital.com - Time to swap out those old gauges? 

www.classicperform.com - From big breaks to drop spindles, CPP has it and you save 10% when you use code "C10 Talk" at check out. 

www.brotherstrucks.com - Your #1 source for 1947-87 Chevy and GMC restoration parts.

Nick Germano from Outkast Kustoms has been getting a lot of attention with his killer 68 Chevy C10. If this truck could only talk! Form one owner to another, finally falling into Nick's hands and someone with not only the vision but the team, including the infamous Bob Grant to see the build through. From SEMA 2016 and 2017, to cover of Street Trucks, and his recent hardware, Best of LST 2018! 

Nick has worked with Clint the original owner and Bob to keep parts of the original theme intact, yet adding his own spin to make it his! 

Nick, recently married has a new addition coming to the Germano family, and were not talking about an S10 Blazer, either. 

Thanks Nick, grateful for your time brother. Congrats on all of your recent trophy's and most importantly, Baby Germano! 


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Episode 97 is brought to you by  - 

Brothers Trucks

Classic Performance Products - CPP


Az Pro Performance



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Episode #96 is brought to you by these rad ass sponsors. 





For C10 Talk and C10 Nation gear head to www.c10nation.com


We made the journey - and we made it a fun one! Over 2500 miles round trip from Phoenix, and some logged over 4000 - Damn Son! 

The trucks are cool, but the people are cooler! 


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Episode #95, 8 killer interviews from builders from across the country. 

Texas, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Iowa, Louisiana, Colorado and Japan, Yep - Japan!!

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Sam Castronova has been a fixture in the C10 Community as a back yard builder, a SEMA builder, a friend and so much more. Follow along as Sam tells us about how he discovered Delmo, Dino, Joe Yezzi, Blake Stoner and so many more! 

You will laugh, I guarantee it - I had a great time sitting down with Sam in his garage and I look forward to seeing what he does next. 


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Ronnie sits down and talks with a few listeners that submitted questions. 

Sitting down with the listeners, the C10 Nation and interacting with the questions that they have was fun. 

If this is something the listeners like we will continue to do it. 

Thanks Ronnie

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Stacey David. Gearz TV

Tell us about Stacey David?


How’t you get into wrenching?

Self taught?

What have you been up too? That tow truck is pretty bitchin!

Talk about "Trucks"  talk about "Gearz".

Trucks with Stacey David - was like Saturday Morning Cartoons to me!

Social Media?

How long TV?

4x4 trucks too = I think it was like a Purple Bronco.

Sergeant Rock!

Lets talk about Copperhead? Did it turn out the way you guys had planned?

572 BB motor?

Bucket list? for a guy that gets to build some rad shit! What’s your favorite style truck(s)

Whats your favorite part of the build process?

What cars do you currently own?

Favorite truck? Did you have a Dodge Truck Lil’ Red Wagon at some point?

Guitar collection and you’re a rocker - who’s your favorite band/group?

I hear there is another C10 in the works?

Any 2018 Plans?

Stacey was a great guest and I really enjoyed talking with him. Thanks gain Stacey - I look forward to meeting you in person someday, Ronnie

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