C/10 Talk is a Podcast about all things Chevy and GMC Trucks from 1960-1998. The builders, the aftermarket, and most importantly, the amazing truck community!

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@Nelllsterr and @Liam_GMC have a good think going. They have recently started a new shop "Kennie's Kustoms" and love working on old classic trucks. 

Nelly Marie - remembers going to shows and swap meets with her dad when she was a kid and she shared her fathers enthusiasm. The passion was rekindled when she got a classic truck that had some fuel issues. Those fuel issues led her to Liam. Liam loved trucks, but unfortunately his dad passed away when he was a kid. Thankfully his Uncle has stepped in many a time to help guide Liam through his life. 

Nelly is as big of a Liam fan as he is her, together they have something special, and they like to keep it all in perspective. 

Good people, Good Music, Good Beer, Cool Trucks! Life's good in Canada. 

Thanks for your time guys and I look forward to what comes out of the new Shop. 


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Ryan Brutt is an automotive fanatic and loves, LOVES the hunt too. He hunts old cars (mostly) and some trucks that are lost, in barns - junk yards, or even up in rafters. Yep - Rafters!! 

His enthusiasm and knowledge of the Muscle Car era is tremendous and he shares some of the journey with us on Episode #170. 

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Stay safe out there C10 Nation. 

Next Up is Nelly Marie(@Nelllsterr) and her husband Liam Kenny (@Liam_GMC) - Episode #171 - Next Tuesday. 

Thanks Ronnie 

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Zaak Delbridge beats to his own drum and is totally fine with that. Zaak chose a 1962 C10 for his daily and then decided he would tear up the Hoonigan Burn Yard recently and winning the coveted "King of the Yard" trophy and the $5K purse SSS. 

The story doesn't start or end there! Zaak lives life to the fullest and has been through a ton of shit. He knows every day is a blessing and lives his life that way. We're glad he's doing it in a C10! 

Rad dude, doing his own thing - check him out - @the_hotrod_hobo

Thanks Zaak for your time, and sharing your story with the C10 Nation, Ronnie.

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Mr. Paul Hitch passed away this past Saturday, March 7th at the age of 103. 

Paul was a Chevy Man, working for Chevrolet for more then 40 years. 

Paul was the Chief Engineer for Chevrolet Trucks from 1964-1976. 

Paul was my guest for Episode #126 


And #137


This is the last conversation I had with Paul in December 2019, about 3 month ago. 

Thanks for listening - RIP Paul, Ronnie

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