C/10 Talk is a Podcast about all things Chevy and GMC Trucks from 1960-1998. The builders, the aftermarket, and most importantly, the amazing truck community!

Happy Thanksgiving and THANK YOU, for tuning in and your support, Ronnie!

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Wow - what a huge event. This 2 day Classic Truck Show did not disappoint. Enjoy the Pod! 


12:52 - Carlos @droppedlower talking about his CorvAIR ramp truck.

22:48  - Carlos from @c10streetstyle talking about his converted first gen Blazer. 

30:11 - Ross from @premierstreetrod talking about the new first gen Blazer tubs they now have for sale.

44:51 - Alfredo from @drive_auto_collision talking about his "Top Gun" C10 that was buillt in 2 months! WoW!

51:50 - Mike Bigalko, @sweet_tina68 talking about his RAD ASS '68 C10 and the 5 year build. Oh ya he debut the truck at Dino's and he lives in Florda. 

67:37 - The WINNERS of the Motor, the LT4 Give away winners, @Lonnie_Sumner

74:09 - Jose', Erika, and Kevin - Jose is the cousin @j.garcia_ek @teh_real_bigmak and his wife Erika who were recently drove out from Atlanta. #roadtrip

83:10 - Lee Warner and his Sweet RestoMod '77 GMC. @apachelee

129:20 - The one and only Wayne Dick, from @dickindustriesinc chatting it up about his Corviar Ramp truck with 2002 C5 corvette donor throughout. One Bad Bitch! 

Enjoy the pod and thanks fro tuning in, Ronnie 

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Interviews from this years SEMA event! 

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