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About time I sit down with Marcel and Jason from www.autorevolutiononline.com so much great content.

These dudes work very hard at bringing the automotive enthusiast so much rad ass online content right at your finger tips. 

If you haven't, check them out. 

Thanks to both Marcel and Jason for sitting down with me, Thanks fellas - goodtimes! 

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First Ride Friday is brought to you by 


Check out their killer selection online, from Rad to Retro Rad, they got you covered. 

Sat down with Jason Mulligan and Marcel Venable from 


And talked to them about their first rides! 

Had a blast fellas, #goodtimes!! Thanks Ronnie

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Grant Cox, the Kansas Man behind the camera. 

I had a great time getting to know Grant Cox. He is truly passionate about all things automotive and takes great PRIDE in making sure he delivers the absolute best product for his customers and their rides. 

Thanks Grant, Ronnie

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First Ride Friday with Grant Cox is brought to you by


Grant Cox is a remarkable photographer who has shot multiple cover trucks, SEMA trucks and much more. 

Hear about his "First Ride" a 1980 Datsun truck his dad handed down to him when he was 14, in 1989. 

I'd digging this First Ride thing - let me know what you think, Ronnie

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This Episode of First Ride Friday is brought to you by 


New series where Ronnie discuss with his quest their "First Ride". What it was, and what it meant to them or maybe means to them now. 

Also  - their "First C10/K10/K5" was as well. 

So I Starts things off with his "First Ride" which was an '81 Plymouth Horizon Mizer. 

At the time, it wasn't his favorite, but it grew on me and as an adult with a son about ready to drive it was wheels, non the less. 

Thanks for tuning in, have a great week C10 Nation. 

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This Friday 15 is brought to you by www.us-mags.com 

Update on the Run to Brothers and a listener reaches out about finding a long lost truck that he grew up riding in and would like to get back into the family! 

Thanks for listening and have a great Weekend - IT'S FRIDAY C10 NATION - act like it!!! Cheers, Ronnie

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