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Alright Alright!!

Who is Chris Stafford (@severdchris) - The Bayou Builder?

Chris is a Husband, Father, Builder, Serviceman, and a Blue Collar Mill Worker - thats who he is!! DAMN SON!!!!!

You might be familiar with Chris’s 1966 C10 Custom that was recently named the Street Trucks, Truck of the Year!! Wow, congrats and well deserved.

Chris tells the C10 Nation how he got interested in cars and trucks - at a young age he would play with Matchbox cars and like most of us,  this innocent childhood past time became a lifetime passion!

Chris is married and has a young daughter - the “Hotrod Diva!” - His family is in full support of Chris and his passion. Chris is raising his family #C10Strong with that Severed Style.

Speaking of Severed, Severed Ties is his other family. Chris tells C10 Talk how he go involved with Severed and why he choose this club over any other. He explains the benefits of being in Severed Ties and we discuss the Club Culture.

Chris, has been in the National Guard since High School. He served a tour in Afghanistan, as a Bridge Builder. Spending a year away from his family and 6 months out of Country. When he returned plans changed on ol’ Clyde. Chris’s Uncle was a big reason why he got into Trucks and he had passed away when Chris was away serving his country. Chris’s way to pay tribute to his Uncle was build the truck in his Honor. Clyde (SEMA 2014) became the Sherman Special. Special it was - if you can’t recall this 66 C10 just take a glance at Chris’s Instagram @severdchris and you’ll know exactly why it was on the cover of one of last years C10 Builders Guide and ended up being the Street Trucks TOTY.

Chris tells us about two builds that he is getting ready to start as well. a 1959 Apache “Thunder Chief” and a SEMA Squarebody C10 named ‘“Silver Fox” perfect!

Chris has big plans for these trucks and we know the C10 Nation will be watching this builder continue to put out killer Stafford Garage rides.

He has a recipe that is proven to be popular, so heres to SEMA 2016. We look forward to seeing the Silver Fox and we hope this SEMA build follows in the foot steps of its predecessor Clyde.

Thanks Chris for taking the time to sit down with C10 Talk and bringing your story to the C10 Nation. Thank you for your service to our Country and a special thanks goes out to your family for allowing you the time and support to do what you love.

Heres to 2016, Cheers bro - Ronnie

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In this Episode we talk to Carlos and Hector Ramirez, founders and creators of both C10 Crew and Classic Scene, two very successful social media outlets and brands.

These two brothers started these social media outlets 3 years ago and they haven't looked back - building a HUGE following in the classic truck scene and the classic car scene as well. 

Their clothing line continues to sell and sell very well. They have some new and exciting designs they will be dropping in 2016 along with a very cool coloring book - for kids of ALL AGES - like you and me.

Always fun to catch up with these guys - great people and part of the reason the C10 Nation is so awesome, thanks fellas. 


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