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Gabe Franco is a 25 year old who was bit by the adrenaline bug early, starting off with BMX at an early age, moving up to Motorcycles as he got older and then after a significant accident where he broke his back, he decided to build a drift truck. Well he always loved C10's so why not build a C10 to drift. With the help of his brother and some buddies they did exactly that. 

If you are on Social Media, especially Instagram, @DagoFranco is a page you need to check out. 

Thanks Gabe, stay save homie! Ronnie 

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DAMN SON!! Arnie Gonzales pulled it off! The first PTTS in Bowling Green Kentucky and we were there to capture it all. 

Tons of rad trucks, fast trucks and GREAT PEOPLE! 

This event will only get bigger form here. 

Great job to Arnie and all of his Volunteers. 


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The Hub Crew - Rodney, Stephen, and Rob sit dow and talk about their brand new publication, Truck Hub. 

They will be following the same successful formula that has catapulted Wheel Hub to the top, and it sounds like Truck Hub won't be too far behind! 

Thanks for your time guys. 

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