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Episode #25 

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With a name like Superfly Steiny you know this guy is bad ass. Follow along as we talk talk to Eric about his latest SEMA build, How he maintains is Professional life and the C10 trucks that he loves to build so much. 

We talk about "Tootsie" the killer C10 truck that he built for his mom as she was battling cancer. The truck had its issues, but when it was all said and done - it was second to none and really took on its own personality. 

the C10 Nation really rallied around and Eric and his Mom, as he built the truck. It meant to the Community then just a truck. It was also a cause! 

We talk to Eric about a few of his other builds as well. Namely, Second Chance, Pop's 72 and his latest creation - fresh from SEMA 2015 Cheap Trick. 

Eric is a true asset the the C10 Community, always helping others and building some killer rides. Thanks for the time Eric, the C10 Nation appreciates it. 

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