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The C10R


Built by Rob & Brandy Phillips of PCH Rods


SEMA 2014, Rob and Brandy unveiled their 3 year project, the C10R. The buzz around this killer C10 was spot on. People couldn’t get enough of the truck, or Rob & Brandy for that matter. But what Rob & Brandy really wanted was one of the 10 remaining spots into the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational. The organizers handed out 9, but what about the 10th “Golden Ticket”?


Well lets just say after a few tears and some laughs Rob & Brandy found themselves right were they wanted to be - behind the wheel of their bad ass C10R at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.


Since then Rob & Brandy have been on a roller coaster ride - races, interviews, and sponsor promotions - and they wouldn’t have it any other way!


Follow along as we get to know Rob & Brandy a little better!!


A lot of really good press and media around the C10R truck - what are Rob’s thoughts?

How about the Drive+ video?

How did Brandy perform here at Scottsdale - and is she still nervous?

Why are C10 Trucks so popular amongst the Autocross builders?

How does a C10 Truck keep up with Cameros, Mustangs, and Corvettes?

What suspension company’s are out there for the Autocross Trucks?

What front clip (suspension) did PCH Rods choose to use for the C10R and why?

Why did Rob choose to go with the same tire/rim combo on all 4 corners?

How long does a set of tires last them?

How did Brandy feel getting back behind the wheel after a 3 year break from the sport?

How does the C10R compare to other Pro-Touring cars she has driven?

Do Rob & Brandy have a competitive relationship?

Is winning in the Pro-Class Brandy’s main concern?

How do Rob & Brandy juggle it all - shop, racing, and family?

How did Brandy feel to getting the “Golden Ticket” and how they messed with her?

Why is this truck easier to adjust and read then cars that she has driven in the past?

Is Rob happy where they are currently with the C10R?

How did the C10R get is own reputation? Social Media?

Does Brandy’s Marketing background and Rob’s building background make for a PERFECT team?

How does someone afford to build an Autocross/Pro-Touring Car or Truck?

How did they get companies behind them for sponsorships?

How do they take car of the companies that have taken care of them?

Where did the C10R logo come from?

What does the “R” Stand for?

Is the C10R street legal?

What is “Automotivation”?

Do they give rides at the track?

How does someone get started in Autocross?

Do they plan on participating in OUSCI this year?

What plans does Rob have for his 69 C10 next?

What after market products are offered by PCH Rods and Munssey Speed & Design offer?

How can you contact them - 





Instagram - @pchrods

Facebook - C10R

Facebook - PCHRods




Instagram @munsseyspeed

Facebook Munssey Speed & Design




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