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Nick Germano from Outkast Kustoms has been getting a lot of attention with his killer 68 Chevy C10. If this truck could only talk! Form one owner to another, finally falling into Nick's hands and someone with not only the vision but the team, including the infamous Bob Grant to see the build through. From SEMA 2016 and 2017, to cover of Street Trucks, and his recent hardware, Best of LST 2018! 

Nick has worked with Clint the original owner and Bob to keep parts of the original theme intact, yet adding his own spin to make it his! 

Nick, recently married has a new addition coming to the Germano family, and were not talking about an S10 Blazer, either. 

Thanks Nick, grateful for your time brother. Congrats on all of your recent trophy's and most importantly, Baby Germano! 


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We made the journey - and we made it a fun one! Over 2500 miles round trip from Phoenix, and some logged over 4000 - Damn Son! 

The trucks are cool, but the people are cooler! 


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Episode #95, 8 killer interviews from builders from across the country. 

Texas, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Iowa, Louisiana, Colorado and Japan, Yep - Japan!!

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