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Joe Yezzi 

Squarebody Syndicate


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Who is Joe Yezzi?

How did a kid from New Jersey end up in Arizona?

Was he the “King of Beepers” back in the 90’s

C10 Builders Guide - Third issue, Joe and the Squarebody Syndicate are featured. Written and shot by our previous guest Kevin Whipps.

If you cant find  the C10 Builders Guide where ever you normally buy magazines - you can order it here.



Kevin Aguilar and the guys over at Street trucks do such an amazing job not only on the C10 Builders Guide, but the monthy mag. 


Bad Cop/Good Cop or was that Bad Cop/Bad Cop?? You tell me?

What is the “Run to Brothers”? 

Why the hell would someone want to drive a 40 year old truck 300+ miles in the middle of summer? Espiecally in Arizona!! Yeah this should be fun - haha.

How did it all start for Joe? How did he get into Squarebody C10 trucks?

Joe tells us about his Fathers 1973 GMC truck, and how he would ride in it as a kid.

What was the first Square Joe ever bought?

What happened once he bought it?

Why are the “Black Sheep” finally starting to have there day?

What has Kevin Stickel @digitalc10 done to the scene?

When you open the garage Joe thinks you should feel emotion - why?

What other cars, trucks, and motorcycles does Joe fancy?

How many Squares has Joe had in his stable at one time? Damn Son!!

What trucks are currently at the SquareBody Hacienda? 

How did “Blue Jay” get its name? What does Joe think about it?

Will “Blue Jay”, his SEMA/Porterbuilt build be ready in Nov.?

What motor will Blue Jay be running?

Blue Jay is the next One-and-Done>

What does #yezziclean mean?

Joe tells us what a regular guy working in his garage needs to make these trucks look like a 100 point resto.

What did Joe and Cousin Rob do in those storage containers?

Who doesn’t wash their trucks? Sounds crazy - right!!

Why does Joe think Broey nailed it by taking his seat to @dbomb_53?

How did Joe come up with such a cool logo and design for SBS?

What is Squarebody Syndicate?

Why doesn’t he reprint a designs?

What did Joe tell his daughter he thought would be the coolest to see in the future?

From Gas Money Garage to Dan Aykroid, Squarebody Syndicate is a movement!

Squarebody Syndicate is just getting started. Joe is a great guy and not all that removed from that same hard working kid that cam eout to Arizona back in 1992. He's hard working, grounded, a great son, father and husband! Happy Fathers day Yezzi and thanks for the interview. 









A few announcements - 


The Southeastern ALL Chevy/GMC Truck Nationals is that weekend as well =   ALL Years, ALL Models of GM Trucks and SUV's welcome.  "Top 25" awards and 23 custom made "best of" awards.  Located just north of Nashville in White House, TN on July 11th.  For more information go to gmtruckshow.com.


C10 Talk is proud to have sponsored the best 60-66 Truck! Good Luck and have fun out there.



That Same day in sunny Corona Ca. Brothers Trucks will be celebrating their 20 year anniversary  - Damn - 20 years, how Rad is that. So if your in the area - head over to their shop in Corona on Saturday July 11th for a little Birthday party/Open House.  from 10-5pm and hand out with the whole crew from Brothers trucks.

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Epsiode #15

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We catch up with a true original, Mason Wright. Mason commishened Del Ushenko of Delmo Speed and Kustom to build him a RAD C/10. Well he did just that and more. Del and Mason built "Nacho Truck!" One of the sickest C10's around, well over seas now. The journey of this build starts with how Mason aquired the truck south of the border in Tiajuana! Mason and his amigo Jose went 25 miles south of the border to check it out. This is truly one of the BEST "how I bought my truck" stories out there. Part of the story that makes it even crazier is that no one new where the hell Mason and Jose wher going - including them. Lets just say that the adventure got Mason in some hot water at home, but it sure makes for a great story after the fact!!

We also talk about what Mason does for a real job, his addiction to Craigslsit and the Real Estate find. 

Mason has a formula that seems to be working in both C/10's and Real Estate - buy low, make em look bad ass and then sell high! The dude has shown that he can do it too - walking away from two of the badest C10's at the top of thier game!

Next we talk to Mason about K5 Larry and how it probably ended up being a bigger undertaking then anyone from Mason, Delmo, and Nate (Porter) thought it would be. But they did it - building arguebly one of the sickest Blazer out there.

Those rims!! Mason talks about how Del had a plan and they went with it - those time 22/24 are the result. One off's that absolulty took Larry to the moon and back. Del has the "it" factor and Mason has been fortuneate to have him build two rides for him.

One of the best parts of the interview is when Mason talks about taking Larry to the Sand Dunes and how guys with $100K sand rails are in awe of this bagged Blazer pulling a trailer out at the dunes! Who wouldn't be? 

Probably one of the easiest, and funnest interviews that I ahve done. Mason nailed it - I enjoyed just sitting back and listen to him do his thing. 

Great Guy, building SIC rides. I look forward to seeing what is next for this Califonia kid. I am sure what ever it is it'll be unique!!


Good times bro, had a blast! 

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