C/10 Talk is a Podcast about all things Chevy and GMC Trucks from 1960-1998. The builders, the aftermarket, and most importantly, the amazing truck community!

Our first builder episode, with "Chevy Only" Dino (Battilana). This truck builder talks to us about what draws him to the 60-66 Style trucks. The 1963 "Shop" truck that got it all started. 

How he keeps a balance between family, work, and building sic rides. 

How he got invited to the Chevy 100 Show and why he thought he was getting "punked" by his buddies Sam, Joe, and Broey.

We find out why he likes to roll in "Quintessential" Chevy Trucks

How long has he had his 63 Dino's Appliance Panel, and why he probably wont sell it!!

What other truck does he plan on hanging onto for a long, long time? His Pro Street!s

Who is his life mentor? Who influences him when he starts a build?

If he could have one back, which one would it be?

Dino tells us how he finds these rides, and who helps him build them. 

He talks about being a "Ham & Egg" back yard mechanic, but we know he is more then that.

How did the "Get Down" get started and who named it that?

Where did "ChevyOnly" come from, and that news that he plans to kick off a new website selling "ChevyOnly" merchandise soon.

We talk about his current project - 1963 Crew Cab Dually, I think he should name it "Crewly", "Crully", "Crewlly" I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

He also talks about how he is impressed with what Accuair has going on in the C/10 automotive market place. He is really looking forward to driving his new project and hopes to show it at SEMA, sponsered by Accuair of course.

This and a whole lot more, so tune in and find else what Dino's up too. 

We announce our next builder is Rene "C10King" Martinez, and remind everyone that Early Classic Will be our next episode. 

Leave us a review on iTunes, or just shot me a quick email and let us what you think so far? Do you like that format? Do you have any suggestions? This is YOUR show so let me know. Take care Ronnie

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