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Hell Ya - Git Down 2017 was a HUGE party, a HUGE success!!! 

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Bonus episode as Joey and his wife drive from Manitoba Canada to the Git Down in a 1972 Chevy Truck. 

Roughly 3600 miles roundtrip - DAMN SON. 

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David Freiburger the co-host of the successful YouTube show, Roadkill is also a C10 fan and has had plenty. He recently picked up a 1967 Longbed small window 6 banger and has big plans to go really fast with it - like over 200 miles an hour. DAMN SON!!

We also get some breaking news form David about Roadkill - and the future. Enjoy the show and Thanks Dave for sitting down with the C10 Nation, Ronnie. 

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Updates from Harry Daviess - GoodGuys and the 73-87 Trucks.

Update from John Oro - the C10 Club & Friends Toy Drive!

Update from Chevy Only Dino and the 2017 Git Down!!

Hotels - Courtyard by the Twin Peaks - 602-955-5200

Hampton Inn - 602-956-5221

Midway LS9 Motor raffle - 602-760-3371

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Scott France is the Metal Fabricator at Classic Car Studio Speed Shop in St.Louis, Missouri - He is a C10 guy at heart and also the man behind the builds you see on Velocity's "Speed is the new black!" 

Great guy and one hell of a fabricator. Thanks for siting down with the C10 Nation in the MagnaFlow booth at SEMA. Good luck in 2018 my brother, Ronnie. 

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SEMA 2017 


OK so we knocked out the 22 interviews so If you can get an idea of all the killer builds prior to SEMA and now you can catch up.


-1Roadster shop - 66, wow - this interior

-2Vince Choppin block - cool square - but the coolest thing about this truck was it wasn’t the flashiest C10 but it was built in a week - damn

-3Robby Cartel - had a pretty sweet 64-66 that was wrapped a bunch of time. check it out

-4Tinman 2 Kustoms - had a rat rod set up with a trailer - and a 64-66 long bed in tow

5TMI interior who has had some killer C10’s in there booth for the last few years

6Diesel Bro’s outside

7Orange/White outside -

8ryan Decol from Utah had a nice 67 in the Mothers booth

-9Douglas Interiors - Jeff from Nostaglgia

-10GHOEssT 1967 NOT BLAZER!!

11Brett Oakes - Rad Red Crew Cab Dually

12Western Iowa Green 64-66

13GSI - 66 “reminded” me of Lafawnda

14The Jambulance - Diesel powered 72 Ambulance

15Darin from DWS had a really nice 66

16California Speed and Customs OG paint 73/74 square.

17 1972 that Brandon Sisco buildt - was in the Barrett Jackson booth.


So close to 40 C10 trucks - Yes - I would day we are in the middle of the C10 Movement!! - DAMN SON!!!


So what did I do all damn week - Well Royal Purple said do you want to do interviews?


I was like - hell ya. They said we also want to have a “C10 Nation” day. I was like i like the sound of this. Win/ Win.


So I did interviews for Royal Purple and thought - oh ya - ill knock out interviews after that. Well It was tough.  and the video guy had to go edit video. So we just did a few C10 Talk Facebook live videos - they actually have gotten some good traction. So check em out.


I’m not sure if I can pull em off and drop them into YouTube - but that would be cool.


I was also able to do some pod - in the magna flow booth - Ill get those out asap too.


Ok - so SEMA - Monday was pretty chill as we were getting the lay of the land - We shot a few video’s with RP and That was a good get things going day. I liked Monday - as it was chill enought - but all the fellas where either there or rolling in. So we got to help a bunch of guys and see rigs roll in - which is always cool


Tuesday - Opening day - Halloween. Oh man - so many people and trying to be at two differt places at once - because a lot of people do their unveils that day. All in all great day and fun night - I think we all went to the Piano bar that night. I didnt realize it but it was loud and i was probably yell/talking - so that next day my voice was not feeling to good.


Wed - more of the same, I would knock out some interviews and try to get out to see trucks i wanted to see. Man the one truck that had people around it at all times was Craig Piggots - River City Rods - EPIC C30 Camper. From TV people to everyone people - it was a fan fav and a SEMA hit. He had that thing loaded with alcohol - hell ya it was a hit.


Thursday - C10 NATION DAY - the banner, the truck, the shirts, and most importantly the people!!


but we grabbed a quick shuttle and headed south towards Hendo/Boulder for some Off road trophy truck fun - Torq and Tacos


Friday - Run and gun, tried to see as much as I could. I rally wanted to check out as many trucks or even cars that I hadnt seen.


A few other “Damn Son” trucks were Unruly and Duke  - they were must see’s on most people’s lists - including mine.


My personal favorites that I actually got around to seeing.

Best motor - Sam Castronova - '79 C-Minus

Best Wheels  - Sam Castronova

Best Interior - Jeff from Nostalgia Hot Rods - '67

Best paint - Oscar - Ikandy damn son!!!

Best accesory - Preston had a harley in the truck


My favorites - Camper/GHOEsst/Duke


Non- trucks - the 69 Charger built by BBT Fab

Split Sec  Camero - built by Roadster Shop

Twin Turbo Tucker built by Rob_Ida


New Products -


Choppin Block - new

Precisesion Replacement parts re-builds wing windows


speaking of NEW- our SHOP TOUR video is out on You tube.




Git Down -


Motor give away - LS9 - capped to 240 tickets


Toy drive


Wrap up the year and get ready for next year.


I am already working on some killer guest.


If you have someone you really want to hear form let me know.


Stacey David


Farm Truck - Sean “farm truck” whitley


for next year and all these killer SEMA builders - especailly Brandon Cisco - etc...




have a great week.



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All C10 Truck's will be allowed into Goodguys! The Goodguys team is going to allow all the 73-87 Squarebody's into GoodGuys this November for the Scottsdale Final. 

They are offering a 3 day pass - Friday, Saturday, and Sunday including a GoodGuys Membership for $65.00 - That's a great deal. 

You will also be able to sign up at Dino's Git Down on Friday night as well. This means if you can't get registered on Friday, and you don't want to sit in line Saturday you can do it Friday at the Git Down. 

Nice Work GoodGuys! 






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