C/10 Talk is a Podcast about all things Chevy and GMC Trucks from 1960-1998. The builders, the aftermarket, and most importantly, the amazing truck community!

Kevin Whipps author of the soon to be released How to restore your 1973-1987 Chevy truck joins us on C10 Talk today.

Episode #14 

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We talk a little Social Media and Kevin whips (no pun intended  - haha) out a doozy! 

“We are all lost, no one knows what we’re doing, we are all just trying to figure it out!” this is why this interview was a lot of fun. Kevin is a very down to earth dude. From Family man, writer, to vintage truck lover. Kevin has it covered - great guy!

We find out who Kevin Whipps is? 

How did Kevin get into writing and marketing?

How do you know of Kevin, or should know of him - 

How long has he been a Street Trucks contributing writer?

How have things changed in marking since 1999?

Who first Kevin about filling out his Tech form?

What happened next landed Kevin a job, what did he do?

How did Kevin make the transition from the Import Scene to Trucks?

Why did Kevin feel that his skill set wasn’t where it needed to be to do a truck?

From writer to full on photographer, Kevin grew along with the industry.

Kevin tells us what the difference between the Import Scene/Mini Truck Scene to the C10 Scene?

Why is Kevin more comfortable with the C10 Community?

How many publications does Kevin write for?

Does Kevin get stressed by covering so many different topics?

Like all of us - Kevin has some kick ass goals. He shares a few with us, and man do I hope it gets to all of them. 

I ask Kevin what his favorite C10 shoot was! He not only still wishes he could get his hands on the truck, but is a BIG fan of the builder. Hint - pretty much everyone with a heartbeat is!!!

“I love that truck!”

Kevin tells us why he thinks authentic patina is so cool and tells a different story everytime.

Kevin tells us about his Mom’s Suburban, “Martha” and why he is fond of that era of C10 trucks.

What does Kevin mean by “some companies just get it!”?

I ask Kevin about what he see’s in the future of the C10 Truck world?

From a marketing perspective - how the hell is someone supposed to keep up with so many apps and marketing programs? Kevin explains his methods, and what works for him. 

Regarding Facebook - “as soon as old people like me start getting into it they don’t what any part of it!” Too funny, well said.

Best sound bite of the interview - “The gold rush of social media will kinda die down a little bit.”

Does Kevin ever get nervous before a truck shoot? 

Kevin has been very busy. He has a lot of press in the upcoming C10 Buyers Guide put out by Street Trucks. You’ll have to listen - but we are definitely looking forward to his coverage.

Kevin tells us how they find the trucks that they shoot and how you the C10 Talk listener can POSSIBLY get some magazine coverage.

Kevin then tells us some BIG news - he has been commissioned by Cartech to put together a “How to restore your 73-87 Chevy Truck.” He has been working with multiple truck builders, including Joe Yezzi from Squarebody Syndicate to get as much information as possible for the publication. His call to action for the C10 Talk listener is to send him pictures, stories, whatever you might have if you are in the middle of restoring a 73-87 Chevy Truck. He is especially looking for paint and body stuff. So if you have anything send it to either ronnie@c10talk.com or kevin@whippsind.com and it will be considered for the manual.

Regarding the book, “From soup to nuts” it will be covered in the manual!

This was a fun, out of the traditional box interview for us - i dug it, Kevin is a cool dude and I hope to have him on again after the manual is done.

Thanks Ronnie 




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