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#176 - Saudi Series #2





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Episode #175 with Terry Rose and his SWEET 1968 C10 "Domino" - Terry made the tough decision to send Domino over to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia along with a lot of other builders and or owners of high caliber hot rods. 

Terry and I talk about his decision to sell, and the journey of going over seas to foreign soil with his pride and joy. The process and if he would do it again. 

Thanks for tuning in, and we will back next week with more interviews for the Saudi follow up.

Tune into OBS Talk this week to hear from LEGEND Alan Budnik from Budnik Wheels.

 Later this week I will be headed to Matador Rod and Custom, for our LIVE Builders Series - You can watch on You Tube and Instagram. 

Check out www.c10nation.com for all of your C10 Talk, C10 Nation, and OBS Talk gear, banners, stickers and swag. 

Thanks for your support, Ronnie.

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Episode #174 is brought to you by - 

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I sit down with Kyle Oxberger, from Metal OX Fab in Peoria, Arizona. Kyle has made a name for himself as the long to short bed conversion specialist, he is now offering a 67-72 "how to" video for you DIY guys that want to shorten your truck. 

Great time catching up with Kyle and what he has going on. Thanks buddy - rw

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Jason Bowman is a Master Mechanic, that not only loves C10 Trucks, he loves the community. He is know in the PHX metro area for the go to when it comes to swap these trucks. 

I was able to sit down with Jason at his shop in Gilbert, AZ - Big 10 Garage, and talk all things motor swaps. We conducted our first LIVE Q&A on YouTube and Instagram. you can watch this interview on YouTube as well. 

Next up for the Builder Series is Kyle Oxberger, Metal Ox Fab, known for his skill and craftsmanship to shorten these trucks and salvage the OG paint. 


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Yes, it is true that are good friends over at AccuAir will be closing their doors. 

They were more then an Air Management Company to me, they were good friends as well, supporting me and the podcast from the beginning. 

We wish them nothing but the best, and our thoughts and prayers are with each of them and their families, Ronnie

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Episode #172 is brought to you by these Rad Ass Sponsors.

www.classicperform.com - Have you seen the new X10 Spindle, Check it out, and save 10 % off your entire order when you use code "C10 Talk" at check out! 

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www.AZProPerformance.com - When you are ready to updrade your truck from stock - Travis and the crew have what you need - believe me! 

www.dakotadigital.com - So many rad gauge options for you and your truck, from the VHX, HTX, and my favorite the Retro Rad RTX. 

As many of you know Traxxas came out with a killer 1979 K5 Blazer option in their TRX4 Off Road platform, they are adding a first gen 69-72 Blazer in 2020, and they had some of them on display at SEMA 2019. I ran into Duston and thought we should have them on some day - so we made it happen. 

I hope you guys are all hanging in there, being safe and your family's are healthy as well. 

Thanks Damron and Duston for your time, Ronnie

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