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Episode #140, KORRY HOGAN

Korry is a NUT - it's official. He's also a really rad dude. Like most guys he always wanted a C10. Well when Korry wants something he doesn't just want a regular something - he wants it to standout! 

Like Bare Metal! 

Korry is also the Top Fuel record holder for Motorcycle's at 255 MPH - backed up! 

He's crashed 3 times going over 200 mph as well!! DAMN SON - I told you he's a nut!

Yes, we do eventually get to talk about his bare metal C10 "GR8SCOT" and why he left it bare metal and what it takes to keep that damn thing clean. 

Did I mention he has a 1981 DeLoran too! Ya, he likes cool shit! 

Thanks Korry, look forward to meeting you soon, Ronnie

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Joe Molina is a OG C10 Vato for sure. With the Help of John Schick,, they started the Instagram Page, C10 Vato's and really haven't looked back. They are active in our scene and both have killer C10 Trucks. 

They love C10's, Tacos and so much more - it's no wonder they have such a rad page. 

Check out the episode to hear how it all started and what new things Joe has up his sleeve for not only his page, but his Severed in the Southwest truck Show as well. 

Thanks for your time Joe, and continued support - Ronnie

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I was able to head over to Kyle's shop and talk all things Metal OX with him. 

How he got into automotive?

What was his first bedside he cut down. 

How Many long beds he's cut down. 

What's his favorite he's done so far. 

Toughest part of cutton one down?

And many, many , more. 


Thanks Kyle - the Skye is the limit for you brother, RW

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