C/10 Talk is a Podcast about all things Chevy and GMC Trucks from 1960-1998. The builders, the aftermarket, and most importantly, the amazing truck community!

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Continuing our BUILDER SERIES with LowBoy Todd - 


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Rob Fortier - In The Garage Media.


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Builders Series with ME! I stayed home and we did a little Q & A here at the C10 Talk Studio HQ. 

Thanks for tuning in. 

This weeks guest will be Todd from LowBoy Motor Sports. 

Next week Builders Series guest will be Sammy C - Sam Castronova. 

This Tuesdays "normal" episode will be Rob Fortier from the NEW Classic Truck Performance print magazine. 


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What a treat, I dig reaching out to guys like George Trosley, they are such enthusiasts that they can't help themselves but be exited, even after 50 plus years of drawing Cars and Trucks. 

George has a great story and I'm stoked I can bring it to you guys. 

If you would like to have George draw something for you or would like to reach out about something his website is


Thanks again George for the years of laughs, and CARtoons - much continued success in the future and I look forward to meeting you in person some day, Ronnie

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Jason Berland has taken a skill and urned it into a true Craft. He has taken something that really was just a utilitarian object, the Chassis and made it nothing short of ART. 

He build's and plumbs some of the sexiest chassis under any truck. 

Keep up the killer work Jason and crew and thanks for letting C10 Talk stop by the shop, Ronnie.





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Fuelish Media, is the Digital Media brain child of Kevin Aguilar, former Editor and Chief of Street Trucks Magazine. Now he works just as hard, if not harder creating a recognized digital platform for automotive enthusiasts to enjoy, his website, his social media, his freelance work with other publications, and more. 

Glad that you have found your niche' and your passion is able to flourish.


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Cesar Mata, from Matador Rod and Customs and Matador Powdercoat joins Ronnie for another Q&A Builders series. 

For the shop tour check out the Youtube video here. 


Remember to subscribe while you're there as well. Thanks for tuning in and stay safe out there.


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