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Kirk Stricker was moving from Alabama to Cali. Along the way he decides to stop by Gas Monkey Garage and buy some shirts. 

While he's there - Richard Rawlings see's his 1969 GMC Short bed truck and wants to buy it! 

Kirk has to clean up a few title things first so he stays the night in Dallas that night, planning to take the truck with clean title back to Richard the next day to make the deal. 


Theres just one BIG problem!!!!! 


The truck is no longer on the trailer when he walks out of the hotel the next morning! DAMN SON!!


This is just the beginning! Tune in and listen to hear what becomes of it. 

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Well when you are visiting Northwest Montana you might as well stop by and say "HI' to Sean and the crew over at Diesel Conversion Specialist (DCS) and that is exactly what I did. 

DCS - specializes in converting Cummins diesel motors to what ever you want to put them in. Chevy Trucks, GMC, you name it they probably have seen it or done it. 

So if you are thinking about swapping in a 12 valve Cummins into that old Squarebody truck, or how about a rad C50 Series. Either way they have you covered - from wiring to adapter plates and relocation brackets too. 

If you have any questions, give them a call at (406)755-8878 or check out their website.


Thanks Sean and the DCS crew - I appreciate the shop tour and your time, Ronnie.

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To kick of the OBS interviews, I thought I would reach out to Travis Dulgerian from Pro Performance. Travis and his team are definitely C10 guys, but they love their 88-98 trucks as well. 

So of course we are going to have some fun with it - OBS take over ever now and then.. why not. 

Thanks guys, please share the pod, and leave us a review as well. Have a great week, Ronnie.

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I had a great time learning about how Sean Provost, got into C10 trucks, and from there was able to assemble a kick ass group of guys to create the Provost Motorsports team, in Woodland California. 

Thanks Sean and Dennis (Meyers) for stopping by and letting me drive the Blazer. 

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