C/10 Talk is a Podcast about all things Chevy and GMC Trucks from 1960-1998. The builders, the aftermarket, and most importantly, the amazing truck community!

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Kevin Tetz has been cranking away in the automotive industry for a long time now. Tons of knowledge and passion, both of what have led to his adventure of teaching and sharing that knowledge with us. 

His Paintucation publication and training courses teach people to be a skilled technician in the auto body and paint worlds. 

Hands on Cars teaches us a few things as well, but we get to watch Kevin do all the work. 

His latest project for his TV show "Hands on Cars" is a 1971 converted Rad Ass C10, dubbed CTane. 

A Mid Mount Cummins V8 Diesel has been transplanted into a Schwartz Performance Chassis and so much more. 

This is one BEAST of a C10, and I can't wait to take a spin in it! 

Thanks KT for sharing your passion for trucks with the C10 Nation, rw


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Greg Ingold is the Associate Editor of the Hagerty Price Guide. Greg and his team work hard at setting a baseline for what classic cars and trucks are worth. So I reached out and we chatted about how they come up with their values and of course how much are beloved C10's/K10's/K5's and many other are worth. Whats Next? What is a car or truck that has come out of now where? And many more. 

Enjoy C10 Nation, and please remember to share, subscribe, and rate the podcast. Ronnie

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Sam Castronova joins us for our Builders Series and shares some of those Sammy C-cretes! 

Thanks for tuning in and leaving us a review. Stay safe  - Ronnie


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