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Boris - Street Machinery


Tell “C10 Talk” about Boris Maryanosky?


How long have you been in the states?

How old were you when you moved here?

How did you get hooked?

Are you self taught?

What makes hot rodding different in Ohio?

Tell us about Street Machinery and the Patina Plantation!

Do you consider yourself a “Flipper” or a Hot Rod Builder?

Have you been approached by TV?

Do you have a specialty? Whats your favorite part of the process?

You seem to be one of only a few people to actually make true money in old rusty cars?

Lately it seems like this old metal is a starting to really creep up in value?

How do you find all the cars? Whats you secret?

Whats your current inventory look like? Numbers?

Social Media - Facebook 

We recently did an episode on Transporting cars/trucks - have you ever had an problems?

I Love some of your rants on Facebook - tell us one of your craziest buy/sell stories?

Best “Feel Good” story!

Sunday Service -Swap-A-Rama?!?! Tell us about that?

Other builders you dig?

Do you consider yourself a trend setter or visionary?

What is your favorite car and truck?

What aftermarket company have you been impressed with their product, their service etc!

Are you doing all the fab in house for lowering the cars and trucks, or do you use aftermarket companies?

Bucket list - because you have built so many cars/trucks on others Bucket Lists, do you have something?

What cars/trucks are in your private stash?

Whats your favorite C10 Style (era) and why?

Do you have a favorite C10 that’s been built?

What trends do you see? C10’s

What build are you most proud of?

Do you turn down builds? (because they are to crazy or not your style)

Whats the future look like for the Patina Plantation?

What do you want Street Machinery and Boris Maryanosky to be known for?


Great interview - I had a BLAST!! Thanks Boris. The Zip Ties are on their way!!!

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Episode #35 with Josh Freeman @lolometalsmith

This Episode is brought you by the following KiCk AsS sponsors. Support C10 Talk, by supporting our sponsors!!

www.brotherstucks.com Number #1 in  1947-1987 Chevy and GMC restoration products.

www.accuair.com The industry leader in Air Suspension Management.

www.azproperformance.com When you are looking for aftermarket C10 products, think Pro Performance.

www.Dakotadigital.com Give that interior the look and performance of Dakota Digital.


Who is Josh Freeman? 

The family man?

The fabricator?

Are you self taught?

How did you get into the Hobby - Trucks?

Why C10’s?

Where did you work before you started your own shop?

OK, so tell us about going out on your own and starting “Freeman Fab”?

Was this a difficult decision? Are you glad you made this decision?

Lets talk about your SEMA C10, the HammerHead!! Great Name btw!?!

Tell us about the rollercoaster ride - You’re going, no you're not, yep back to going?

SEMA Crunch - getting the truck ready in time after the change!

At one point were you going to leave it bare metal?

“Less is more!” You said it!! 

Whats the future look like for Josh/ Freeman Fab, and Hammerhead?

Whats on that bucket list? Car? Truck?

Now with the shop - will your time be consumed by taking care of customer builds?

Whats your favorite C10?

What Builders do you watch?

Thanks Josh, for sitting down with the C10 Nation and letting us dig into your world and get to know you even better. Your a class act and it's guys like you that make the C10 Nation great. 

"The trucks are cool, but the people are cooler!"








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What a story! Bryan (Landaburu) is excited to get back into the C10 Game. He grew up around C10 Trucks and his first car/truck was a C10. So he finally finds the C10 for him. After some long negotiations with the owner, they finally come to terms. Bryan is ecstatic, he's just purchased a beautiful 1965 C10. 

Now the fun part of deciding on how he should get the truck home to Reno, NV. Bryan does a TON of research and finally decides to go with Passport Transport, an enclosed, very reputable carrier. 

Well, this is where the story takes a twist. During transport, it appears that something happened to the brakes that caused the trailer to catch fire and Bryan's C10 was sitting in the Hot Zone!

Tune in to hear what happens next and why after months of frustration and anger, Bryan's story has a very happy ending. 

Welcome (back) to the C10 Nation, Bryan!

In this episode I also talk with Kathy a "Open Transport" Broker, her and her husband also are owner/operators of an open trailer along with Kathy's Broker business, so she provides us with a unique perspective to some common mistakes and Pitfalls to look out for. I also talk with Tanner from Reliable Carriers, he is an Operations Manager with the company. We talk about the benefits to using a closed carrier with a long history of satisfied customers.

A lot of great info in this one, I hope you dig it - Ronnie

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Live interviews form the Lone Star Throwdown 2016. Man we had such a great time in Texas. Texas took care of us (beside the streets in Dallas) and we look forward to next year already!!

The Trip started off with a trip over to Gas Monkey Garage and seeing how those boys do it, Jonathon Mansour and Aaron Kaufman gave us the Royal treatment while we were there. We ended up staying through Saturday and mad the trip down to Conroe with the GMG crew as they were getting ready to unveil their KILLER 49' Chevrolet truck.

When we got to LST I was blown away, so much going on and tons of bad ass rides. We ended up setting up shop around the C10 Club Texas (we are a C10 Podcast) and man we couldn't have started in a better place. 

Ive compiled the live interviews from the show. Here ya go, and remember - the trucks are cool, but MAN the people are COOLER!! 

Thanks Texas, can't wait until LST 2017!! 

Jarrod, Lonnie, and Radar - thank you for the support. 

Tino - thanks for the help getting the gear over there.

GMG Crew - thanks for making us all feel like one of the crew!! 


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Who is Brad Mckinnon?

How'd you get into the truck scene?

Mini Trucker?


How is the truck scene in Canada?

Is it a pain in the ass getting parts to Canada?

What Challenges to Canadian builders face that we in the states take for granted?

What's the biggest difference from Canada to the States pertaining to the Car/Truck scene?

How's you get into Relaxed Atmosphere? How long? 

Tell us about 4x4 no more?

How did it start?

The story of your journey to the states and somewhat building it as you trekked South.

What companies were behind you?

Have you built other SEMA trucks? (toyota?)

What builders inspire you?

Favorite Show?

Wasn't your truck recently at the GNRS.. thats awesome.

Plans for the truck?

Future plans - builds?

If you could build one car or truck what would it be?

Great dude, stoked to interview him and bring his RAD ass story to you the C10 Nation! Stay C10 Strong people! Thanks Ronnie


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Episode #31 of C10 Talk is brought to you by the following show Sponsors.





The link to the Street Trucks combo pack is 



Kevin Aguilar is the Editor in Chief of Street Trucks magazine.


Tell us about Kevin Aguilar

-How did you get into trucks?

-weren’t you driving a bus for awhile?

-how did you get into photography

Hobbies - skateboarding - photography

are you a photographer first or a writer?

-How did you land such a sweet gig?

-What is the best part of your job? - meet cool people?

-what is the worst? Is it stressful? Deadlines? New Material?

-what are you currently working on

-whats your favorite style of truck

-How do you chose your cover trucks - is there like a board meeting?

-How do you chose your STOTY top 10 and winner?

C10 Builders guide

Trends - patina vs paint- bagged vs static

Do you still stay in contact with previous editors? ask them questions etc.

Whats the future look like for our trucks and Street Trucks magazine. Tell me what the cover of April 2020 looks like?

If you didn’t have this job what would you like to be doing for a career?

Funnest article you've ever done?

Favorite truck you've ever shot or featured?

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Alright Alright!!

Who is Chris Stafford (@severdchris) - The Bayou Builder?

Chris is a Husband, Father, Builder, Serviceman, and a Blue Collar Mill Worker - thats who he is!! DAMN SON!!!!!

You might be familiar with Chris’s 1966 C10 Custom that was recently named the Street Trucks, Truck of the Year!! Wow, congrats and well deserved.

Chris tells the C10 Nation how he got interested in cars and trucks - at a young age he would play with Matchbox cars and like most of us,  this innocent childhood past time became a lifetime passion!

Chris is married and has a young daughter - the “Hotrod Diva!” - His family is in full support of Chris and his passion. Chris is raising his family #C10Strong with that Severed Style.

Speaking of Severed, Severed Ties is his other family. Chris tells C10 Talk how he go involved with Severed and why he choose this club over any other. He explains the benefits of being in Severed Ties and we discuss the Club Culture.

Chris, has been in the National Guard since High School. He served a tour in Afghanistan, as a Bridge Builder. Spending a year away from his family and 6 months out of Country. When he returned plans changed on ol’ Clyde. Chris’s Uncle was a big reason why he got into Trucks and he had passed away when Chris was away serving his country. Chris’s way to pay tribute to his Uncle was build the truck in his Honor. Clyde (SEMA 2014) became the Sherman Special. Special it was - if you can’t recall this 66 C10 just take a glance at Chris’s Instagram @severdchris and you’ll know exactly why it was on the cover of one of last years C10 Builders Guide and ended up being the Street Trucks TOTY.

Chris tells us about two builds that he is getting ready to start as well. a 1959 Apache “Thunder Chief” and a SEMA Squarebody C10 named ‘“Silver Fox” perfect!

Chris has big plans for these trucks and we know the C10 Nation will be watching this builder continue to put out killer Stafford Garage rides.

He has a recipe that is proven to be popular, so heres to SEMA 2016. We look forward to seeing the Silver Fox and we hope this SEMA build follows in the foot steps of its predecessor Clyde.

Thanks Chris for taking the time to sit down with C10 Talk and bringing your story to the C10 Nation. Thank you for your service to our Country and a special thanks goes out to your family for allowing you the time and support to do what you love.

Heres to 2016, Cheers bro - Ronnie

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In this Episode we talk to Carlos and Hector Ramirez, founders and creators of both C10 Crew and Classic Scene, two very successful social media outlets and brands.

These two brothers started these social media outlets 3 years ago and they haven't looked back - building a HUGE following in the classic truck scene and the classic car scene as well. 

Their clothing line continues to sell and sell very well. They have some new and exciting designs they will be dropping in 2016 along with a very cool coloring book - for kids of ALL AGES - like you and me.

Always fun to catch up with these guys - great people and part of the reason the C10 Nation is so awesome, thanks fellas. 


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Episode #28 Del Uschenko www.delmospeed.com is brought to you by

www.brotherstrucks.com  Your #1 source for 1947-1987 Chevy and GMC truck parts.


www.accuair.com Your industry leader in Air Suspension Management.


Part 2 with Del!!

Well if one episode wasn't enough, now you have another episode to hang with the man himself, Delmo!!

It's really crazy when you think about how many builds Del has under his belt. He has been cranking out bad ass builds for years. We don;t talk about them all, but man he has been a force in not only the C10 Movement, really the more of a Resto-movement!

We ask Del if he considers himself a Trendsetter?

With so many builder and truck enthusiast following his style, does he feel a pressure to continue to put out the best, most cutting edge stuff?

Who does Del pull inspiration from and look to for input?

With so many builds does Del have a favorite?

How about a least favorite?

How long does a Del build take?

Has he ever turned down a customer? Why?

Where does he see the C10 Truck Trends going?

How did his relationship with AccuAir come about and what does he think of them?

Why does Del NOT have his own truck? Does he want one?

Does he think he will just build trucks his way and then sell his trucks to customers, more of a Del brand build vs. Customer build.

Why does he feel that his best is his last!!

What do Del and Ola like to do in there down time that they do have?

What does the future look like for Del?

Is he moving?

Is there a TV show in his future?

And so much more.

Del is truly leading the way with his style - Del being Del and we are all benefiting from it. A visionary amongst us who is very humble with his abilities and persona. I am glad that we were able to sit down and catch up. I am glad I can call him a friend. A true class act.

Happy New Year C10 Nation, thanks for all of your support over the year - 2015 has been great. Heres to 2016!!

Cheers Del, to you and Ola - Have a Happy and Safe New Year, I look forward to the moving party!





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Episode #27 

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We sit down and talk to the Canadian Kid, Del Uschenko - otherwise known as Delmo.

Del tells us who his early influence were and how he got into wrenching and customizing cars and trucks. 

Del started early, his first two trucks were C10's - one a 70's Squarebody and the second a 1963 C10. No wonder him and Dino get along so well.

Before Del moved to the States he was wrenching and running his own Hot Rod shop in Canada. He sold that after building some big time cars and headed South. 

Del tells us that Ola and him sold their houses, along with the shop and loaded up a U-haul and a 1961 Ford Uni-Body and headed South. He knew California had a bitchin car scene so that was the destination.

Eventually they ended up in Burbank. From there, Ola, a Nurse found work at the local hospital and Del was going to work on cars. 

Before opening up his own shop Del worked at the famous Hollywood Hot Rods, although not landing the job on the first try!! You'll have to listen, to hear the rest of that story. 

While at Hollywood Hot Rods, Del built a KILLER 1965 C10, that was laid out with all the right touches. He created a build thread on the 1967-72 truck forum and the thing took off from there. 

This build put Del on the map in the C10 world and from there a Star was born. 

Del and I talk about how far the C10 Nation has come since then. It has become a movement of sorts, from SEMA this year to Dino's Git Down, the C10 Community is thriving and the builds are just getting better.

Delmo has built plenty more since the "65 C10" and he has 9 in the shop as of this interview.

Del being Del!! Great guy, just doing his thing. We we're glad he is doing his thing, and bringing his style to the C10 Nation, because we love it.

Thanks Del.



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Episode #26 Marc Mullin

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In this episode we head out to Pittsburgh PA. this is the 3rd East Coast builder we've had on the show from the Steel City so far, so it looks like they've got a nice little scene going on over there. 

Marc Mullin grew up in his Dad's shop, working from a very young age. Learning hard work, pride, and so much more. One thing that Marc probably didn't realize was he was learning more about life then in probably anticipated. He was also forming a very tight relationship and bond with his boss, his dad!

Over the years Marc and his Dad became best of friends, life was good. Then, like a lot of families some form of health issue takes the ones we love. Marc and his family were not immune to this has his father became ill and eventually passed away. 

Like a lot of guys this was very hard on Marc and he needed to fill that void. It wasn't easy and is definitely a work in progress, but Marc started a new project - his 1963 C10 Truck.

The Shadow is a work in progress that Marc is building from the ground up really and the C10 Nation has jumped on board for the build. Marc swears his dad is with him along the journey and that is what matters.

Follow along this episode as Marc takes us on a journey of life and a journey of his truck. He plans on having it done for next years Columbus Goodguys. We wish him the the best of luck and look forward to seeing this thing all done.

Thanks for sitting down with us Marc, it was fun and the next Fresca is on us!! 

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Episode #25 

This episode is brought to you by 





With a name like Superfly Steiny you know this guy is bad ass. Follow along as we talk talk to Eric about his latest SEMA build, How he maintains is Professional life and the C10 trucks that he loves to build so much. 

We talk about "Tootsie" the killer C10 truck that he built for his mom as she was battling cancer. The truck had its issues, but when it was all said and done - it was second to none and really took on its own personality. 

the C10 Nation really rallied around and Eric and his Mom, as he built the truck. It meant to the Community then just a truck. It was also a cause! 

We talk to Eric about a few of his other builds as well. Namely, Second Chance, Pop's 72 and his latest creation - fresh from SEMA 2015 Cheap Trick. 

Eric is a true asset the the C10 Community, always helping others and building some killer rides. Thanks for the time Eric, the C10 Nation appreciates it. 

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Episode #24

Brought to you by -



Great show with KC from Gas Monkey Garage. We talk to him about life after GAs Monkey, what his plans on and so much more. KC was lucky enough to marry his best friend and they have built a few business's but a family too. KC talk's about how this was a big part of his decision to leave GMG. 

His paint business www.kcspaintshop.com is still alive and well, he has even added another business - KC's Speed Shop to make things even a little more exciting.

KC decided to build a 1986 Chevy C10 for SEMA 2015. So we talk to him about his truck, how his first FULL SEMA build is going and the infamous SEMA CRUNCH!!

KC was a pleasure to talk with, a really great guy and I look forward to seeing his truck next week at SEMA. 

Enjoy the interview and remember to leave us a review on iTunes, share the episode with your friends, like us on Facebook, and Instagram.

Have a great Halloween!!!! 

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Episode #23


Josh Brady

This episode is brought to you by, 





In this episode we talk to Josh Brady who is the creator of the 67-72 Chevy Truck Forum. This forum is probably the biggest asset and resource to anyone looking to gain knowledge regarding C10 Trucks.

Josh started the forum when he was 14!! Is that crazy or what! 

When Josh's dad was 13 he bought a 1969 C10 truck and Josh wanted to find out more about the trucks. He couldn't so he created the forum. The response was incredible and Josh had to grow the forum infrastructure to keep up with the data and usage.

We talk to Josh about what other trucks he has?

Did he end up with the 1969 Truck?

How many users does the site have?

We discuss competing sites?

How has social media like Instagram and Facebook affected the activity of the forum.

Does he feel threatened by social media? 

What are some of the biggest challenge's that Josh has had to face?

Is the forum profitable?

How big is the forum staff?

Are the Admin. and Moderators compensated?

Is there confusion regarding the name? 

Has he ever thought about changing the name?

Why he created the other address's to link to the main site -




What has been the most rewarding thing about the forum?

What builders does he watch?

Where does he see the forum in 5 years, and dies he anticipate any major changes?

Getting to know Josh was a lot of fun as I have been a forum member for awhile now and love it! Very cool to find out about how it all started and much. much , more!


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Episode #22 is brought to you by 



Rtech Fabrication, "We build trucks to do truck stuff!"

We get to know Randall and all that they do at Rtech Fab.

From how Randall got his start to what promted him to build his first Crew Cab truck.

That truck is "Cowboy" and Randall drives this beast hard, like a truck was built to do.

We talk to Randall about his many other projects/builds:

The C10L - an extended 2wd Limo style C10! So Bad Ass!

The Duke - a K50 Crew Cab

The Texas Longhorn, a Crew Cab, just a tad longer!

The Drill Sergeant

The Cancer truck, Daryl - a 2wd cruiseer.

He also tells us he has plans to build a 60-66 style soon to. I guess we'll have to just sit back and wait.

We talk to Randall about what keeps him building these trucks, How much a Crew Cab truck cost, how many trucks it takes to build one Crew Cab. 

How about those double din dashes he does - whats the story with those?

Is he really moving to Phoenix?

How about SEMA 2016?

How about The Run to Brothers and the Brothers Show and Shine 2016?

Has he talked to other fabricators that do 4 door Crew Cabs?

Randall has big plans for his company over the next 5 years, I think he'll make it all happen. Sit back, grab a cold one and enjoy!!


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Episode #21 

Brought you by-



We head out East to Miami Florida and catch uo with Juan Ibarra, otherwise known as Juankybuilt. 

We talk to Juan about how he got into trucks, why he likes so many different style of trucks and what is his favorite.

We talk to Juan about how he got the name "Juankybuilt" and does he really just do this for fun.

He has a passion to create things that are different and right now he is working on some killer C10's.

He also is a fan of the old school 50"s Dodge trucks too. 

Juan is a great family guy who build all kinds of award winning rides, I am glad we had him on and I look forward to drinking a beer with him very soon. Thanks Juan.

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Episode #20, Chad Terhar, @struggle_55


Today's show is brought to you by -



Chad was just a normal 21 year old kid back in March of 2001. Riding BMX, Motocross - you name it! Then everything changed. Chad had an accident that would change the rest of his life. 

We talk to Chad about how this accident did in fact change is life, but he wouldn't change it for anything. He's healthy, hes got his family and he's got a few C10's and a killer 55' Nomad in this life. 

We talk to Chad about the 55' Nomad and how he was chosen for a show a few years back - Search and Restore, where a group of guys from Nashville Tennesse, lead by Tim Strange restore vehicles for those lucky enough to be chosen for the show.

Chad was chosen and he remembers the day they showed up to haul the 55' away. What he got in return was more then just a killer 55' Nomad. He got a few life long friendships from they guys involved in the build. 

This shows you the type of guy Chad Terhar is. He's a blue collar guy who grew up working on cars and trucks with his dad and older brother. He works fulltime as an Automated Systems Mechanic, and when he's not at work, he's working on one of his C10's, or hanging with his family.

Oh ya, Chad is a parapalegic!! Yes, Chad live his life to the fullest and he doesn't let anything slow him down. 

Chad is truly an inspiration and keeps things in percpective no matter the STRUGGLE of life! 

We really enjoyed getting to know Chad a little better and we can't wait to see what he does with his C10's. 

If you should to reach Chad you can find him on Social media at -

@struggle_55 - Instagram

Chad Terhar - Facebook

C-Series Squarebodies - Facebook

Another reason why the C10 Nation is so amazing! The trucks are cool, but the people are cooler! Thanks Chad. 


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Episode #19 Jeff Volker

This episode is brought you by-



Jeff Volker, the "P.A. Renegade" is the man behind one of the sickest Squarebody C10 Trucks around. This 5 year build has just wrapped up and has started to hit the show circuit. The response so far is off the hook! This the name #gamechanger!

We get to know Jeff and find out the story behind the build and a whole lot more!

Direct download: JeffVolker.mp3
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Live from Brothers Trucks, 17th Annual Truck Show & Shine.

Over 440, 1947-1987 Chevy & GMC Trucks in one show.

We talk to people from allover the country - that have driven out to California to attend the Show. One family drove 2200 miles from Ohio to attend the show. They plan their family vacation around the show date. Now that’s AWESOME!

Another family, our buddy Ruben Salazar, drove all they way from Houston, Texas with 4 kids in tow!

We were able to catch up with Jake Oro, a college student who owns a sweet 1971 C10 that his Dad John Oro (aka the #Johnfather) DID NOT help him buy! He did it ALL on his own!! 

My favorite interview of the day was Uncle Richard, this young 81 year old shares his story of how he started his restoration on his 1955 Chevy Truck when he was 74 years young. Thats right - 74! “You’re never to old to start!” 

We talked to a lot of great folks that brought their trucks out, and some were just checking our others rides, either way the atmosphere was a fun family environment that was packed with bitchen trucks.

We were able to grab a few of the award winners just after they got their awards, so that was cool since some didn’t really expect to win, while others did!

We caught up with John and Marisol the winners of the “Best of Show” award - lets just say that John got a great 35th Birthday present. He was grinning from ear to ear, and rightfully so - well deserved award for this couple and their amazing 1968 C10.

Last we catch up with Jim Flanders of Brothers Trucks. We talk about how far the show has come in it’s 17th year and how crazy it seems that 17 years ago Jim and his brother Steve were planning their first show at there shop. 

One story that Jim shares is about a family that had their daughter right after the Brothers first show and now he knows exactly how many years the show has been running based on his daughters age - crazy cool.

This show is like a family reunion for the Brothers Trucks family, friends, and staff. All hands on deck, everyone pitches in and helps, from kids to parents. It’s that kind of show, it’s that kind of company. They like to hold the show for their customers to be able to show off their pride and joy. Its really a way for the Brothers family and staff to not only give back, but see the fruits of their labor and know that on the other end of each order or the phone could be one of these 440 truck builders. 


Fun show, good time, great people! Enjoy, Ronnie

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Squarebody Syndicate Run to Brothers 2015

“How could you guys be HOT, when you’re driving in trucks so cool!” Ryan B - Canada.

What started as just an idea turned into an unforgettable trip with 5 killer Squares and a bunch of friends.

We met up in West Phoenix Saturday morning the day before the Brothers Truck Show. 

We all got on the road around 8am and we were headed West on the I-10, cruising at 75 mph in these 40+ year old trucks.

I started off with Sam Castronova first and talked to him about his first Squarebody - his 1973 C10 that he purchased from Joe Yezzi earlier this year. Sam tells us Joe told him it was a cream puff, but then says - not really, it was a piece of crap!! Either way we are rolling smooth at 75 mph without any issues, so either it was a cream puff or Sam got this C10 dialed in just right - it has the right stance with a 4/6 static drop and the sweetest leather seat i could could ask to sit in. 

Sam and I were having so much fun we literally passed one of the scheduled stops and and really couldn’t turn back around. I was bummed as I was looking to an iced drink, namely a cold Iced Coffee - oh well the guys would never rub it in by sending multiple pictures to us to make sure we knew what we were missing out on!!!! 

So Sam and I ended up getting to the next stop before everyone else. This stop was one that I don’t think most knew about, but it was at an abandoned Gas/Service station, “Desert Center” - where we would set up to grill some sausage and peppers, drink some refreshments and smoke a few cigars! Yes it was as fun as it sounds. We also left our respectful mark, from a little tagging and decals stuck all over. 

Another cool story to come out of the stop was Dan Morrow sent a picture of the stop over to his Mom and she recognized the stop and said “that’s Desert Center, we used to stop there when you were a kid!” The truck Dan and his family used to drive out West to Cali, is still in Dan’s possession, a 1978 C20. Very cool story!

Next up I jump in with Rob Yezzi and talk to him about the journey, and his sweet Squarebody C10. How he acquired it and what his plans are for this sweet 1973 C10 trucks.


From Rob, I jumped over to Broey’s cool C10 with an even cooler story behind it. This 1975 Squarebody was previously owned by Scott Ivey. Scott Ivey was known for building killer rides, but unfortunately his life was taken way to soon by a drunk driver while he was driving his K5 Blazer.

Broey tells us how he too acquired this sweet C10 and what his plans are for the truck are. Trying to keep the right balance of what Scott wanted for the truck and what Broey would probably want to do to it - put it on the ground, as in Porterbuilt - touching those pinch’s! It’s a good problem to have because this original Square will be cool no mater what Broey decides to do to it. 

Broey and I both probably lost a few pounds doing his recording because it was high noon, and hot. We had to roll up the windows, so we were sweating our ass’s off - the guys behind us were saying they could see us wiping the sweat off with our T-Shirt as we were driving. I ultimately said roll down the windows to get a little flow going through the cab. So, sorry fellas the audio is rough on this segment, but damn son - it was hot as hell!!!

Next, I get to hang with Jason Miller. Jason’s 77’ K5 has A/C and damn it feels so good. We are almost into Riverside when I get in with him and we are cruising into Corona at this point. Jason tells us about what is really his daily driver, how he got the Blazer to this point and what all he has done - from all new gaskets from Brothers Trucks, brand new Billet Specialties rims and a rebuilt 350/350 combo. Well all I’ve got to say is Damn Son, this thing looks great and it rides just as good.

We arrive into Cali and hang out Saturday night with the C10 Club at the hotel, which really turns into a fun little-  hangin with the fellas type night.

Up early and head over to the 17th Brothers Trucks Show and Shine show! Check out our next episode as we cover the show with live interviews, and show coverage. 

We decide to return Sunday night as we fell we all have enough fuel in our tanks, and the trucks are performing just as good, if not better. 

We grab some grub, and head East in the 10 - the temps are cooler, the traffic is minimal, I think we made the right decision.

I jump in with Rob Beasly - aka, Black Rob, aka BLK!! Rob is now driving Sam’s Square, Artie. This was a fun interview because Rob drove a 2015 GMC over to the show and now he’s behind the wheel of one sweet C10 - we are cruising and he gives us a different perspective of the trip over and the trip back. He always brings a unique passion and energy that makes for a great interview.

Lastly for the live audio I just finish with the Square “Ambassador” Joe Yezzi. We just had Joe on the show for Episode #16 - but now we are on the tail end of the journey. We get his thoughts on what ends up being a GREAT weekend, 44hrs! We start 0700 Sat morn and we get home around 0200 Sunday Morning.

Joe gives us his thought on the Squarebody Syndicate “Run to Brothers,” the Brothers Show, and what he says was the highlight of the weekend.

I decided to get a few minutes with Kevin Whipps who was commissioned by Streettrucks to cover the Run to Brothers. Kevin gives us his thoughts and what the journey looks like through a journalist eyes. He sees this continuing to get bigger and bigger as the year go on. 

He also tells us what was his favorite part of the journey and I was surprised but agree with him - its the little things, but they are sometimes very memorable things.

I hope you like it - it was my pleasure and honor to be invited and bring you this time capsule of the first one - I look froward to many more. 


Thanks C10 Nation.. 



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Joe Yezzi 

Squarebody Syndicate


Sponsors of this episode:





Who is Joe Yezzi?

How did a kid from New Jersey end up in Arizona?

Was he the “King of Beepers” back in the 90’s

C10 Builders Guide - Third issue, Joe and the Squarebody Syndicate are featured. Written and shot by our previous guest Kevin Whipps.

If you cant find  the C10 Builders Guide where ever you normally buy magazines - you can order it here.



Kevin Aguilar and the guys over at Street trucks do such an amazing job not only on the C10 Builders Guide, but the monthy mag. 


Bad Cop/Good Cop or was that Bad Cop/Bad Cop?? You tell me?

What is the “Run to Brothers”? 

Why the hell would someone want to drive a 40 year old truck 300+ miles in the middle of summer? Espiecally in Arizona!! Yeah this should be fun - haha.

How did it all start for Joe? How did he get into Squarebody C10 trucks?

Joe tells us about his Fathers 1973 GMC truck, and how he would ride in it as a kid.

What was the first Square Joe ever bought?

What happened once he bought it?

Why are the “Black Sheep” finally starting to have there day?

What has Kevin Stickel @digitalc10 done to the scene?

When you open the garage Joe thinks you should feel emotion - why?

What other cars, trucks, and motorcycles does Joe fancy?

How many Squares has Joe had in his stable at one time? Damn Son!!

What trucks are currently at the SquareBody Hacienda? 

How did “Blue Jay” get its name? What does Joe think about it?

Will “Blue Jay”, his SEMA/Porterbuilt build be ready in Nov.?

What motor will Blue Jay be running?

Blue Jay is the next One-and-Done>

What does #yezziclean mean?

Joe tells us what a regular guy working in his garage needs to make these trucks look like a 100 point resto.

What did Joe and Cousin Rob do in those storage containers?

Who doesn’t wash their trucks? Sounds crazy - right!!

Why does Joe think Broey nailed it by taking his seat to @dbomb_53?

How did Joe come up with such a cool logo and design for SBS?

What is Squarebody Syndicate?

Why doesn’t he reprint a designs?

What did Joe tell his daughter he thought would be the coolest to see in the future?

From Gas Money Garage to Dan Aykroid, Squarebody Syndicate is a movement!

Squarebody Syndicate is just getting started. Joe is a great guy and not all that removed from that same hard working kid that cam eout to Arizona back in 1992. He's hard working, grounded, a great son, father and husband! Happy Fathers day Yezzi and thanks for the interview. 









A few announcements - 


The Southeastern ALL Chevy/GMC Truck Nationals is that weekend as well =   ALL Years, ALL Models of GM Trucks and SUV's welcome.  "Top 25" awards and 23 custom made "best of" awards.  Located just north of Nashville in White House, TN on July 11th.  For more information go to gmtruckshow.com.


C10 Talk is proud to have sponsored the best 60-66 Truck! Good Luck and have fun out there.



That Same day in sunny Corona Ca. Brothers Trucks will be celebrating their 20 year anniversary  - Damn - 20 years, how Rad is that. So if your in the area - head over to their shop in Corona on Saturday July 11th for a little Birthday party/Open House.  from 10-5pm and hand out with the whole crew from Brothers trucks.

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Epsiode #15

Brought you by:



We catch up with a true original, Mason Wright. Mason commishened Del Ushenko of Delmo Speed and Kustom to build him a RAD C/10. Well he did just that and more. Del and Mason built "Nacho Truck!" One of the sickest C10's around, well over seas now. The journey of this build starts with how Mason aquired the truck south of the border in Tiajuana! Mason and his amigo Jose went 25 miles south of the border to check it out. This is truly one of the BEST "how I bought my truck" stories out there. Part of the story that makes it even crazier is that no one new where the hell Mason and Jose wher going - including them. Lets just say that the adventure got Mason in some hot water at home, but it sure makes for a great story after the fact!!

We also talk about what Mason does for a real job, his addiction to Craigslsit and the Real Estate find. 

Mason has a formula that seems to be working in both C/10's and Real Estate - buy low, make em look bad ass and then sell high! The dude has shown that he can do it too - walking away from two of the badest C10's at the top of thier game!

Next we talk to Mason about K5 Larry and how it probably ended up being a bigger undertaking then anyone from Mason, Delmo, and Nate (Porter) thought it would be. But they did it - building arguebly one of the sickest Blazer out there.

Those rims!! Mason talks about how Del had a plan and they went with it - those time 22/24 are the result. One off's that absolulty took Larry to the moon and back. Del has the "it" factor and Mason has been fortuneate to have him build two rides for him.

One of the best parts of the interview is when Mason talks about taking Larry to the Sand Dunes and how guys with $100K sand rails are in awe of this bagged Blazer pulling a trailer out at the dunes! Who wouldn't be? 

Probably one of the easiest, and funnest interviews that I ahve done. Mason nailed it - I enjoyed just sitting back and listen to him do his thing. 

Great Guy, building SIC rides. I look forward to seeing what is next for this Califonia kid. I am sure what ever it is it'll be unique!!


Good times bro, had a blast! 

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Kevin Whipps author of the soon to be released How to restore your 1973-1987 Chevy truck joins us on C10 Talk today.

Episode #14 

Brought you by -




We talk a little Social Media and Kevin whips (no pun intended  - haha) out a doozy! 

“We are all lost, no one knows what we’re doing, we are all just trying to figure it out!” this is why this interview was a lot of fun. Kevin is a very down to earth dude. From Family man, writer, to vintage truck lover. Kevin has it covered - great guy!

We find out who Kevin Whipps is? 

How did Kevin get into writing and marketing?

How do you know of Kevin, or should know of him - 

How long has he been a Street Trucks contributing writer?

How have things changed in marking since 1999?

Who first Kevin about filling out his Tech form?

What happened next landed Kevin a job, what did he do?

How did Kevin make the transition from the Import Scene to Trucks?

Why did Kevin feel that his skill set wasn’t where it needed to be to do a truck?

From writer to full on photographer, Kevin grew along with the industry.

Kevin tells us what the difference between the Import Scene/Mini Truck Scene to the C10 Scene?

Why is Kevin more comfortable with the C10 Community?

How many publications does Kevin write for?

Does Kevin get stressed by covering so many different topics?

Like all of us - Kevin has some kick ass goals. He shares a few with us, and man do I hope it gets to all of them. 

I ask Kevin what his favorite C10 shoot was! He not only still wishes he could get his hands on the truck, but is a BIG fan of the builder. Hint - pretty much everyone with a heartbeat is!!!

“I love that truck!”

Kevin tells us why he thinks authentic patina is so cool and tells a different story everytime.

Kevin tells us about his Mom’s Suburban, “Martha” and why he is fond of that era of C10 trucks.

What does Kevin mean by “some companies just get it!”?

I ask Kevin about what he see’s in the future of the C10 Truck world?

From a marketing perspective - how the hell is someone supposed to keep up with so many apps and marketing programs? Kevin explains his methods, and what works for him. 

Regarding Facebook - “as soon as old people like me start getting into it they don’t what any part of it!” Too funny, well said.

Best sound bite of the interview - “The gold rush of social media will kinda die down a little bit.”

Does Kevin ever get nervous before a truck shoot? 

Kevin has been very busy. He has a lot of press in the upcoming C10 Buyers Guide put out by Street Trucks. You’ll have to listen - but we are definitely looking forward to his coverage.

Kevin tells us how they find the trucks that they shoot and how you the C10 Talk listener can POSSIBLY get some magazine coverage.

Kevin then tells us some BIG news - he has been commissioned by Cartech to put together a “How to restore your 73-87 Chevy Truck.” He has been working with multiple truck builders, including Joe Yezzi from Squarebody Syndicate to get as much information as possible for the publication. His call to action for the C10 Talk listener is to send him pictures, stories, whatever you might have if you are in the middle of restoring a 73-87 Chevy Truck. He is especially looking for paint and body stuff. So if you have anything send it to either ronnie@c10talk.com or kevin@whippsind.com and it will be considered for the manual.

Regarding the book, “From soup to nuts” it will be covered in the manual!

This was a fun, out of the traditional box interview for us - i dug it, Kevin is a cool dude and I hope to have him on again after the manual is done.

Thanks Ronnie 




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Episode 13 

Looking for promotional material or cool automotive apparel go check out www.hotrodavenue.com they have shirts, hats, hoodies, stickers, banners and more. From one automotive person to another. 

C10 Talk got a face lift - our website www.c10talk.com got a complete make over, thanks to Randy at www.eightdeuce.com  If your looking for a great web designer with excellent vision and very easy to work with - Randy form eightdeuce.com is your guy. 

Lets get to know Raul from C10 Era 60-66.

In todays episode we find out about Raul and his family. How he does a great job keeping his family involved in  the business of running the C10era brand. 

We find out what Raul does for his “real” job. How busy life can get for someone that has a regular job - and then takes on two very active Instagram pages.

We find out how Raul got into C10’s and why he is always paying tribute to his Grandfather. 

How did Raul get his current 64 C10 and how it all came about.

We find out that Raul drives his truck daily - 60 miles a day! Awesome.

What other style C10 Trucks appeal to Raul?

How did Raul start @c10era60_66 on Instagram. We find out what the original page name was and why he changed it.

We find out who DM’d Raul and said “Hey Kat I dig what you are doing, you need to go a step further!” From that point on Raul felt - this was a sign and the rest is history.

What are Raul’s thought about how far he has come.

Where did Raul borrow the money to get it all going? Was he scared? 

Did he sell a lot of T- Shirts the first go around?

We find out who is the Texas version of Raul in California and how they have both assisted each other in the Instagram world.

Well is you have a great brand, why not another? How did @c10era come about and where was Raul going when he couldn’t handle it anymore and said - I’ve got to do this and create this second page. 

What does Raul think regarding social media and how it effects the truck hobby.

Does he feel like there are tow many C10 Instagram pages?

Who has helped Raul the most and really inspired him to be the best he can be.

How many hours does it take to run two pages and ship all those orders?

Why does Raul necks hurt? Lets get his a neck massage!!!

Is Raul trying to build an Empire and what’s next for him and his pages.

Does he feel like a business man.

Why are we talking about roots and the roots growing?

Why does he believe so much in customer service.

What does the future hold for Raul and the C10 Era.

Has he ever gotten the two pages mixed up when posting?

How many DM’s does he get in a day?

How does he find his images and what makes the C10 Era cut?

How did Raul team up with C10 Club and how cool is their new shirt? s

What works best for him to find your pics? Make sure to Hashtag #c10era

We find out that Raul has some really exciting news!

Raul tells the C10 Nation and the C10 Talk listeners that he has acquired a new truck!! An awesome 1964 short bed truck that is going to get all the bells and wistles. He has teamed up with GSI Manufacturing, Chevy Only Dino, Switch’s Suspension to do a full suspension build in one day at GSI’s shop in Chandler, Arizona later this year.

Look for more on this “Laid out” build as the event gets closer. 

We also find out how he got his awesome @digitalc10 rendering and that he plans on creating the truck.

A lot of really good stuff talking with Raul and he as a lot of great things to come with both Raul and C10 era60-66 - Thanks a lot Raul, always good chatting with you brother.

Remember to check out our new website www.c10talk.com, and let me know what you think. 


Until next episode - stay safe C10 Nation! Keep listening and we’ll keep the episodes coming!

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The C10R


Built by Rob & Brandy Phillips of PCH Rods


SEMA 2014, Rob and Brandy unveiled their 3 year project, the C10R. The buzz around this killer C10 was spot on. People couldn’t get enough of the truck, or Rob & Brandy for that matter. But what Rob & Brandy really wanted was one of the 10 remaining spots into the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational. The organizers handed out 9, but what about the 10th “Golden Ticket”?


Well lets just say after a few tears and some laughs Rob & Brandy found themselves right were they wanted to be - behind the wheel of their bad ass C10R at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.


Since then Rob & Brandy have been on a roller coaster ride - races, interviews, and sponsor promotions - and they wouldn’t have it any other way!


Follow along as we get to know Rob & Brandy a little better!!


A lot of really good press and media around the C10R truck - what are Rob’s thoughts?

How about the Drive+ video?

How did Brandy perform here at Scottsdale - and is she still nervous?

Why are C10 Trucks so popular amongst the Autocross builders?

How does a C10 Truck keep up with Cameros, Mustangs, and Corvettes?

What suspension company’s are out there for the Autocross Trucks?

What front clip (suspension) did PCH Rods choose to use for the C10R and why?

Why did Rob choose to go with the same tire/rim combo on all 4 corners?

How long does a set of tires last them?

How did Brandy feel getting back behind the wheel after a 3 year break from the sport?

How does the C10R compare to other Pro-Touring cars she has driven?

Do Rob & Brandy have a competitive relationship?

Is winning in the Pro-Class Brandy’s main concern?

How do Rob & Brandy juggle it all - shop, racing, and family?

How did Brandy feel to getting the “Golden Ticket” and how they messed with her?

Why is this truck easier to adjust and read then cars that she has driven in the past?

Is Rob happy where they are currently with the C10R?

How did the C10R get is own reputation? Social Media?

Does Brandy’s Marketing background and Rob’s building background make for a PERFECT team?

How does someone afford to build an Autocross/Pro-Touring Car or Truck?

How did they get companies behind them for sponsorships?

How do they take car of the companies that have taken care of them?

Where did the C10R logo come from?

What does the “R” Stand for?

Is the C10R street legal?

What is “Automotivation”?

Do they give rides at the track?

How does someone get started in Autocross?

Do they plan on participating in OUSCI this year?

What plans does Rob have for his 69 C10 next?

What after market products are offered by PCH Rods and Munssey Speed & Design offer?

How can you contact them - 





Instagram - @pchrods

Facebook - C10R

Facebook - PCHRods




Instagram @munsseyspeed

Facebook Munssey Speed & Design




Direct download: PCHRods.mp3
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Porterbuilt #2 


Nate Porter


What are some of the future plans for PB Fab?

How will PB Fab plan to stay relevant?

We talk to Nate about the latest Dropmember V-6.0

What is the biggest change to this latest version?

Are the lower control arms different for this Dropmember?

Is there rally customers who have EVERY version of the PB Dropmember?

Find out whats with the new trailing arm crossmember?

**Why hasn’t Nate built a C10 Truck yet?**

New Products that PB Fab plans on offering soon!

Why does Nate think some projects stall out?

What PB Fab products surprise Nate at their success? I think you might be surprised!!

When does Nate think the PB Fab Dropmember will taper off? Or will it?

Does PB Fab sell more Dropmembers or other parts/components?

Does Nate anticipate more customers wanting static drops?

What is Nate’s thoughts on Coilover/Dropmember stuff?

Is Autocross a niche or is it going to continue to grow?

What does Nate mean by “Spirited Driving”?

How does the PB Fab Frame Stiffener do?

We talk to Nate about the NEW Trailing Arm Crossmember.

  • It’s weight, it’s cost, it’s style!

Why doesn’t PB Fab make the the round tube Dropmember anymore?

We get in depth with Nate about all things hood hinges!

Does Nate plan out his products now? How does this compare to previous years?

What is this 3 products always going thing???

Is there a potential Chassis Division at PB Fab?

Gas Monkey Garage and PB Fab - they (#GMG) have used some PB Fab on a couple of their builds - we talk to Nate about this and what is family thinks of it?

What does Nate think when he see’s a trucking rolling PB Fab components?

Are there any plans for FORD and or DODGE trucks for PB Fab?

What about 88-98 OBS?

What about 4X4 trucks - Does Nate see a future in the off-road scene?

Long Travel PB Fab, how sweet would that be?

What state probably buys the most PB Fab parts?

Does Nate have a man crush on someone?

We find out what Nate really thinks about the LS swap!

Besides C10’s what else does Nate really like?

If Nate could buy any vehicle what would it be?

Does Nate have a “Bucket List”?

Does Nate try and make time to play, or is it PB Fab 24/7 around the clock?

***What truck is Nate’s favorite Dropmember truck?***

How much is a guy going to spend on an Extreme kit, front and rear??

What is the lead time for that kit? What does Nate want to get it to?

Does PB Fab get a lot of request for parts donation and sponsorships?

What is the HARDEST part of running PB Fab?

When Nate looks into his crystal ball of the future what does PB Fab look like?


Awesome time catching up with Nate and getting the inside scoop on all things Porterbuilt. Thanks again Nate!

Direct download: Porterbuilt02.mp3
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Porterbuilt Fab - Nate Porter



Who is Nate Porter?

What takes up Nate’s time besides PB Fab?

Does Nate like his job?


What kind of jobs did Nate have growing up?

What were Nate’s first few vehicles?

How did Nate get into the automotive industry?

Find out what TV show inspired Nate to have his own shop at an early age!

What does Nate plan to do with ALL the trucks he has collected over the years?

Does Nate feel like he has “made it”?

Why did Nate think about quitting PB Fab?

What are the most common two things that PB Fab hears from their customers?

Why is Nate being a Cheap Skate?

Does PB Fab philosophy towards advertising?

**Please call ahead and talk to Cousin Dave if you want to swing by the shop!**

Find out what they are doing to decrease the wait time for YOUR PB Fab products?

Does PB Fab have a business “Mantra”?

How many employee’s does PB Fab currently have?

Would Nate consider PB Fab a family company?

Besides Nate and his Dad, who has been with PB Fab the longest?

Does Nate ever go back out into the shop and weld anymore?

Are “custom builds” part of Nate’s business plan?

What is a “Spec Truck”?

How did Nate and Del’s relationship begin?

Why has the 67-72 forum been so pivotal to the early success of PB Fab?

DropMember #1 & Dino

How many DropMembers has PB Fab built over the years?

What is a “Members Only” plaque?

Find out what Nate thinks about competitors in the Cross Member industry?

What is the role of a PB Fab Dealer?

How does it work? Who gets PB Fab parts first you the customer or the Dealers?

Who are the top PB Fab Dealers?

What is the most asked technical question they are asked at PB Fab?

Why is Nate so excited about his new media guy?

PB Fab App coming soon!!!


Does Nate like being a Dealer for other companies?

What Companies does PB Fab deal for?

Part #1 is a warp, stay tuned for part #2 and more Nate Porter/Porterbuilt Fab.





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Follow That Truck Series -

Sam Castronova takes his 64 C10, (aka Dino’s 64) across the auction stage at Barrett Jackson.

Can C10 Truck guys be players at Barrett with their trucks?

What kind of Money does Sam get for his truck?

What part of the experience does Sam like the most? Besides cashing that check!

Was in nerve wracking for Sam or is he just that cool?

Whats up next for Sam?

Next we catch up with Mike Vale from Hudson Garage

The guys over at Hudson Garage put together a Superbowl Square game and are giving away some prizes!

What does the first quarter winner get?

What does the second quarter winner get?

What does the third quarter winner get?

And The Game winner gets a ????? You are going to have to tune in to C10 Talk to find out!!

Doing the Follow That Truck series is a lot of fun. I hope you like it - let me know what you think, Ronnie



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Keith Stephens




How did Keith get the name “n2billet”?

How did Keith get invited to the Gas Monkey Garage for the C10 episode?

What is Keith’s background in the Texas Hot Rod Shop scene?

How did Keith get involved with the Stoked Out Specialties Garage?

How does Keith see himself as a builder?

How does keith compare Tiffany to Hazel?

What does Keith are thoughts when I tell him he is mentioned by other recognized builders as a builder that they look to for trends, style and inspiration?

Does Keith look get a thought in his mind and then go look for that type of truck, or does he just take what he can find and then start the project?

Why doesn’t Keith do a rendering before he starts a build?

What does Keith say is the hardest choice when building a truck?

What are the two most important things in Keith’s mind to building a truck?

What product is Keith's must have when he is building his trucks?

How did Keith and Nate Porter develop their friendship?

What did Nate Porter say to Keith that made him tear Hazel apart when he had just got in “finished”?

What builders does Keith say he looks to for style and inspiration?

How did Keith get into C/10 trucks

What made “Lucy”, Keith’s 1968 C/10 so unique and different?

What were some of the bigger issues that Keith faced with “Hazel” during the build?

What did Keith change up while building “Tiffany”, from his experience with his previous builds?

What is Keith’s secret to making such bad ass interiors?

The Service Truck, Wally - how did this build come about?

What truck does Keith say motivated him to build Wally?

What does he plan to do with Wally?

Hear the name I throw out to him, regarding Wally?

What picture will take social media by storm that Keith is going to shoot in the future?

What car/truck would Keith want back if he could have one back?

What is on Keith's “bucket list?

What truck did Keith and his dad buy together at the dealership, and he plans on building next?

What does Keith plan on naming this truck?

Did he say FORD?

Did he say DODGE?

Speed Round - Lone Star Throwdown vs SEMA, Aggies vs. Longhorns?!?!?!

Why does Keith day Patina will be around for along time?

What is a “wrapper” car?

Wow!! Keith flips the mic around and ask me about a few trucks that I have had and what my current build is? 

Will Keith go into the business of making great parts, products and components in the future?

Besides his full time job, building SIC trucks, what else does Keith do with ALL his free time?

We wrap it up - great dude, fun interview to do. 

Up next - PORTERBUILT!!! This ought-a be fun!!!!

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Slosh Tubz/OTG Design - Episode #7

We expand from our Episode #6 show and talk to Mike Losh about his inner fender company “Slosh Tubz”. 

How did Mike and Sarah come up with this unique business name & slogan?

Why did Mike develop the inner fenders?

What was the first set made of, and how the initial design process was a ‘“trial and error” evolution?

How is the business doing these days? 

What is the average wait time when someone orders a set of Slosh Tubz?

If you run a set of Slosh Tubz how big of a tire/rim combo can you run?

What is the retail pricing on a set of Slosh Tubz, shipped in the lower 48?

Are Slosh Tubz hard to install? About how long does it take to install a set?

The guys and Gas Monkey Garage used a set of Slosh Tubz on their killer Square C10, why was Mike and there when they revealed the truck? Did I see Cloud 9 there too?

Does Slosh Tubz have West Coast distribution? 

Mike announces the Slosh Tubz are now in the CPP Catalog! Congrats buddy!

Good News Canadians, you can now get a set of Slosh Tubz a lot easier!

With any great product, there will be others. How does Slosh Tubz believe they have prepared for this, and why they think they have the best product for the price?

How do the numbers compare? 67-72 sets vs. 73-87?

We know that Mike bought “Boosted Bertha” to get into the 60-66 C10’s what other years will Slosh Tubz be getting into in 2015? 

Will Slosh Tubz be offering anything for the Ford builders? Hint, hint?

Besides the inner fenders, Slosh Tubz has been working on some filler panels to clean up the engine compartment.

- Are these available? 

  • What does the kit include? 
  • How much is a set/kit?

How can you get a hold of Mike and the Slosh Tubz Team?


Facebook - Slosh Tubz

Instagram - @sloshtubz

1(479) 599-9664


The second part of our show we were able to hook up with On The Ground Design’s front man Jason Jones. Jason is a big time car/truck/hot rod enthusiast who has built an online media company to connect builders with vendors through multiple facets - 


“Our Goal is to bridge the gap between consumers and vendors through authentic story telling”


Jason, like a lot of enthusiast has a lot of passion for the industry and found a creative way to break into the scene, not only with a killer website telling story one by one, but he also did it by building a show stopper - his 1973 F100 that he recently had at SEMA 2014.  I have a feeling that we will be hearing a lot more from Jason and OTG Designs in the future. You can find Jason at-


Instagram - @onthegrounddesigns or



It looks like 2015 is going to be a fun and exciting year for both of these companies. We wish all the best. 

BIG thanks to all of your listeners, we couldn't do it without your support. Happy New Year, and here's to a FANTASTIC 2015!!

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Mike Losh - Episode #6

We catch up with this award winning SEMA C10 builder; from how it all started with his Grandpa's 1967 Short bed - “Cloud 9” and how this “garage build” turned into a SEMA, Street Trucks 2012 - TOTY winner.

We talk to Mike about his family and how it’s so much more than just him building these killer rides.

How the car/truck seen is in Arkansas?

How many Cow’s his parents had to exchange for Mike to be able to marry Sarah, Joke!

What Mike thinks about the 67-72 truck forum and how the forum probably had the biggest influence on how “Cloud 9” turned out the way it did - AWESOME!

How Mike gets the vendor support that he does and how he maintains those relationships.

How he went from one SEMA build right into another, and why anyone would want to do that!

We talk to him about “Square Peg” and why him and his team went with a Square Blazer? 

Does he have sellers remorse, as he sold “Square Peg” so soon!

Why did he sell it soon?

Why it’s more then just driving them - the hunt, the build, the story with Mike and his “AMAZING” team!

Whats up next for this team? “Boosted Bertha”! 

We talk to him about “Boosted Bertha”, her power plant, her suspension, her color, and even her interior. Should be another head turning build by this great team.

Mike did not let us down, great guy and a very fun, laughable podcast interview.

We’re glad he took the time to hang out with C10 Talk and we look forward to catching up, with him in the future as we do a follow up. Thanks Mike, good time.

Special Segment - we start a NEW segment, “Follow that truck”. Where we catch up with Sam Castronova, and talk to him about his 1964 C10 truck - “Dino’s 64”. How he acquired this truck and what BIG plans he has for it this coming January.

Follow along as Sam breaks some news to the C10 Talk audience about what’s up for this talented builder. We look forward to featuring Sam in a full feature “builder” episode in 2015!!

We wrap things up with announcing who the Jan. 2015 builder will be. 


I hope you like it and I hope you have a great Holiday Season, Merry Christmas - Ronnie

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What a great time catching up with the “C10 King”, Rene Martinez. This C10 builder has had well over 60 C10 trucks over the years and he doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. Sit back and enjoy the interview as we all get to know him a little better!

How did Rene get into the C10 Truck scene?

What Rene thinks about Nissan “Hard Body” trucks!!

What happened to his first C10 Truck and how did he acquire it?

What ever happened to his Dad’s C10 and why didn’t Rene want it?

What car has he had the longest?

What did his Godfather “Nino” tell him when he sold his Silverado?

How him and his wife work in tandem when they are buying a car or truck!!

How did the name “C10 King” even come about?

How did he acquire “Gumby”?

What does he think about that mustard Ochre color?

How did he end up on the cover of Classic Trucks magazine?

How did the C10 Club come about, and who was influential in it’s beginning?

How do you become a C10 Club member?

How many trucks has he owned?

If he could have one (or two, or three), which truck would he want back?

What trends does he see in the C10 truck scene and does he like them?

We wrap up talking to him about his two themed trucks - “Felix Chevrolet” & the “Merced Concrete” truck. We find out why he has to tell people he is retired from concrete business!

We find out who will be the December builder & vendor too..

Remember to sign up for our email subscription and leave me some feed back about the show - either iTunes, or voice recording on the www.c10talk.com home page, click the “Tell Us” button on the top right corner and you will be able to leave a quick voice recording. It’s that easy!


I hope you enjoy - Ronnie

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Join me as I do some live interviews from Dino's Pre-show Git Down. So much fun interviewing people had come from all over the country to attend the Git Down.

Why Did they travel so far?

Did it live up the their expectations and the hype?

What is the atmosphere like at and around the show?

What C10 trucks were there that everyone had to see?

If you get a chance this is a must attend show. All of your favorite trucks in one location. the cruise on the 51 Freeway the next morning to the show. 

The C10 Community i salive and strong!


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C10 Talk Episode #3, Early Classic Ent. 

Follow along as we catch up with this OG C10 suspension company!

We are joined by Stan Hammond of Early Classic, he talks about the history of the company and how they got their start. How Stan and his partner Mark acquired it from the original owner and what it has taken to keep it firing on all cylinders during the downturn in the economy.

We find out a little history of that AWESOME 1972 short bed that they build back in the late 90's. "This Old (New) Truck" graced the pages of Chevy Truck Magazine, and I couldn't get enough of that thing. Find out what happened to that truck and the other builds that they had.

How did ECE get involved with Stacey David, and Copperhead. Did that truck help establish ECE as one of the premier C10 aftermarket companies?

We talk S.E.M.A. with Stan, and how attending the show has its pluses, but sometimes it can be tough as competitors are also lurking.

We get a behind the scenes look at what happens during an Overhaulin shot, how tiring it can be, and what it's like working with Chip Foose.

What part is their most popular? What part does better then they probably ever thought it would.

Do they think LS swaps are a thing of the past or in their prime.

Why ECE is excited about AutoCross.

Does ECE have a East Coast distributer, or do they just ship direct to consumer.

What does Stan see as the biggest changes in the C10 truck scene in the past 20 years and what does the future hold for these trucks.

Do they still sell a lot of their C20/C30 conversion spindles? Why they cost more>

What ratio do they sell 2/4 drop kits compared to 4/6 kits.

Does ECE offer a C-notch? What are Stan's thoughts on them (C-notch).

Are their rear trailing arms over engineered, can they handle the HP of the modern LS motor?

Does ECE actually have an AutoCross Track onsite or does it just should like in the interview!!

What NOS parts do they have a tough time keeping in stock and what would Stan say is the hardest NOS part to find - in the box, if at all.

Do they do Restorations too?

Is Stan working on a personnel project, if so what is it.

We had a great time talking with Stan. Check them our on Facebook, under Early Classic Ent. and their website at www.earlyclassic.com

Our next episode will feature the C10 King, Rene Martinez - the founding Father of the "C10 Club, no rules - no dues".

Have a great Veterans Day, if you are a Veteran - thank you for your service to this great Country. Ronnie



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Our first builder episode, with "Chevy Only" Dino (Battilana). This truck builder talks to us about what draws him to the 60-66 Style trucks. The 1963 "Shop" truck that got it all started. 

How he keeps a balance between family, work, and building sic rides. 

How he got invited to the Chevy 100 Show and why he thought he was getting "punked" by his buddies Sam, Joe, and Broey.

We find out why he likes to roll in "Quintessential" Chevy Trucks

How long has he had his 63 Dino's Appliance Panel, and why he probably wont sell it!!

What other truck does he plan on hanging onto for a long, long time? His Pro Street!s

Who is his life mentor? Who influences him when he starts a build?

If he could have one back, which one would it be?

Dino tells us how he finds these rides, and who helps him build them. 

He talks about being a "Ham & Egg" back yard mechanic, but we know he is more then that.

How did the "Get Down" get started and who named it that?

Where did "ChevyOnly" come from, and that news that he plans to kick off a new website selling "ChevyOnly" merchandise soon.

We talk about his current project - 1963 Crew Cab Dually, I think he should name it "Crewly", "Crully", "Crewlly" I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

He also talks about how he is impressed with what Accuair has going on in the C/10 automotive market place. He is really looking forward to driving his new project and hopes to show it at SEMA, sponsered by Accuair of course.

This and a whole lot more, so tune in and find else what Dino's up too. 

We announce our next builder is Rene "C10King" Martinez, and remind everyone that Early Classic Will be our next episode. 

Leave us a review on iTunes, or just shot me a quick email and let us what you think so far? Do you like that format? Do you have any suggestions? This is YOUR show so let me know. Take care Ronnie

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Welcome to Episode #1 - in this Intro show we get to meet the host and creator Ronnie Wetch. Ronnie explains why he thought a Podcast was something the C10 Community was lacking and why you the C10 Nation would enjoy it.

Ronnie talks about his influences - growing up around Chevy trucks his entire life, his older brother, magazines, truck forums and most importantly the C10 Community.

Next we get to know a little more about Ronnie and his family - Married for 15 years to his "AMAZING" wife who also grew up in a Chevy truck family. She is supported (for the most part - haha) of his truck obsession. They have 3 wonderful kids: son(12), daughter(9), and daughter(7) that keep things pretty busy, but they make the truck passion a family affair.

Then Ronnie talks about the format of the show. There will be two episodes a month, first episode will be a builder from the C10 Community. We will get to know them, what current projects they are working on, past projects, and talk to them about the one that got away - we all have them.

The second show will be a vendor that that provides products to the C10 builders. What is their history, what C10 products do they offer, and do they have anything in the works?

The vendor episode will be followed by a "Tech Talk" segment. This segment will be a professional in their respective area of expertise. These professional will share their knowledge regarding installs, paint & body, suspension, and fabrication. They will talk about common pitfalls and offer advice that will help the at home do-it-yourselfers.

Ronnie then explains that at the end of each show he will annoumce the builder guest, and vendor guest for the following months shows. the listener will be able to submit questions, by emailing Ronnie directly at ronnie@c10talk.com or leaving a message on the home page at www.c10talk.com

Listeners should sign up for email updates as well. emails will be sent out with updates from builders. vendors, and everything else going on with the show. Listners can stay updated with social media as well - Instagram (c10talk), twitter (@c10talk), and Facebook (C10 Talk).


Final thoughts - "The C10 Trucks are cool, but the C10 Community is cooler!"

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