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Porterbuilt #2 


Nate Porter


What are some of the future plans for PB Fab?

How will PB Fab plan to stay relevant?

We talk to Nate about the latest Dropmember V-6.0

What is the biggest change to this latest version?

Are the lower control arms different for this Dropmember?

Is there rally customers who have EVERY version of the PB Dropmember?

Find out whats with the new trailing arm crossmember?

**Why hasn’t Nate built a C10 Truck yet?**

New Products that PB Fab plans on offering soon!

Why does Nate think some projects stall out?

What PB Fab products surprise Nate at their success? I think you might be surprised!!

When does Nate think the PB Fab Dropmember will taper off? Or will it?

Does PB Fab sell more Dropmembers or other parts/components?

Does Nate anticipate more customers wanting static drops?

What is Nate’s thoughts on Coilover/Dropmember stuff?

Is Autocross a niche or is it going to continue to grow?

What does Nate mean by “Spirited Driving”?

How does the PB Fab Frame Stiffener do?

We talk to Nate about the NEW Trailing Arm Crossmember.

  • It’s weight, it’s cost, it’s style!

Why doesn’t PB Fab make the the round tube Dropmember anymore?

We get in depth with Nate about all things hood hinges!

Does Nate plan out his products now? How does this compare to previous years?

What is this 3 products always going thing???

Is there a potential Chassis Division at PB Fab?

Gas Monkey Garage and PB Fab - they (#GMG) have used some PB Fab on a couple of their builds - we talk to Nate about this and what is family thinks of it?

What does Nate think when he see’s a trucking rolling PB Fab components?

Are there any plans for FORD and or DODGE trucks for PB Fab?

What about 88-98 OBS?

What about 4X4 trucks - Does Nate see a future in the off-road scene?

Long Travel PB Fab, how sweet would that be?

What state probably buys the most PB Fab parts?

Does Nate have a man crush on someone?

We find out what Nate really thinks about the LS swap!

Besides C10’s what else does Nate really like?

If Nate could buy any vehicle what would it be?

Does Nate have a “Bucket List”?

Does Nate try and make time to play, or is it PB Fab 24/7 around the clock?

***What truck is Nate’s favorite Dropmember truck?***

How much is a guy going to spend on an Extreme kit, front and rear??

What is the lead time for that kit? What does Nate want to get it to?

Does PB Fab get a lot of request for parts donation and sponsorships?

What is the HARDEST part of running PB Fab?

When Nate looks into his crystal ball of the future what does PB Fab look like?


Awesome time catching up with Nate and getting the inside scoop on all things Porterbuilt. Thanks again Nate!

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Porterbuilt Fab - Nate Porter



Who is Nate Porter?

What takes up Nate’s time besides PB Fab?

Does Nate like his job?


What kind of jobs did Nate have growing up?

What were Nate’s first few vehicles?

How did Nate get into the automotive industry?

Find out what TV show inspired Nate to have his own shop at an early age!

What does Nate plan to do with ALL the trucks he has collected over the years?

Does Nate feel like he has “made it”?

Why did Nate think about quitting PB Fab?

What are the most common two things that PB Fab hears from their customers?

Why is Nate being a Cheap Skate?

Does PB Fab philosophy towards advertising?

**Please call ahead and talk to Cousin Dave if you want to swing by the shop!**

Find out what they are doing to decrease the wait time for YOUR PB Fab products?

Does PB Fab have a business “Mantra”?

How many employee’s does PB Fab currently have?

Would Nate consider PB Fab a family company?

Besides Nate and his Dad, who has been with PB Fab the longest?

Does Nate ever go back out into the shop and weld anymore?

Are “custom builds” part of Nate’s business plan?

What is a “Spec Truck”?

How did Nate and Del’s relationship begin?

Why has the 67-72 forum been so pivotal to the early success of PB Fab?

DropMember #1 & Dino

How many DropMembers has PB Fab built over the years?

What is a “Members Only” plaque?

Find out what Nate thinks about competitors in the Cross Member industry?

What is the role of a PB Fab Dealer?

How does it work? Who gets PB Fab parts first you the customer or the Dealers?

Who are the top PB Fab Dealers?

What is the most asked technical question they are asked at PB Fab?

Why is Nate so excited about his new media guy?

PB Fab App coming soon!!!


Does Nate like being a Dealer for other companies?

What Companies does PB Fab deal for?

Part #1 is a warp, stay tuned for part #2 and more Nate Porter/Porterbuilt Fab.





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