C/10 Talk is a Podcast about all things Chevy and GMC Trucks from 1960-1998. The builders, the aftermarket, and most importantly, the amazing truck community!

Adam Pilate has been cleaning and detailing things for over 35 years! 

He started by cleaning bicycle's, with his passion for cleanliness and helping others Adam built Adam's Polishes - One of the industry leaders in car care products. 


Adam is a great dude who is so damn passionate about car care and his story is on point. Im stoked to bring it to you C10 Nation. 

Adam is hooking us all up too! 

15% off your entire order and FREE SHIPPING through Sept, ending Oct 1. Use Code "C10 Talk" at check out!!!

I'll be loading up. Check them out. 

Episode #109 is brought to you by these Rad Ass companies. 

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First Ride Friday with Adam Pitale. Adam is the hard working, inspiring leader of Adam's Polishes. 

Adam's first ride was a '65 Mustang convertible with a 289. Talk about a sweet first ride, red too!

This episode of FRF is brought to you by - 

www.prp.com Seal your build right! 

www.us-mags.com Log on and check out all the rad wheels they have. I promise you you're going to find something that fits your style. 

Tune is next Tuesday for the full episode with Adam. Have a great weekend C10 Nation. 

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Sponsor Spotlight #4



RAD!! Reno Heon from AccuAir stops by the C10 Talk Studio for the AccuAir segment!!

Aaron from CPP was cool too - lol, thanks Aaron for chatting! 

Tons of great content - AccuAir and the ENDO CVT info - obviously some "Trial and Air" but they have worked through it all and are killing it with the new set up. Orders are shipping and the retailers are slingin' these things. 

CPP - has the same thing going on with they're new Coil over bolt on kits as well. 

Tons of info on both of these interviews. Thanks for listening and please remember to share the pod, and leave us a review. Ronnie.

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Ya Buddy - 

www.mar-k.com For that free Catalog!

www.brotherstrucks.com - For all you truck needs and to sign up for that mailing list too. 

www.c10triplecrown.com - check out the Triple Crown. 


Todays Sponsor Spotlight I sit down with JD from Mar-K and we talk about a ton of stuff they have going on, especially their NEW 73-80 Body molding coming out very soon. 

I also talk to Steve and John from Brothers Trucks. Steve breaks some news about the 21st annual Show and Shine and we talk C10 Triple Crown and so much more. 

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Sponsor Spotlight with 




#2 of Sponsor Spotlight, I sit down with Derek Churchyard from Precision Replacement Parts and Travis Dulgerian of Pro Performance.

Let me know what you think of the Sponsor Spotlight. 

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Thanks C10 Nation, Ronnie

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We check in with Mario from US Mags and Greg from Dakota Digital and see what's new with them. What they have for you - the C10 Nation. 




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Episode #108 with Brandon Sisco is brought to you by these Rad Ass Sponsors - support those that support you! 

www.accuair.com The leader in Automotive Air Management Systems and the creator of ENDO & the ENDO system. 

www.dakotadigital.com - Have you seen their new Retro style HDX gauges - DAMN SON! Their Retro Rad. 

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www.brotherstrucks.com - Your #1 source for 1947-87 Chevy and GMC restoration parts. Check out their DIY videos on their website as well. 

Brandon Sisco has seen more, built more, lived through more then most do in a life time and he's only 42! Damn Son. 

Brandon is the lead fabricator for The Barrett Jackson Speed Shop, and formally of Sisco Fab. While working for Barrett Jackson, Brandon built the GHOESST - a one of a kind 1968 "Tahoe" style hard top SUV. 

If GM would have made one of these in 67/68 as possibly a concept and it sat for 50 years then was pulled from a shed somewhere. This is exactly what Brandon was able to envision and build.

Such an amazing, award winning creation! 

Brandon has been building and Fabricating since he was 15. He's had some crushing blows in his life but he keeps getting up. His mom's passing when he was 11 years old. His shops fire when he was in his early 20's, stress induced cardiac issues and so much more! 

Even though it seems like he's already built so many Rad Ass rides - I've got a feeling he's just getting started. 

Teaming up with the world famous Barrett Jackson Team is going put Brandon deep into the mix of classic builders and one off customs  - I can't wait to see what comes next for Brandon and his team. 

Speaking of team - Brandon and his amazing wife (Missee Sisco) will be teaming up on a SEMA 2019 C10 as well. 

Keep up the amazing GRIND Brandon and thanks for sitting down with C10 Talk - we wish you nothing but the absolute BEST brother. Ronnie

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FR#4 is brought to you by  -

www.us-mags.com - Check out their new 2018 series and much, much more.

www.prp.com - Everything you need to "Seal your build right" and killer video tutorials to show you how to do the job right too.


Brandon sits down and tells us about his FIRST! This bad boy was a Squarebody StepSide K10 that started off as an Uncle's $700 purchase to Brandon after he sold his 4H sheep to pay for it. 

Brandon and his dad went and picked up and Brandon really has been addicted to cars/trucks ever since!! 

Sit back as Brandon takes us on his journey and love affair with this Rad Ass Big Yellow Stepper. 

Its really cool to hear how vested Brandon was at such an early age and this truck has a lot to do with it. He cut his teeth on this bad boy and the automotive world, and the C10 Nation is better for it. 

Great story Brandon - Ronnie

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