C/10 Talk is a Podcast about all things Chevy and GMC Trucks from 1960-1998. The builders, the aftermarket, and most importantly, the amazing truck community!

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Mark Oja - Has been in the automotive scene since he was a young man in Canada. 

He had dreams of working in the states, and Boyd Coddington. Then a few years later Mark found himself painting cars for Chip Foose, on Overhaulin. 

Mark has been building rad 88-98 trucks for over 30 years, we are stoked to have Mark on the Podcast and talk to him about the uprise of the 88-98 trucks. Mark has some killer things in the works so make sure and give him a follow. 


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@cougar1967 decided to create @c10sales and it's easily one of the fastest moving C10 instagram accounts out there. 

If you're selling a C10 or looking to buy one - you need to be following @c10sales. 

Cougar explains why he likes C10's so much and how he got into them. He lets us know what seems to work the best and how to sell your truck. 

He has some good stories as well - a few over priced trucks that he refused to put on his page, and the short bed that was more like a shit bed! #sorrynotsorry.

Even if you're not currently buying or selling, the comments are gold as well. Check it out - thanks Cougar for your time, Ronnie

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Aaron and Emily (Williams) Reeves are a true power couple in the automotive scene. They Co-host Flying Sparks Garage on YouTube   


Live, Love, Wrench on Motor Trend and are involved with a ton of other things in the Automotive market place. SEMA, RoadKill, Hot Rod Power Tour and Hot Rod Drag Week to name a few. 

Emily is a professional model and has traveled all over the world honing her craft. 

Some how they keep a balance and make it all work. 

Last year this Power couple bought a C20 Utility truck and got it ready for Hot Rod Power Tour. We are glad they did and are now officially part of the C10 Nation. 

Great people doing great things - 100 percent! 

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