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When this first came out, most thought it was a scam as it was "too good to be true'! Well when some of the bigger players in the Automotive scene started saying that they were going and some were sending cars and trucks to be sold - people started to listen. 

$10K just to send your rig, whether it sells or not - Damn Son!! 

450 spots filler later and 250 vendor later and there will be a World Class auction in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia this November. 

I really wanted to know more about it and thought what the hell, let's share this with the C10 Nation. Thanks Gary and Boris, Ronnie

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Stylin Concepts was founded by Mr and Mrs Gary Case in 1987, and from there they didn't look back, because they couldn't  - they were so damn busy slingin them parts. 

Gary attributes his vision and "stylin" from his Street Rod days. 

The company was a huge success, making all era's of American Trucks look great and stylish. 

The trucks were so stylish that they needed a truck show to showcase these rad ass trucks and all the "Stylin Concepts" parts. So Gary started the Sport Truck Nationals, during the 4th of July weekend every year. 

The show like his company was a hit! 

Thanks Gary and Boris for the kick ass class in OBS history's past!


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Get You Some Of That C10 Nation!!! 

I sit down and chat it up with Mr. Gas Monkey himself, Richard Rawlings. 

Love him or hate him, we have a great time and I feel he has a great story to tell. We crack some Barley Pop's and talk all things, Gas Monkey Garage, the past, and the future. He is an energetic entertaining MoFo, who is always down for two things - a good time and a good hustle. 

So many topics hit - The car he would love to have, the car he won't sell, Saudi Arabia auction, ex wives, new wives, bosses, and Discovery.. 

Tune in, grab a cold one and enjoy. 

Please remember to subscribe to the podcast where ever you tune in, leave a review and share it with a friend. Thanks for tuning in - Ronnie.

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Great time as ALWAYS - this is truly one of the best shows in our scene. Add it to your list for 2020. 

Thanks to all that took time to do interviews with me and of course all the staff and crew that puts on this amazing C10 show! 


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Damn Son - We got #OrangeSlice done, Grinder was able to capture the journey and we made it. Check out the coverage of the 2nd Annual C10 Intervention from Auburn, CA. 

Great times - ahead. 

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